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Create New Wealth

The wealth of nations cannot be improved by wealth redistribution but only by wealth creation. We will help lift our people from poverty to plenty by helping them to equip themselves with skills that other people will pay them for.

We cannot make our people wealthy by wealth distribution - …

The only way to go from rags to riches is by creating NEW wealth through the creation of thousands ( millions) of new businesses - in Gloucester - and every other city throughout the UK - Family businesses - small businesses, especially for the young, strong, and ambitious who are willing to raise themselves and their family by hard work, personal initiative, and enterprise.

Young people do not need to sit at home and live in a Poverty Trap caused by paying them to NOT work

They need help to succeed! They don’t need to wait for someone to give the bare essentials: Instead they can fund themselves by getting into business.!

Make UK Fit For Business All young people need is help and advice to make their dreams come true.

So, we create Gloucester Enterprise to give people the encouragement, guidance, and support to make work pay!

In addition, we will remove all possible constraints: reduce regulations, scrap unnecessary charges, and work with banks to facilitate loans and do all we can to ignite the local economy.

Please have a comment Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Reform UK Contract Essentials - Core Pledges

Core Pledges

Smart Immigration: Freeze non-essential immigration to boost wages, protect services, end the housing crisis, and cut crime. Stop Small Boats: Detain and deport illegal migrants.

No NHS Waiting Lists: Reform healthcare for zero waiting lists, cut back-office waste, tax breaks for medical staff. Good Wages: Raise income tax threshold to £20k, …

Affordable Energy Bills: Scrap energy levies, unlock oil and gas reserves, cut household energy bills.

Immigration Freeze non-essential immigration. Stop illegal immigration via small boats. Secure detention and immediate deportation for illegal migrants and foreign criminals. Bar dependents of international students. Impose residency requirement for benefits. Employer immigration tax to raise funds for apprenticeships.

Government Waste Stop paying interest to commercial banks on QE reserves. Save £50 billion annually by cutting waste in government departments. Cut foreign aid by 50%. Collect unpaid taxes efficiently.

Personal Economy Lift income tax starting point to £20,000. Lower fuel duty and scrap VAT on energy bills. Cut residential stamp duty. Abolish inheritance tax on estates under £2 million.

Business Economy Exempt small businesses from corporation tax below £100k. Reduce main corporation tax rate to 15% over 3 years. Abolish IR35 rules. Support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

NHS End doctor and nurse shortages with tax incentives. Use independent healthcare capacity. Introduce tax relief on private healthcare and insurance. Implement NHS voucher scheme for timely treatment.

Net Zero Scrap Net Zero and related subsidies. Develop North Sea gas, oil, and shale gas. Promote new technologies for cleaner energy.

Policing Increase police numbers and zero-tolerance policing. Recruit ex-military personnel. Scrap DE&I roles. Ensure common-sense policing.

Justice Life sentences for violent repeat offenders. Increase criminal justice budget. Build 10,000 new detention places. Stop child grooming gangs.

Education Implement a patriotic curriculum. Ban transgender ideology in schools. Tax relief on independent education. Scrap interest on student loans.

Benefits Lift income tax start point to incentivize work. Enforce a 2-strike rule for job offers. Conduct face-to-face assessments for benefits.

Brexit Rescind all EU regulations. Abandon the Windsor Framework. Ensure independence for British armed forces. Prepare for EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement renegotiations.

Defence Increase defence spending to 3% of GDP. Introduce an armed forces justice bill. Establish a dedicated ministerial department for veterans.

Housing Review and reform the planning system. Prioritise local residents for social housing. Encourage smaller landlords. Provide protection for leaseholders.

Children and Families Support marriage through tax system. Promote child-friendly app-restricted smartphones. Ensure single-sex public facilities.

Transport and Infrastructure Scrap HS2. Stop anti-driver policies. Improve transport infrastructure in key regions. Tighten regulation of critical national infrastructure.

Agriculture Increase farming budget. Scrap climate-related farming subsidies. Protect country sports. Ensure fair pricing by supermarkets.

Fishing and Coastal Communities Stop EU fishers taking UK quotas. Expand Royal Navy patrols. Ban foreign supertrawlers. Rebuild UK fish processing.

Pensions and Social Care Conduct a Royal Commission inquiry into social care. Address tax avoidance by large care home providers. Review pension provisions.

Constitutional Reform Leave the European Convention on Human Rights. Reform the House of Lords and Civil Service. Overhaul postal voting system. Introduce proportional representation voting.

Reclaiming Britain Reaffirm British sovereignty. Replace the 2010 Equalities Act. Propose a comprehensive Free Speech Bill. Reform the BBC. Establish an Anti-Corruption Unit for Westminster.

Funding Savings: £150 billion annually. Costs: £141 billion annually. Growth: Additional £10 billion annually from economic reforms.

Social Housing Versus Sanctuary Cities

We have a situation where our own people are having to stay homeless whilst local councils and governments prioritise the needs of people from all across the globe before the needs of their own taxpaying citizens.

Housing crisis

  • Since 2021, the number of homeless people in England …

  • Since 2018, 21,470 more children across England are growing up homeless in temporary accommodation.

  • Since 2020, across the UK, there are 149,960 more households on waiting lists.

  • In 2023, Gloucester has 473 people recorded as homeless.

  • In Gloucester, 200 children live in temporary accommodation.

  • In 2023, Gloucester has 4,800 people on the social housing waiting list.

These figures clearly indicate a housing crisis in Gloucester and across the nation.

And yet….. Gloucester has declared itself a “sanctuary city” The city council has decided - without public consultation - to welcome asylum seekers and illegal immigrants seeking asylum in the UK.

Priority given They prioritise social housing and care for people from Afghanistan and other conflict zones before attending to the needs of Gloucester residents.

A local Labour councillor states that those who are “not as welcoming - need to be educated."

Proper education Perhaps The local Labour councillor needs to be educated by the 473 homeless people, some of whom are military veterans, the 200 children living in temporary accommodation, and the 4,800 people waiting for social housing.

Gloucester Council's primary duty is to the people of Gloucester, not to people from Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Ukraine, or any other place.

Charity begins at home. If you believe housing priority should be given to local people in need rather than to people from the rest of the globe who are in need


• GOV.UK Homelessness Statistics • Crisis UK Homelessness Monitor 2023

Then please vote for Reform UK Chris Farmer, City of Gloucester.

Reform UK Policies for Young People, Old People, and Women

At Reform UK, we have developed comprehensive policies to address the needs and concerns of various demographic groups in the UK. Here are our key policies focusing on young people, old people, and women.

Reform Policies for Young People

  1. Education
    • We will reform the education system …
    • We will stop teaching children that climate catastrophe is imminent and instead focus on balanced environmental education.
    • We will ensure that British history is taught in a positive light, fostering pride and understanding of our heritage.
    • We will stop teaching children that they can change their gender by changing their mind and focus on biological facts rather than ideological feelings.

Education - NOT indoctrination

  1. Young People as Wealth Creators
    • We will support young people by simplifying the process of starting businesses and providing incentives. Poor people cannot become rich by wealth redistribution Poor people can get rich by CREATING wealth-By starting small and medium size businesses

    • Our plan includes tax reforms to make work more rewarding, encouraging more young people to enter and stay in the workforce.

    • We aim to create a vibrant enterprise environment for young wealth creators, ensuring they have the support and resources needed to succeed

Policies for Old People

  1. Triple Lock on Pensions

    • We commit to maintaining the triple lock on pensions, ensuring that pensions increase annually by the highest of inflation, average earnings, or a minimum of 2.5%.
    • This policy is crucial to protect the financial security of our older population, ensuring their pensions keep pace with the cost of living
  2. Social Care

    • We will commence a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the social care system, aiming to create a sustainable and effective care plan.
    • Our focus is on collaboration between central government, local authorities, and social care providers to address the growing challenges in social care

Policies for Women

  1. Anti-Woke Ideology

    • We will oppose the woke ideology that attacks even the concept of women. Our politicians, including Keir Starmer, cannot or will not define what a woman is.
    • How can they protect women’s rights if they don’t know what a woman is? Reform UK will protect women’s rights from the attack launched upon them by woke ideology
  2. Safe Spaces for Women

    • We are committed to maintaining safe spaces for women against transgender men in places like shelters, prisons, and changing rooms.
    • Additionally, we will protect women's spaces from individuals coming from cultures that downgrade the status of women, ensuring these spaces remain safe and respectful.

These policies reflect our commitment at Reform UK to support and protect the diverse needs of young people, old people, and women in our society.

By addressing these key areas, we aim to create a more inclusive, fair, and prosperous UK.

If you agree Vote for Reform Uk Gloucester city Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Reform UK Respects Veterans

When campaigning in Gloucester for Reform Uk , I am often approached by veterans asking what Reform policies are relating to them

Here are our policies:

  1. National Benefits Scheme We want to start a "You serve, You Deserve" scheme. This will give veterans and their families national rewards …

  2. Veterans First Priority We aim to give veterans priority in healthcare, housing, training, and education. This also includes support for their dependents.

  3. Leadership Roles We will give veterans preferential treatment for important public sector jobs, like senior positions in police forces and hospitals.

  4. Recruitment and Housing We plan to take back control of military recruitment and housing. We want to fix issues caused by private sector outsourcing and improve the condition of military housing.

  5. New Veterans Department We will create a dedicated, well-funded department specifically for veterans. This department will ensure veterans get the support they need during and after their service.

  6. Legal and Financial Protections We plan to introduce an Armed Forces Justice Bill to protect servicemen and women from unfair legal claims. This bill will also set up a watchdog to handle complaints and appeals about housing and welfare quickly.

  7. Increased Defence Spending We aim to boost defense spending to 3% of the national GDP in six years. This will help improve support for veterans by ensuring better equipment and facilities during their service.

These plans show our commitment at Reform UK to value and support our veterans, making sure they are well taken care of and integrated into civilian life after their service

If you agree, vote for me Chris Farmer Gloucester City #ReformUK

It Seems EVERYONE wants us to Win !!

The Toy Party has posted this insane leaflet in a bizarre attempt to get people to NOT vote for Reform.

This is how desperately confused they are!

It’s a Tory party Leaflet Advertising Kier Starmer saying “Vote Reform “

It’s bizarre !

This is how clueless our …

The tide has turned We are on the cusp of a political revolution

Join the revolution Vote Reform

Chris Farmer #ReformUk #Gloucester

Keir Starmer is Clueless on Three Basic Questions:

  1. What is a woman?
    Have you seen the interview where he is asked to define a woman?
    He can’t do it (won’t do it).

  2. What does it mean to be working class?
    Have you seen the interview where Keir Starmer is asked to define what it means …
    He can’t do it.

  3. What is more important, the House of Commons in London or the WEF in Davos?
    Starmer openly admits that he prefers WEF Davos to the London House of Commons.

Davos is where the WEF (World Economic Forum) meets every year in order to determine the next steps in their ongoing mission to create a world government where all money and power are centralised into the hands of corporations and politicians.

Keir Starmer says that he prefers Davos because there “you can get things done.”

By the way, the correct answers to the three questions are:

  1. A woman: An adult female with a genetic code XX. It does not include a man who says he’s a woman.

  2. Working class: A person is working class if they trade their physical labour in exchange for a wage. Example: bricklayers use physical labour in exchange for a wage and are therefore working class.

As opposed to a person who exchanges specialised knowledge for a wage. For example, a barrister or a politician -like Keir Starmer - is NOT working class, irrespective of whether his dad was a toolmaker (which- in a way- he was!)

  1. House of Commons or Davos? Starmer should not work for Davos. Starmer should work to implement the mandate given to him by the British people.

Starmer should not work towards the mandate given to him by his corporate paymasters at the World Economic Forum.

Keir Starmer is very dangerous to UK

We must do everything we can to stop him.

If you agree, vote for me, Chris Farmer, Gloucester City. #ReformUK

Net Zero is Futile and Economic Suicide

The mad rush to net zero is both futile and economically disastrous. Net zero is the single most destructive economic policy ever invented because it increases the cost of energy.

Energy is essential for every product, service, home, and individual. When energy becomes expensive, everyone suffers and is pushed …

The Futility of Net Zero Net zero is futile because China’s increase in CO2 emissions in a single year is more than the whole of the UK’s annual output.

In 2022, the UK’s total carbon emissions were about 341 million tonnes of CO2.

In contrast, China’s emissions increased by around 600 million tonnes in 2023 alone.

And this completely ignores comparable numbers from India, Pakistan and other developing nations around the world

This makes the UK’s efforts totally insignificant on the global scale.

Massive Economic Destruction Instead of improving our economy and generating jobs, Net Zero destroys the economy.

Although some jobs are created in the green energy sector, EVERY OTHER sector is decimated by the increased cost of energy.

Scrap net zero. Reform UK is the only party that opposes net zero and will create cheap, clean, sustainable energy based on tried and trusted technologies.

Cheap energy creates wealth Cheap energy means everybody is richer. With cheap energy the economy will grow, more people will start businesses, and more people will be employed.

Gas, electricity, fuel, and transport will be much cheaper.

We will all benefit from scrapping net zero.

Please leave your comments Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Reform UK Protects Women’s Rights and Safe Spaces

Reform UK is committed to securing the rights of women, and girls particularly against "woke" ideology and the impact of immigration of people from cultures with Retrogressive views on women's rights.

Below are the policies aimed at protecting women's rights and ensuring their safety:

  1. Standing Against Woke Ideology Reform …

  2. Immigration Control The party advocates for stringent immigration policies to prevent the influx of people from cultures where women's rights are not upheld as they are in the UK. Some cultures hold that women are second-class citizens and polygamy is legal and people from these cultures are arriving in this country every day Reform UK measures like freezing non-essential immigration and ensuring thorough vetting of asylum seekers to prevent those with views contrary to British values from entering the country.

  3. Immediate Deportation for Foreign Criminals Reform UK proposes the immediate deportation of foreign nationals who commit significant crimes, thereby protecting local communities, including women, from people who may pose

  4. Protection of Women's Spaces Reform UK supports maintaining women’s spaces as sacrosanct. This includes preventing biological men, even those identifying as women, from accessing women's toilets, changing rooms, and sporting competitions.

  5. Encouraging Separate Facilities Reform UK Gloucester advocates for both private and public enterprises to provide separate sex changing rooms and toilets to preserve women's rights to safety and privacy.

These policies reflect Reform UK's commitment to traditional British values and protecting women’s rights from external cultural influences and ideologies they view as harmful.

For more detailed information, please visit Reform UK's official policy page.

The Fight Is On: Freedom V Statism

The Fight Is On: Freedom V Statism Mainstream media keep labelling people who are fighting to preserve their freedoms AGAINST coercive statist-collectivist governments as “far right.”

In fact, politics is always framed as the battle between the right and the left.

Far-right implies fascist, which denotes statist- collectivist coercive …

Labelling groups fighting AGAINST coercive state governments as “far right” is a perversion of language and truth.

Freedom V Statism The real choice is between parties who attack individual freedoms versus those who fight to preserve your freedoms.

The fight is on All across Europe, including Britain, people are fighting against coercive governments that have imposed mass migration, high taxes, and net zero policies, which have crushed people's freedoms and hopes for a better future.

Le Penn, Nigel Farage and Reform Uk Are fighting Macron, the EU -the Labour Party, the Conservative Party, the Liberal Democrats, and the Greens. Who all wish to impose net zero, higher taxes, more controls, more legislation, and fewer freedoms

The WEF pandemic treaty will add another layer of coercion to the existing set.

All across Europe, the fight back has started, and Reform UK are right in the front line.

If you want to preserve your freedom, fight and vote for Reform UK.

Please leave your comments

Chris Farmer #Reform

Green Policies Crush Economies

Many cities in the United Kingdom are implementing green policies aimed at reducing car usage by making it more difficult and expensive to drive.

These policies are enforced as part of the mad rush to Net Zero They are being implemented without an any mandate from the public.

Here …

  1. Increased Costs and Restrictions Councils are implementing measures that force car travel to be more expensive and less convenient. This includes increases in parking charges and reduced availability of parking spaces, making it harder for people to drive into city centers.

  2. Forcing People Out Their Cars By increasing walking and cycling infrastructure and doubling public transport options, councils are forcing out their cars The stated goal is to increase walking and cycling by 300% and double public transport usage. What if you don’t want to walk or can’t walk or if you’ve got lots of things you want to carry? No answer given!!

  3. Impact on Business These policies are having a negative impact on businesses. If people find it too difficult or expensive to drive into the city, they may be less likely to visit, which leads to reduced foot traffic for local businesses.

  4. No Mandate The public was never asked about net zero measures They are being implemented without a mandate from the British people. There was nothing in the manifestos of the major parties, including Conservative and Labour, that talked about taking cars away from people or severely restricting their use.

Reform UK If you want to keep your car and be able to drive your family into town rather than walk or cycle, then vote for me, Chris Farmer, Reform UK Gloucester.

Net Zero and Mass Immigration are Killing the Economy

The combined effects of net zero and mass immigration are destroying the country. Here’s how:

Mass Immigration

Like all countries, we have only limited resources:

  • A limited number of houses
  • A limited number of schools
  • A limited number of doctors and nurses
  • A …
  • Everything is limited

When we have limited resources, it is necessary to limit the demand on those resources. Mass immigration imposes an unlimited demand on a set of limited resources. If we impose an unlimited demand on a set of limited resources, then those resources will be crushed under the weight of excessive demand.

When the government opens its doors to everyone who is in need on planet Earth and offers an open invitation to people from all nations to come to Britain, where they will receive:

  • A house
  • Medical care
  • Dental care
  • Money
  • Social care
  • Education

all at public expense, then every public resource, every public service will be crushed under the weight of demand.

Mass immigration has led to us importing over 2 million people in two years. The result of this is that all of our public services and all of our utilities are under massive strain and close to breaking point. Who pays the price? We do, the British people.

If You’re in a Hole, Stop Digging We have dug ourselves into a hole with mass immigration, and the first thing we must do is stop digging! We must severely limit the number of people entering the country so that we do not break every service we have.

David Cameron's 10,000 Target When David Cameron was Prime Minister, he set the target limit of immigration at 10,000. Last year, we had over 1.2 million. We need to get back to 10,000.

Net Zero is Destroying Britain Net zero is the second policy which is destroying Britain.

There is no mandate for net zero. The Conservative government gained its 80-seat majority on the promise of “Brexit.” The Conservative Party never mentioned net zero at all during the last election.

However, when they got in, they failed to deliver Brexit properly and they implemented net zero with no mandate

Nobody asked for it. Nobody voted for it. And yet net zero is being imposed without mercy.

Net Zero's Impact Net zero is a justification for an attack on the motorcar. They want us out of our cars and onto bicycles or electric vehicles. In 2030, the Labour government will outlaw the production of diesel and petrol motorcars. Can you imagine this country without diesel generators?

We will be back in the pre-industrial age.

Net zero is an attack on agriculture. Net zero is being used to justify an attack on farming. They want to take 20% of arable land out of food production. The result of that will be higher food prices.

Net zero is justification for an increase in energy costs. All of our energy costs have gone up because of net zero. You pay more for your gas, for your electricity, for your petrol, and for everything since everything that is produced requires energy, and when energy is expensive, everything we buy becomes more expensive.

Net zero is an attack on freedom of travel. Net zero will soon be used to justify 15-minute cities where we will soon be “encouraged” to remain within sectors designated as a 15-minute city and you will be only allowed out on certain conditions and a certain number of times in a year before you are prevented from going out of your sector.

Does this sound like a free country to you?

Purposeful Policy This is no accident. The government is in the process of destroying our freedoms and our economy in order to extract money from the pockets of the poor, to feed the greed of their corporate sponsors.

Reform UK is the Only Answer Fight back with Reform. If you want to fight back, retain your freedom, and save Britain, then we must:

  • Scrap net zero immediately 
  • Stop mass immigration immediately

These two are the most important aspects because they affect everything else.

If you agree, vote with me, Reform UK.

Chris Farmer

Pandemics Make Profits

Pandemics Make Profits In ancient times, pandemics were rare and often separated by hundreds of years:

  • Plague of Justinian (541-542 AD)
  • Black Death (1347-1351)
  • Great Plague of London (1665)
  • First Cholera Pandemic (1817-1824)
  • Spanish Flu (1918-1919)

The average spacing between these pandemics was …

Modern Pandemics In contrast, recent times have seen pandemics occurring much more frequently:

  • SARS (2002-2004)
  • Swine Flu (2009-2010)
  • Ebola (2014-2016)
  • COVID-19 (2019-present)

Now, pandemics seem to happen every 10 years or less.

Pharmaceutical Profits Pharmaceutical companies, whose job it is to STOP infections, are now making trillions from global pandemics. There is a clear financial incentive for these companies to benefit from more frequent pandemics.

A New Pandemic Norm With so much money to be made, it is likely that we can expect pandemics every five years or less.

We should aim to return to the historical norm of pandemics occurring every three centuries.

I smell a rat! In every other realm of human endeavour, technological progress improves our chances of survival.

However, in medicine and pharmaceuticals, we have gone from suffering global pandemics every 300 years or more to every 10 years or less!

Profits and Pandemics The recent COVID-19 pandemic resulted in enormous profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

Pfizer, Moderna, and others collectively made hundreds of billions of dollars from vaccine sales, treatments, and other related products.

The financial success of these companies during the pandemic underscores the enormous profits from global health crises.

And if people can make money doing something, they probably will!

WHO pandemic treaty Is this the World Health Organisation's vision for a better future: a money-making bonanza every 5 to 10 years?

Like I said I smell a rat!

I think that money is driving medicine

What do you think?

Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Reform UK is for Freedom, Not Fascism

Reform UK is for Freedom, Not Fascism The mainstream media and internet trolls love to call Reform UK “far-right” and even “fascist.”

Fascism originated with Benito Mussolini in the 1930s. In political terms, fascism signifies an authoritarian, statist ideology where individual rights are subordinated to the state. In fascist regimes, …

The Conservative and Labour parties have claimed more power over citizens, with individual rights being blatantly violated, especially during the Covid lockdowns, through increased taxation, and through coercive measures like mandated vaccines under the "no jab, no job" policy.

By contrast, Reform UK members vehemently oppose this growing governmental power. We are fighting fiercely for the freedom of individual citizens against the state's coercive power.

Our opponents continually label us as far-right or fascists. These labels are fundamentally false. We stand in direct opposition to fascism by advocating for the protection of individual rights against government overreach.

Those who attack Reform UK by calling us "far-right" or "fascist" clearly do not understand the meaning of the word fascist. They use these terms as insults, revealing their complete ignorance of the meanings of their own words.


Please remember these facts and use them any time you hear someone incorrectly calling you far-right or fascist.

Thank you very much,

Chris Farmer

Two Sides of the Same Statist Coin

Two Sides of the Same Statist Coin Both left and right of politics are statist ideologies

Far left is communist which believes that the state should run everything and individuals have no rights

Far right is fascist which believes exactly the same thing ! The difference is that fascist economies …

So the left and right in politics boils down to two kinds of the SAME thing - Statism!

That is why we must reject the left right dichotomy

The choice is not between right and left

The choice is between State officials controlling people ( right and left of politics)


People controlling politicians Which means freedom – true representative Parliamentary democracy!

Which is something we do NOT have

This is Partly because everything in politics is described as being variations of left and right: which are two Variations of statism

All contemporary political speech keeps us within frame: “What kind of statism do you want ? Red or blue? Left or Right?”

But they are the same!

Freedom first If you want to bring back your true representative parliamentary democracy then scrap the Tories and the Labour Party

Vote Reform Uk Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Scarce Resources

At any moment, there are a limited number of scarce resources available for governments to spend. These resources are taken by the government from the citizens through taxation.

If these scarce resources are allocated to people from other countries who have not contributed to their creation, and if they are given …

This is a violation of the principle of social justice. It creates bad blood because the people who have been taxed and then deprived of their resources feel betrayed by the politicians —-because they HAVE been betrayed!

The people who contributed and made the resources possible should have preferential access to those scarce resources.

People coming in from other countries should NOT be served in preference to the needs of the indigenous population whose taxes made the resources possible.

This is social justice.

It’s true because Charity begins at home.

Give me your thoughts, please

Chris Farmer Reform Uk Gloucester

Four Weeks to Save Britain

We, the British people, have four weeks to decide whether we will continue on the disastrous track that has led us to the brink of destruction or if we will change course and reform the UK.

The Labour and Conservative parties have destroyed Britain's economy, culture, and public services …

Labour does not represent the working classes. Conservatives do not represent the business classes. Only Reform UK represents both the working and business classes.

Here is a quick rundown of how Reform UK will save Britain:

  1. Stop Mass Immigration

Mass immigration has increased the population by over 2 million people in two years. This influx has broken public services, overwhelmed health services, crushed housing stock, and strained the education system. Only Reform UK will stop mass immigration. The other parties will encourage it.

  1. Cure the Cost-of-Living Crisis Only Reform UK will cure the cost-of-living crisis by scrapping net zero. Net zero is the cause of our cost-of-living crisis because it attacks energy. Since energy is required to build or move anything, an increase in energy costs causes an increase in the cost of everything.

Net zero is the single most destructive economic policy ever devised It increases the cost of heating your home cooking your food growing your food or building and buying any product and service It justifies attacks on the motor car, hikes in diesel and petrol prices, banning petrol and diesel cars, 20 mph speed limits, 15-minute cities, and an attack on agriculture where 20% of arable land is taken out of food production, increasing food costs. Net zero is destroying our wealth and replacing it with poverty.

Labour, Conservatives, Lib Dems, and Greens all support net zero. Only Reform UK can save the economy by scrapping net zero.

Labours Ed Miliband costed net zero at £228 billion, all of which will come out of the pockets of the poor to feed the greed of the energy producers.

  1. Save the NHS Only Reform UK will save the NHS. We have detailed written plans to make the NHS more efficient. The NHS costs us £179 billion each year, yet we still cannot see a GP, dentist, or get an ambulance quickly.

The NHS is failing not because of underfunding but due to inefficiency and…. Mass immigration has added 2 million people who need care, exacerbating NHS problems. Increased deaths and long-term sickness from the government's handling of COVID have put further strain on the NHS.

Reform UK has detailed policies on these issues to save the NHS for future generations.

  1. Reform Public Services Our public services are infected by woke ideology and inefficiencies. The police and education services are particularly politicized. Police commanders implement woke ideologies and employ officers based on factors like skin color, gender, and sexuality instead of their ability. This is not how to choose police officers.

The education service teaches children they can change their gender by changing their minds and that the world will end due to a "climate catastrophe."

Education should not be indoctrination!

  1. Reform the UK This is just the tip of the iceberg of the reform that is desperately needed. Other areas include:
  • The transport system needs reform.
  • The housing system needs reform.
  • The social care system needs reform.
  • The benefits system needs reform.
  • The civil service needs reform.
  • The political system needs radical reform.

The only way to change Britain for good is to change politics for good. We must vote for Reform UK.

If you agree, vote for me ! Chris Farmer Reform UK Gloucester #ReformUK

Important Reform UK Policies

Important Reform UK Policies Ten Reasons to Vote for Chris Farmer: Gloucester Reform Uk

Vote for me if you think we should:

  1. Stop Illegal and Unlimited Immigration: Leave the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). Implement a 6 Point Plan to stop the boats and recognize illegal immigration as …

  2. Cure the Cost of Living Crisis Lower taxes and scrap Net Zero. Remove VAT on energy bills, lower fuel duty by 20p per litre, and eliminate the “environmental levy.”

  3. Improve NHS Funding and Efficiency Investigate high levels of excess deaths and long-term sickness. Implement better IT systems and review all Private Finance Contracts in the NHS to cut waste and bureaucracy.

  4. Get the Police Back to Fighting Real Crimes Focus on real crimes such as burglary, robbery, and knife crimes. Prohibit police from wasting time on "Hate speech" investigations.

  5. Repair Our Roads Fix potholes and stop attacking motorists with ever higher costs, fines, and taxes. Introduce a national database to coordinate road works and reduce delays.

  6. Fix the Housing Crisis Fast track planning and tax incentives for development on brownfield sites. Reform social housing law to prioritize local people and those who have paid into the system.

  7. End the Poverty Trap Lift the income tax starting point to £20,000 per year, saving every worker approximately £1,500 per year. Get people off benefits and back to work by making work pay.

  8. The UK is an Independent Sovereign Nation Reject influence from the EU, WHO, UN, or WEF Corporate globalists. Cancel membership of the WHO unless there is fundamental reform.

  9. Preserve British Culture and Heritage Defend against attacks by hostile foreign ideologies. Ensure British culture and heritage are preserved and celebrated.

  10. Slash Government Waste Cease Quantitative Tightening and stop paying interest to commercial banks on QE reserves to save billions. Cut unnecessary government quangos and streamline procurement processes across departments.

If you agree: Vote for me! Chris Farmer Reform UK Gloucester

Reform UK's Policies on Environmentalism, Net Zero, and Energy

We have a detailed plan to overhaul current environmental and energy policies. This plan focuses on practicality, cost-effectiveness, and national interests. Here are the key points:

  1. Scrap Net Zero and Related Subsidies Reform UK rejects the Net Zero target due to its immense cost. The estimated cost of achieving Net Zero …

  2. Eliminate Renewable Energy Subsidies Renewable energy subsidies cost the UK £10 billion annually. @Reform UK proposes equivalent taxes on these subsidies, arguing that renewables are not cheaper. The goal is to cut these subsidies, thereby saving significant tax payers money.

  3. Promote Cheap, Secure Energy Reform UK advocates for the use of domestic energy resources. This includes:

North Sea Gas and Oil: Fast-tracking licences for exploration and extraction. Shale Gas: Granting licences for test sites for two years, followed by major production if safety is proven. The potential value of shale gas is hundreds of billions over 30 years. New Technology: Embracing clean nuclear energy with new small modular reactors built in Britain.

Key Savings and Benefits Scrapping Net Zero: saves £20 billion per year.

Cutting Renewable Energy Subsidies: Saves £10 billion annually.

Utilising Domestic Resources: Generates massive revenue and ensures energy security.

Reform UK's energy policy reduces taxes on energy harness domestic energy potential, and creates innovation in energy production.

These measures provide a secure and economically independent energy future for all of us in the UK.

Thank you Chris Farmer

Covid Vaccines and Excess Deaths

Covid Vaccines and Excess Deaths Overwhelming evidence suggests Covid vaccines are responsible for the rise in excess deaths since the pandemic.

Researchers from Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam analyzed data from 47 Western countries.

They found over three million excess deaths since 2020. This trend continued despite vaccines and …

Reform Uk policy Governments must investigate the underlying causes, including vaccine harms.

The study, published in BMJ Public Health, is clear. Adverse events like ischaemic stroke, acute coronary syndrome, brain haemorrhage, cardiovascular diseases, coagulation, haemorrhages, gastrointestinal events, and blood clotting can be attributable to the vaccines.

German data showed that excess mortality onset in early 2021 coincided with vaccine rollouts. This fact demands further investigation.

Researchers and experts are adamant. More research is essential to understand the causes of excess mortality!

The truth is coming out. We must hold those responsible accountable.

Reform UK is the only party with an explicit policy for an investigation into what the government and pharmaceutical companies did wrong.

If you want to get to the bottom of what happened during Covid, Then vote Reform UK.

Your comments, please

Chris Farmer #ReformUK #gloucester

Thank you very much

The Media Talks To Itself

The Media Talks To Itself The media are in a class of their own: the BBC, Sky, Channel 4, The Guardian, The Mail, and practically all mainstream media follow “the narrative.”

The language they speak is the language of the Central London bubble, the five-mile circle centered around the House …

Unholy Alliance
Who can doubt that there has been an unholy alliance between the politicians and the money men?

They don’t speak TO us or FOR us. The vast majority of the population of Britain are completely different from the tiny minority that occupy the corridors of political and economic power.

The vast majority of British people believe in common-sense British values:

  1. Protection of individual freedom.
  2. Enterprise economy based upon small and medium-sized businesses.
  3. Effective and efficient public services.
  4. Secure sovereign borders that do not allow in illegal immigrants.
  5. Sovereign nation: Britain is an independent, free sovereign nation which does not take orders from the European Union, WHO, WEF, United Nations, or any other global organisation.

By contrast The media, the politicians, and the money men believe the exact opposite:

  1. They want to destroy our freedoms and make all the decisions for us, from what you should drive to what you should eat; whether you should smoke a cigarette or not, and whether you should join the army (conscription.)

  2. They believe in the destruction of small and medium-sized businesses in favor of the multinationals: their big many friends in Pfizer, Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft and all the other multinational global corporations.

  3. Destruction of public services by means of woke ideology, inefficiency, and being overwhelmed by massive immigration.

  4. Destruction of national borders by means of mass illegal immigration facilitated by the Border Force, another government agency that has been corrupted.

  5. The destruction of the United Kingdom—its culture, its economy, its history, its language, and its people—to be replaced by a globalist multicultural monoculture where dissent is punished and individual rights are destroyed.

The Farage Fight Back
Reform UK represents the fight back. We are the only means by which the ordinary people of Great Britain can overthrow the globalists and replace them with proper people who believe in Britain.

We believe in Britain. Reform UK are the only truly pro-British party.

If you believe in Britain—its heritage, its history, its people, its culture, its language, and its future—then vote for Reform UK.

Please leave a comment Thank you Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Goverment Spending Does Not Create Jobs

Goverment Spending Does Not Create Jobs

If a government spends £10 million building a wind farm, every pound spent on the wind farm must be taken from somebody in the community.

Every job created on the wind farm is a job lost elsewhere in the community. If the …

If the government claims it has created 500 jobs, it is lying.

It has actually diverted 500 jobs distributed across the community and concentrated them at the wind farm site.

No jobs were created; they were diverted.

If the government taxes people £10 million to build the wind farm for political gain, then they have violated the economic freedoms of the taxpayers, who would otherwise have spent that same £10 million on things they chose, rather than on what politicians choose to further their own political careers.

In that sense, taxes are dishonest.

If a government spends £10 million on a wind farm, those assets are seen as realities every day. But What is not seen is the lost production that will never take place because the £10 million was taken from the community to build the wind farm. We will not see the businesses that were never started. We will not see the businesses that went bankrupt to pay for the wind farm. We will not see the houses that were never built or the cafés that never opened because £10 million was siphoned off by the government to spend on its pet projects of so-called “sustainable energy.”

It is only sustainable so long as they can take the money from the public to pay for it.

This is the fantasy that government spending creates jobs

It doesn’t

It only diverts them

Chris Farmer #ReformUK

World government by the WHO

World government by the WHO The World Health Organization (WHO) is pushing a treaty to control health regulations globally. Governments will vote on this treaty in Geneva, Switzerland, later this month, from 22nd to 28th June.

This treaty will expand WHO's power, limiting our personal health choices. Key points to …

  1. No disease is beyond our ability to manage.
  2. Vaccines have risks.

Governments want to make it legal to administer experimental drugs, using media to instill fear and enforce compliance. Some UK politicians oppose this treaty, but past actions show they may not protect our freedoms.

Reform UK is the only party that explicitly asserts UK sovereignty and that we are not to be governed by the WHO, WEF, United Nations, or EU.

If you want to retain your sovereignty, vote for Reform UK.

If you agree, vote for me.
Chris Farmer
Gloucester #ReformUk

Tory Party Admits To Building a “Mickey Mouse” Education Service

Tory Party Admits To Building a “Mickey Mouse” Education Service

Rishi Sunak admits the education department provides “Mickey Mouse" rip-off degrees.

The Conservative election manifesto promises to eliminate Mickey Mouse rip-off educational degrees, that saddle young people with massive debts and little advantage in the job market.

Mickey Mouse Government By Rishi Sunak’s own admission, the Tory party has created Mickey Mouse rip-off public services. This is true not only in education but practically in every realm.

When the prime minister uses "rip-off" to describe his own government's creations, then we know they are at the end of their rope!

Tories Are Toast ! Labour Are Lamentable !!

It’s time for real reform.

If you agree, vote with me, Chris Farmer, Reform UK, Gloucester City #Reformuk

Five Fundamental Principles to Save Britain

Five Fundamental Principles to Save Britain

  1. Protection of Freedoms
  2. Free Enterprise Economy
  3. Efficient Public Services
  4. Secure Sovereign Borders
  5. Independent Sovereign Nation

The media like to claim that that politics is between the left and the right. Politics is not about left and right …

Wrong Track Who can deny that we have been on the wrong track for many years? The politicians have led this country to the brink of disaster because the legacy parties -Conservative Labour LibDem and Greens - have all been corrupted by big money from corporations; big Banks, big Tech, big Pharma.

They do not work for us; they work for global corporations. All of their policies are designed to take money from the pockets of the poor and give it to the already rich.

Need for Change We need to get decent people into the House of Commons.

People who believe in the following fundamental truths:

  1. Protection of Individual Freedoms and Rights

The primary purpose of any government is the protection of individual freedoms. We should be free from coercion. And when the government itself becomes the coercive agent, then we know that democracy is dying.

  1. Free Enterprise Economy

The economy is built upon millions of small and medium-sized businesses; family businesses, local businesses that provide the community with products, services, and employment, and is the bedrock of society.

We should support small and medium-sized businesses and encourage their growth.

The current politicians do not care about small and medium-sized businesses because they have long been bought and paid for by global corporations. Indeed, the current politicians have done everything they can to destroy small and medium-sized businesses with high taxes, massive regulations, and lockdowns.

The aim is to transfer wealth to the multinational companies and to destroy their future competition.

We must promote and build the economy by developing millions of new small and medium-sized family businesses.

That means lower taxes, fewer regulations, and lots of support and encouragement for people to start their own businesses.

  1. Brilliant Public Services Only within the context of a wealth-creating enterprise economy can we afford brilliant public services.

We have public services, but no one would say they are brilliant.

We spend £179 billion on the NHS, and yet we still can’t get to see a doctor and have to wait for an operation. Public services are expensive and bloated, snd inefficient They need to be more efficient so that when good money goes in, - good services come out.

  1. Secure Sovereign Borders All countries have borders and those borders have to be defended. At the moment, our borders are undefended, and we have many thousands of people entering illegally; we have even more people entering legally.

Last year, we had 1.2 million people enter the country, which is greater than the size of Bristol.

In order to cater to this number of people, we would have to build a Bristol every year.

We know that’s not going to happen, so where do the people go?

They go into the existing system and crush it. If there is an unlimited demand upon a limited resource, then that resource is crushed.

NHS is being crushed by over-demand. The housing system is crushed. The education system is crushed. The road system is crushed, all because we are accepting too many people into the country too quickly.

We must immediately stop illegal immigration because it’s illegal.

And we must limit legal immigration to manageable numbers.

The alternative is the collapse of public services.

  1. Sovereign Nation Britain is an independent, free, sovereign nation. It does not need to take orders from the European Union, from the World Bank, from the United Nations, the WHO, and especially the WEF.

The World Economic Forum is a group of global corporations who have worked to pervert governments across the world, including our own, to transfer wealth from the pockets of the poor to the hands of the rich. The methods they use include the levers of government and perverted science in order to justify the fraud.

But Britain is a free, independent nation and should not have any association with globalist organisations such as the WEF, WHO, UN, or EU.

Let’s Build a Better Future! If we implement the above five principles, then we will become a nation - strong, prosperous, and free.

Most people do not feel strong prosperous or free because they have been betrayed by the legacy parties: Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, and Greens.

If you want to save your country, yourself, your family and your future, then vote for us.

Reform UK

Thank you Chris Farmer

Five Fundamental Principles to Save Britain

Five Fundamental Principles to Save Britain

  1. Protection of Freedoms
  2. Free Enterprise Economy
  3. Efficient Public Services
  4. Secure Sovereign Borders
  5. Independent Sovereign Nation

The media like to claim that that politics is between the left and the right. Politics is not about left and right …

Wrong Track Who can deny that we have been on the wrong track for many years? The politicians have led this country to the brink of disaster because the legacy parties -Conservative Labour LibDem and Greens - have all been corrupted by big money from corporations; big Banks, big Tech, big Pharma.

They do not work for us; they work for global corporations. All of their policies are designed to take money from the pockets of the poor and give it to the already rich.

Need for Change We need to get decent people into the House of Commons.

People who believe in the following fundamental truths:

  1. Protection of Individual Freedoms and Rights

The primary purpose of any government is the protection of individual freedoms. We should be free from coercion. And when the government itself becomes the coercive agent, then we know that democracy is dying.

  1. Free Enterprise Economy

The economy is built upon millions of small and medium-sized businesses; family businesses, local businesses that provide the community with products, services, and employment, and is the bedrock of society.

We should support small and medium-sized businesses and encourage their growth.

The current politicians do not care about small and medium-sized businesses because they have long been bought and paid for by global corporations. Indeed, the current politicians have done everything they can to destroy small and medium-sized businesses with high taxes, massive regulations, and lockdowns.

The aim is to transfer wealth to the multinational companies and to destroy their future competition.

We must promote and build the economy by developing millions of new small and medium-sized family businesses.

That means lower taxes, fewer regulations, and lots of support and encouragement for people to start their own businesses.

  1. Brilliant Public Services Only within the context of a wealth-creating enterprise economy can we afford brilliant public services.

We have public services, but no one would say they are brilliant.

We spend £179 billion on the NHS, and yet we still can’t get to see a doctor and have to wait for an operation. Public services are expensive and bloated, snd inefficient They need to be more efficient so that when good money goes in, - good services come out.

  1. Secure Sovereign Borders All countries have borders and those borders have to be defended. At the moment, our borders are undefended, and we have many thousands of people entering illegally; we have even more people entering legally.

Last year, we had 1.2 million people enter the country, which is greater than the size of Bristol.

In order to cater to this number of people, we would have to build a Bristol every year.

We know that’s not going to happen, so where do the people go?

They go into the existing system and crush it. If there is an unlimited demand upon a limited resource, then that resource is crushed.

NHS is being crushed by over-demand. The housing system is crushed. The education system is crushed. The road system is crushed, all because we are accepting too many people into the country too quickly.

We must immediately stop illegal immigration because it’s illegal.

And we must limit legal immigration to manageable numbers.

The alternative is the collapse of public services.

  1. Sovereign Nation Britain is an independent, free, sovereign nation. It does not need to take orders from the European Union, from the World Bank, from the United Nations, the WHO, and especially the WEF.

The World Economic Forum is a group of global corporations who have worked to pervert governments across the world, including our own, to transfer wealth from the pockets of the poor to the hands of the rich. The methods they use include the levers of government and perverted science in order to justify the fraud.

But Britain is a free, independent nation and should not have any association with globalist organisations such as the WEF, WHO, UN, or EU.

Let’s Build a Better Future! If we implement the above five principles, then we will become a nation - strong, prosperous, and free.

Most people do not feel strong prosperous or free because they have been betrayed by the legacy parties: Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, and Greens.

If you want to save your country, yourself, your family and your future, then vote for us.

Reform UK

Thank you Chris Farmer

How Labour Will Destroy UK

How Labour Will Destroy UK Keir Starmer and the Labour Party plan to destroy the British economy by removing diesel and petrol engines by 2030

This disastrous policy will wreak havoc on our nation.

Here are the catastrophic consequences:

  1. Economic Disruption Industries reliant on diesel and petrol vehicles …

2.Energy Shortages Removing diesel generators will cause frequent blackouts, crippling businesses and homes.

  1. Job Losses Millions of people in the automotive and fossil fuel industries will lose their jobs, causing widespread unemployment.

  2. Increased Poverty Economic turmoil and job losses will push countless families into poverty.

  3. Supply Chain Breakdown Logistics and transportation sectors will suffer severe disruptions, affecting the delivery of essential goods and services.

  4. Infrastructure Collapse Rural and remote areas dependent on diesel generators will face infrastructure failures, hindering development and maintenance.

7.Public Health Crisis Without reliable emergency services, death and illness rates will soar.

  1. Civil Unrest Economic hardships and increased poverty will spark civil unrest and societal instability.

  2. HungerDisruptions in food supply chains will lead to increased hunger and food insecurity.

  3. Death The combined effects of infrastructure collapse, public health crises, and civil unrest will result in increased mortality rates.

Scrap net zero. Scrap the Labour Party.

10 Great Reasons to Vote For Reform

10 Great Reasons to Vote For Reform

  1. Stop illegal and unlimited immigration. Allow only legal and limited immigration.

  2. Stop the cost of living crisis by lowering taxes and scrapping Net Zero. The Labour Party’s Ed Miliband costed Net Zero at £224 billion!

  3. Grow an …

  4. Improve NHS funding and efficiency: Investigate excess deaths and increased sickness since the Covid vaccine rollout.

  5. Get the Police back to fighting real crimes such as burglary, robbery, and knife crimes: Stop them wasting time investigating “Hate speech” which is an attack on Free speech.

  6. Repair Our Roads: Fix the potholes! Stop attacking motorists with ever higher costs, fines and taxes.

  7. End the Housing Crisis. Fast track house building; and stop mass immigration, both measures will help people find affordable housing and own their own home.

  8. Make work pay. End the poverty trap. Get people off benefits and back to work!

  9. The UK is an Independent Sovereign Nation. We need take no orders from the EU, WHO, UN, or WEF Corporate globalists.

  10. Preserve British Culture and Heritage against attacks by hostile, foreign ideologies.

If you agree, vote for me: Chris Farmer, Gloucester Reform UK #ReformUK

Coercion Verses Freedom

Coercion Verses Freedom The true purpose of a government is to protect our individual freedoms and allow us to choose how to live - free from coercion.

Coercive Governments We now have the most coercive governments we’ve ever seen in our lifetime. Governments make choices for us and they impose them …

Net Zero In 2019, Net zero was never on the election manifesto. During the last election, everyone was talking about Brexit: “Get Brexit done.”

After the election, net zero was imposed upon us without any mandate, without any discussion, and without any choice!

Net zero is a justification for:

  • Electric cars being imposed upon us by law.
  • The banning of diesel and petrol-driven vehicles by 2030, which will cause a complete collapse of the UK economy.

Can you imagine the construction industry operating without diesel generators? It can’t be done.

Net zero justifies pouring billions into wind turbines and other “ sustainable energy“ sources - which force up energy costs and increases the costs to industry which makes everything more expensive; thus impoverishing us all.

The only people who get richer with net zero are the energy companies ! The money for NetZero is coming out of the pockets of the poor!

  • ULEZ and 20 mph speed limits, which are another attack on our freedom to travel.

Net zero is the justification for agricultural policies where farmers are required by law to take 20% of agricultural land out of food production. This will cause an increase in food prices and will make us poorer

Hate Speech Laws Hate speech laws are coercive because they shut down vocalised opposition to the government narrative.

Mandated Vaccines Although pandemic memories are fading, mandated vaccines are important coercive measures because the government is now signing up to the WHO pandemic treaty, which will empower the WHO to mandate vaccines. Another coercive act.

Outlaw Smoking Rishi Sunak's policy to outlaw smoking is another example of the coercive nature of government. I’m not a big believer in smoking, but I am a big believer that Sunak does not have the right to stop smoking if you want to.

Military Conscription Military conscription is Rishi Sunak's latest abomination and overreach, meaning that they can literally take your children, give them a rifle, and send them into battle.

Not by choice, but by law.

Many argue that military service is good for young people. Maybe it is. But it should be done voluntarily, not by force of government.

Government Coercive Force The purpose of a government is to protect us from coercive force, not to become the agency of coercive force.

Labour Socialist Ideology If you think life is bad under the Tories, it will get infinitely worse under Labour, who are overtly statist.

When state officials rule over us and control every aspect of our lives, then we are no longer living in a free country.

Freedom First Freedom is the single most important concept in politics.

Many people have died to preserve our freedom, and now we are in danger of signing over our freedoms to a globalist ideology implemented by the Conservative and Labour parties here in the UK.

Fight for Your Freedom In the coming weeks, we must fight for our freedom. Reform is the only party that is standing on the side of the individual versus the state.

Vote for Reform UK

Vote for me, Chris Farmer, Gloucester, #ReformUK Reform UK.

Use Your Power!

Use Your Power! Many people say that they don’t want to vote because it’s a waste of time and all parties are the same. There’s nothing you can do to change the system.

The truth is that you have practically no power in our society.

You have a tiny piece …

That is the only day when you have the tiniest piece of power.

If you fail to USE your power, then you will allow the powerful people to remain, and you will get only what you’re given,

Which won’t be much!

The one day when you have power, you must use it!

Because it’s not just you. There are millions of people like you who feel the same way.

If you combine your power with millions of other people, then together you have unstoppable power.

They cannot win if you will seize your power and add it to the whole.

Make the 4th July your Independence Day.

It is the only day when you can take control of your country and bend it to your will by adding to millions of others.

If you do not, then you hand the power to the powerful.

You will own nothing and be miserable!

So don’t waste your day.

Make the 4th of July the day you change this country for Good !

Vote for Chris Farmer
Gloucester Reform UK

Thank you very much

7 Ways We Can Save Britain

7 Ways We Can Save Britain

  1. If we want to save our public services and housing from being overwhelmed, then we must limit the number of people entering the country. Freeze immigration.

  2. If we want to grow our economy so it becomes wealth producing, then we must …

  3. If we want to solve the cost-of-living crisis, then we must SCRAP net zero, which is driving up the cost of energy and therefore of every product and service.

Net zero increases the price of every commodity because it increases the cost of energy required to produce and transport it.

Net zero is causing poverty across the whole nation because it imposes massive costs on industry, preventing its growth.

  1. If we want to protect our freedoms from excessive interference by politicians and global institutions such as the EU, WEF and WHO, then we must not vote for Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems, or Greens, since they are all wedded to the same globalist ideology.

  2. If we want to understand what went wrong during the pandemic—the lockdowns, the mandated vaccines, and the complete collapse of individual rights—then we must identify the guilty people and bring them to justice.

Many people have suffered terrible injuries and even death after having taken the “safe and effective” mRNA jab.

  1. If we want to save Britain and its culture and history, then we must reject multiculturalism, which is in reality an attack on culture.

They say that “diversity is our strength.” The truth is “unity is our strength.”

The United Kingdom should keep its unique and distinct culture and not allow it to be watered down, fragmented, and dissolved by the false ideology of multiculturalism.

  1. If we want to save Britain from the catastrophes that the Labour Party or the Conservative Party will bring to it, then we must vote for Reform UK.

Fourth of July is Independence Day. Vote for Reform UK.

Please comment

Thank you Chris Farmer #ReformUK

1.2 Million Immigrants Overwhelm Housing

1.2 Million Immigrants Overwhelm Housing In the past year 1.2 million people came into the UK. That’s more than the entire population of Bristol! This uncontrolled immigration is wreaking havoc on our housing market.

Last year, we only managed to build 246,700 new homes. But need at least 500,000 houses just to keep …

The math is simple: we’re being overwhelmed.

Our housing stock can’t handle this pressure.

Prices are skyrocketing, and finding an affordable home is becoming impossible for ordinary Brits.

Our communities are being stretched to their limits.

It's time to take urgent action.

We need to freeze immigration NOW

If we don’t, the housing crisis will only get worse.

Vote Reform UK

Chris Farmer ReformUK

Grove Goes !

Grove Goes ! Hurrah!

Since the General Election was announced two days ago, over 120 MPs have stated they will not continue as Tories

This includes a record-breaking number of nearly 80 Conservative MPs, surpassing the previous post-war record of 72 before the 1997 election.

Michael Gove, Andrea …


The Government Is Not Our Saviour

The Government Is Not Our Saviour The government likes to pretend that we need them to protect us from various “global crises” which threaten our survival: viruses, climate change, the Russians, CO2, economic meltdown. Etc.

They use these fears to justify their existence, the high taxes, the regulations, the coercion, the threats, and the ever extending …

The government policies which impoverish us all are done to Save Us from the catastrophes that they themselves have created.

Government manufactures crisis and then saves us from them.

In order to save us - they steal our money, liberty, and choices.

Let us take back control from politicians by throwing them out of the House of Commons and replacing them with people who really represent the British public.

These people are Reform UK.

Reform UK is not from the elite establishment and political classes.

They are ordinary people like you and me who stand for the working classes, business classes, and professional classes who make up the vast majority of the British population.

Labour does not stand for the working classes; it stands for the elites.

The Conservatives do not stand for the business classes; they stand for the elites.

Liberal Democrats and the Greens are left-wing activists who will impose NetZero and destroy the economy.

Reform UK stands for Britain and the British people. Only Reform UK stands for:

  1. Protection of individual rights.
  2. Creation of an enterprise economy based upon smaller medium-sized businesses.
  3. Brilliant public services which are more efficient and less expensive.
  4. Secure borders and strictly limited immigration. (Take the boats back to France).
  5. Explicit rejection of the globalist ideology led by the WEF, EU, WHO, UN, World Bank, and globalist corporations.
  6. Britain as an independent sovereign nation, strong, prosperous, and free.

July 4 is Independence Day. Vote Reform UK.

Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Change? From What-To What?

Change? From What-To What? All political parties claim that they stand for “change” But the major question is: Change? - From what to what?

Labour is NO change from Conservative. If people vote for Labour, they will get no change!

Conservatives believe in high taxes, so do Labour.

Conservatives …

Conservatives believe in overborrowing and overspending so do labour

Conservatives have trashed the economy so will labour!

Conservatives believe in coercive governments, so do Labour.

Conservatives believe in a world government (WEF, WHO, UN, World Bank, EU), so do Labour. - Kier Starmer is an avid member of WEF and his pro rejoining EU

Only Reform means REAL change.

Reform believes in lower tax rates, not higher.

Only Reform believes in supporting small and medium-sized businesses, not multinational globalist corporations

Only Reform believes in scrapping net zero, which is the single most destructive economic policy ever devised!

Only Reform believes in smaller, less intrusive governments.

Only Reform believes in strictly limited immigration.

Only Reform will stop the boats and send them back to France

And only Reform explicitly excludes influence from WEF, WHO, EU, or other globalist organisations.

Reform UK stands for:

  1. Protection of individual freedoms from coercive governments.
  2. Creation of an enterprise economy by growing small and medium-sized businesses.
  3. Brilliant public services which are more efficient and less costly.
  4. Secure borders that do not allow in illegal immigrants and strictly limit numbers of legal immigrants.
  5. Sovereign nation: Britain as a free, independent, sovereign nation that does not take orders from any external globalist entity or the EU.

Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems, and Greens are all the SAME -  same ideology, different coloured ties

A vote for any of them means NO change.

If you want real change, then vote for Reform UK.

The 4th of July is Independence Day Vote Reform UK.

Thank you Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Facts Given by Andrew Bridgen Reference The Catastrophic Net Zero Ideology

Facts Given by Andrew Bridgen Reference The Catastrophic Net Zero Ideology

I’ve taken the following facts from information given by Andrew Bridgen in the House of Commons

  1. Electricity Costs Comparison
  • The cost of electricity for businesses in the UK is 4.5 times higher than …
    • The cost of electricity for businesses in the UK is three times higher than in India.
  1. Current Electricity Prices
    • Electricity prices are currently £65 per megawatt-hour. Whereas
    • Fixed offshore wind costs £102 per megawatt-hour.
    • Floating offshore wind costs £246
  • Onshore wind costs £89
    • Solar power costs £85
  1. Climate and Carbon Emissions

    • China is increasing its emissions, surpassing the total annual emissions of the UK each year.
  2. Financial pain on Constituents

    • The cost of achieving net-zero emissions is being borne by hard-up constituents in the UK.

End of quote

The Following text is Chris Farmer Not Andrew Bridgen …

Ministers claims that net zero is creating jobs in new industries.

This is true.

But it is also destroying very many more jobs in EVERY other industry !

Because when energy costs are many times what they should be, then high energy prices put many businesses out of business.

It also stops many others from growing into what they otherwise would’ve become

And also it stops many businesses even starting up, because production costs are so high, it’s impossible to make a profit when energy costs are artificially inflated by net zero

So the idea that zero is a net producer of jobs is absolutely false!

Yet another falsehood in a litany of lies in relation to climate change and net zero ideology

Climate change and net zero is a fraudulent scheme designed to transfer wealth from the pockets of the poor into the bank accounts of the aready rich: oil companies and their friends in politics

Reform Uk We are the only Party on the side of the ordinary British people

We must scrap net zero and create plentiful clean clean, reliable, cheap energy for everyone

That will make everyone rich, not just the oil companies and their politicians

Please comment Thank you very much

Chris Farmer #ReformUK

How We Can Save Britain by Voting Reform UK

How We Can Save Britain by Voting Reform UK

  1. Immigration Policy We need only legal and limited immigration. No illegal and unlimited immigration is allowed. Here’s our six-point plan:

Declare a security emergency. Leave the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Set up offshore processing for immigrants. No stay for …

  1. Stop the Cost of Living Crisis We must lower taxes and end quantitative easing. We will scrap net zero energy policies.

  2. Support Small and Medium Businesses We will support over 1.2 million small and medium businesses by removing corporation tax. We will raise the minimum profit threshold to £100,000. We will reduce the corporation tax rate from 25% to 20%, and then to 15% from year five. The VAT threshold will be raised to £120,000. There will be no business rates for high street small and medium firms. We will reform the planning system and fast-track new housing and infrastructure projects, especially in the North and coastal areas.

  3. Improve NHS Funding and Efficiency We will ensure more doctors and nurses are available. All frontline NHS and social care staff will pay no basic rate tax for three years. This will help retain current staff and attract those who have left. We will use independent healthcare providers to cut waiting lists. There will be a 20% tax relief on private healthcare and insurance.

  4. Real Crime Prevention We need more police officers and common-sense policing. We will scrap all diversity, equality, and inclusion roles. We will reform the police complaints system to work for the law-abiding public. The College of Policing will be de-politicised. We will focus on crime prevention, discipline, public service, and fitness. New officers will take an entrance exam and complete a two-year probation period.

  5. Improve Roads and Transport We will stop the war on motorists. We will ban Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) and low traffic neighbourhoods. We will scrap bans on petrol and diesel cars and end requirements for electric cars. A national database will be set up for transport projects. We will fix and build roads.

  6. More Housing and Controlled Immigration We will reform the planning system and fast-track development on brownfield sites. We will reduce mass migration to ease the strain on housing.

  7. Make Work Pay We will lift the income tax start point to £20,000 per year. This will free up to seven million people from paying income tax and save every worker almost £1,500 per year. This will help many return to work and escape the benefits trap. We will keep the basic tax rate at 20% and start the higher rate at £70,000. We will cut energy taxes to beat the cost of living crisis. We will scrap VAT on energy bills, lower fuel duty by 20p per litre, and remove environmental levies.

  8. British Sovereignty We will reject influence from the EU, WHO, UN, and WEF. We will leave the World Health Organisation (WHO) unless it reforms. We oppose the creation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

  9. Preserve British Culture and Heritage We will replace the 2010 Equalities Act. The current act requires discrimination for ‘positive action’ and costs the economy billions. It destroys meritocracy, spreads division, and excludes some majority groups. We will scrap all diversity, equality, and inclusion roles.

Share this if you agree!

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Chris Farmer


Reform Must Harness the Power of Brexit Voters

In 2016, Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party achieved a stunning victory when they gained 17.6 million supporters. It was a political defeat to the Elites, which they never expected to suffer.

Earlier in 2010 David Cameron’s Conservatives won a General election with 306 seats gained with less than …

If the Conservatives can win an election with under 11 million votes, then imagine what Reform UK could do with 17 million !

Harness The Power of Brexit We must harness the power of people who believe in Brexit; those who believe in Britain as an independent, free nation-state.

Enormous Potential If we in Reform UK actualise the potential of 17.1 million voters, we could achieve a political revolution; we could “obliterate the Tories” and “Lay waste to Labour.”

There is an election to be won! and Brexit proves we could win – if we bring Brexit Voters on board with us.

Start Today So, today, we continue to campaign for Reform, and we expect to win many seats.

We will stop the destruction of our country.

It can be done; it will be done!

Thank you.

Please leave a comment below

Chris Farmer • Gloucester • Reform UK

How Reform Can Cut Government Waste

The government spends over £1.14 trillion per year.

That’s an awful lot of money!

And much of it is wasted.

Here is how Reform UK will cut wasteful government spending:

  1. Enforce a 5% Saving Without Cutting Services It is possible to shave off 5% for every …

.2 Scrap Government Quangos There are over 600 government departments and “quangos.” These are organisations unaccountable to Parliament, and billions of pounds are spent on them every year. Some of them add no value to the public and could be easily scrapped. We can spend the money better.

.3 Cut Red Tape The government badly botched Brexit, and as a result, we are still operating under many regulations emanating from the European Union. Reform UK will cut EU red tape and release us from the bondage of overregulation that costs the UK economy £143 billion since 2015.

  1. Stop Paying Interest on Quantitative Easing Reserves This technical economic point would save us £40 billion per year.

  2. Cut Foreign Aid by 50% We currently send £12.8 billion abroad to foreign nations, including China and India, both of whom have their own space programs! Charity begins at home, and we will spend more money on our own people before we spend it on foreign nations.

Reform UK will cut £91 billion per year off the government spend and simultaneously improve public services.

That’s the plan.

If you like the sound of that, please leave a comment. Thank you

Chris Farmer #ReformUK #Gloucester

Reform UK will win seats!

Reform UK will win seats!

I proceeded on the basis that winning is possible I don’t mean forming a government

I mean Reform Uk will gain many seats in the house of commons

I intend to make Gloucester city one of them!

We are living in unprecedented …

And many people are choosing not to vote at all

There is a long way to go and both the Conservatives and the labour party will continue up upon their current tracks since they have publicly aligned themselves to the world economic forum Agenda 2030 Great reset agenda And Net zero

As long as that continues, they will continue to bleed support

Although Labour Party are ahead in terms of seats, they are losing votes

At the last elections, although they won against the Conservatives, they lost votes

It is up to us, the Reform Uk party to demonstrate to people that we offer a third alternative

We have Common sense policies We are totally opposed to the WEF and World government agenda

We do not believe in smashing Britain so elites can “build back better “

We reject global governance, and we champion Freedom Enterprise Public service Sovereign borders Sovereign state

We believe in Britain I believe that many people will turn to us in sufficient numbers that we will win seats

Let’s go forward !

Thank you Chris Farmer #ReformUk #Gloucester

How to Save UK Economy

How to Save UK Economy

Conservatives have trashed the economy; we are in a recession, public services and many councils are going bankrupt.

Conservative Government Has Failed Its own policies have caused the conditions for economic failure:

Overspending All politicians like to spend other people's money because they have …

Overspending causes economic failure. Because politicians like to overspend, they commit the following policy errors:

High Taxation We are suffering the highest taxation levels in a generation. High taxation takes money out of your pockets and puts it into the government's. That means you have less money to spend on you and your family; businesses have less money to invest in growth, and we lose our economic freedom as politicians decide how they will spend our money.

Printing Money Printing money (quantitative easing). In order to fund the excess spending, governments print money. The excess money reduces the value of every pound in the economy so its purchasing power is reduced. When your purchasing power is reduced, we perceive that as inflation. Politicians create inflation by quantitative easing (printing money).

Net Zero Net zero is the single, biggest, idiotic, economic policy ever invented by mankind. It is an ideology, not a science. it is a tax on energy. And since every economy is powered by energy; when energy is expensive, everything is expensive.

Expensive energy increases the cost of production, makes businesses inefficient, and increases inflation. So net zero is a terrific way to destroy an economy.

Financial Mismanagement Politicians waste money because they can! So, politicians send billions of pounds to Ukraine, they waste millions of pounds trying to send illegal refugees to Rwanda they give millions of pounds to France to stop the boats which are never stopped.

They waste billions on so-called “sustainable energy” which is completely unsustainable without massive, crippling costs imposed on the British public.

This is why our economy is in a mess.

How to Reform the UK Economy In order to kickstart the economy and put it back into Growth Mode we need to reverse the above policies.

  1. Stop wasting money by sending billions of Tax Payer Pounds to foreign countries
  2. Stop sending our money abroad to Ukraine and other places.
  3. Create cheap, abundant energy by using hydrocarbons and nuclear.
  4. Stop quantitative easing. Governments cannot print their way out of trouble
  5. .Lower taxes. Let people and businesses keep their money to invest in economic growth and employment.

Reform UK We believe in the creative power of the British people. We do not believe that politicians should attempt to run everything and micromanage people's lives.

We believe in freedom. That’s economic freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of information, freedom to choose.

The economy will thrive only within the context of a free-market enterprise economy. Low taxes, low regulation, less government interference means more growth and employment.

We need Reform We must get the Conservatives and labour out of Westminster and we replaced them with politicians who Believe in British Economic growth

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Thank you Chris Farmer #ReformUK #gloucester

Reality Triumphs Over Net Zero Ideology

When the Government admitted we need to build new gas fired power stations, contrary to their net zero ideology, they admitted the truth that Gas fed power stations ARE necessary to maintain our 21st century economy

Hydrocarbons So-called “fossil fuels“ are the ONLY way that we can generate sufficient energy …

Net Zero is Net Stupid The idea that we can power our economy with electricity generated from wind turbines and solar panels is false.

That fact has been accepted by the government who have had to respond to physical reality and authorise new gas fired power stations.

I predict that - Gas fired power stations will also be supplemented by additional nuclear powered energy.

Net zero madness. Net zero, is the single most idiotic economic policy ever to be dreamt up by our knucklehead politicians.

We need hydrocarbons and nuclear power to sustain our lives. The Net Zero reversion to pre-industrial age forms of energy; solar wind and burning wood, would impoverish us all, and cost many lives

True Reality over false ideology Politicians who advocate non-use of hydrocarbons “fossil fuels” all burn mass quantities of it themselves.

Which indicates that they don’t believe their “climate catastrophe” narrative , since - if they did- they would be the first people to stop using “fossil fuels “

But NONE of them do- which indicates they don’t believe their own words!

Reform energy policy Reform U.K.’s energy policy supports the use of hydrocarbons and nuclear power and is the only sensible policy in the economic / political marketplace.

If you want to save Britain. Then we need to eliminate net zero ideology and replace it with a practical energy policy based on reality,

Please let me know your thoughts Please leave a comment

Thank you Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Reform The NHS

The NHS is the most popular and the most expensive of all the public services. It employs 3.1 million people, and it costs over £136 billion per year. There are 19.2 million families in UK which means that each family pays about £7000 per year.

And yet, we find it …

So, something is wrong. It’s obvious that the Conservatives have failed.

We must Reform the NHS. Here are Reforms policies:

  1. Cut bureaucracy and unnecessary management. There are many thousands of people who work in the NHS who have nothing to do with patient care. NHS spends £40m a year on 800 diversity and inclusion officers. That money could be spent on extra 1,200 nurses. Reform will reduce the number of non-essential staff and spend the money on patient care.

  2. Smarter Purchasing. The NHS often pays inflated prices for its pharmaceuticals, and other goods and services. In reality, NHS should be benefiting from economies of scale.

  3. A&E. The A&E service is overwhelmed because many people use A&E for minor ailments. Reform will start a campaign which puts emphasis on pharmacy first, GPs second, and A&E last. People should only go to A&E for Accidents or Emergencies!

  4. Incentivise staff to stay. Many trained staff leave the NHS early. This is a tremendous loss to the service. Reform UK will incentivise NHS and social care staff to stay by offering zero basic rate tax for three years.

  5. Patients Choice. Reform will introduce a new voucher scheme where patients can receive private treatments if they cannot see a GP within three days; or a consultant within three weeks; or receive their operation within nine weeks.

  6. Make more use of private healthcare and insurance. To relieve the pressure on the NHS, Reform UK will introduce 20% tax relief for those people who can afford to go private.

NHS is the crown jewel of the public services But it is not perfect, and it needs Reform.

This is how we can Save the NHS

Please leave your comments.

Chris Farmer • Gloucester • Reform UK

No MPs Should Be Members of WEF

MPs represent:

  1. Their constituencies
  2. Their party
  3. Their own values

But they are NOT there to represent the World Economic Forum!!

WEF power is not part of our UK constitution.

In fact, it completely opposes our constitution of representative, Parliamentary democracy.

Any …

WEF is a corporate body, who has infiltrated political parties and institutions in order to implement their diabolical globalist ideology.

If you agree that no MP in the House of Commons should be affiliated to the WEF Then vote for Reform Uk

Please leave your comment Chris Farmer #ReformUK #stopwef

Khan’s C40 Cities are Prisons

Sadiq Khan is in charge of imposing C 40 cities across the UK C40 cities are a. WEF criminal construct designed to destroy all personal liberties choices and freedoms and to replace them with a dictatorship justified by a “climate – health emergency “

Here are 20 violations of your rights …

WEF - C40 cities mean:

  1. Travel freedom is restricted, because non-essential trip limits are imposed.

  2. Private car usage is not an option, as reliance on public transportation is mandated.

  3. Dietary choices are limited, with a plant-based diet being forced over meat consumption.

  4. Living space is minimised, through regulations that dictate smaller, energy-efficient housing.

  5. Energy consumption is capped, with strict individual usage quotas enforced.

6 Waste generation is controlled, as recycling and composting are mandated.

  1. Water usage is limited, with stringent conservation measures being imposed.

  2. Personal choice in clothing is reduced, through mandates for sustainable materials.

  3. Leisure travel is restricted, as limitations on long-distance flights are enforced.

  4. Home heating and cooling are dictated, with preset temperature limits being enforced.

  5. Urban gardening is mandated, to promote local food production.

  6. Electric vehicle adoption is forced, as the banning of diesel petrol powered vehicles is implemented.

  7. Single-use plastics are banned, with reusable or biodegradable alternatives being mandated.

  8. Consumer goods are limited to eco-friendly products, as conventional options are phased out.

  9. Public gatherings are restricted in size and location, dictated by environmental impact assessments.

  10. Construction practices are dictated, with green building materials and methods being mandated.

  11. Public land use is restricted, as access is controlled for environmental conservation.

  12. Household appliance choices are limited, with energy-efficient models being mandated.

  13. Work-from-home policies are imposed, to reduce commuting and its environmental impact.

  14. Renewable energy installation is forced, with mandates for solar panels and wind turbines on new buildings.

C40 is the end of life as we know it

It is being implemented right now across the UK step-by-step without any consultation, communication or consideration for peoples individual rights to freedom of choice

We must destroy WEF C40

Eliminate Sadiq Khan from public office Reject any WEF mandates

Ignore all climate crisis claims, because they are invented to justify the creation of dictatorships

Pass this message on to everyone you know

Leave a comment Thank you

Chris Farmer #ReformUK #stopc40

The Rise of Reform

We are witnessing a political revolution with the total collapse of the Conservative party and its replacement with Reform UK

Conservative Party is WEF We hear it said that the Conservatives have "run out of ideas," but that is not true!

They have plenty of ideas!

All of …

The Conservative Party's Traditional Values Are vote winners:

  1. Protection of individual rights.
  2. Smaller government.
  3. Lower taxes.
  4. Enterprise economy.
  5. Personal responsibility.
  6. Efficient public services.
  7. Strong military.
  8. Home ownership
  9. Sovereign nation who defends its people from invasion

These have all been completely abandoned by the Conservative party Because have been infiltrated by the globalist WEF.

Reform UK We at Reform UK have taken up the above list of vote winning values and have made them explicit in our draft manifesto.

We now represent the will of the vast majority of British people.

Problem The problem we have is that the British people are not aware of the true nature of our policies and what we stand for.

Labour Party is also WEF The British public recognise the evil that is inherent in the WEF -conservative agenda – but what they do NOT know is that the Labour party have signed themselves up to exactly the same WEF agenda.

Most people see Labour, simply as "not the Tories."

They are so determined to crush the Conservative party that they will vote for the Labour party – not because they like the Labour party, - but rather because they think there is no other viable option.

Reform UK is the Viable Option

We must convince the public and have them recognise the true nature of the Labour party, who are globalists - and probably worse than the Conservative party and...

We must educate them to understand that their only salvation is to be found with Reform UK.

Call to Action Get the message out. It is our responsibility to get the message out by all means necessary.

Do whatever you can. Please do whatever you can to get the message out; we have limited time and a country to save!

Please leave a comment Please share this with your friends

Thank you Chris, Farmer #ReformUK


41 Reasons to Vote Reform UK

  1. If you want to keep Islamic sharia law from taking hold in the UK then vote for Reform UK.

  2. If you believe that politicians affiliated with the World Economic Forum have no place in British politics and politicians should represent the people, not the WEF, UN, EU, …

  3. If you oppose government policies of overspending, overborrowing, and quantitative easing because they cause inflation, and if you advocate for fiscal discipline, then vote for Reform UK.

  4. If you are against high immigration levels (745,000) which impacts housing availability and affordability, then vote for Reform UK.

  5. If you oppose ULEZ as an attack on the poorer people's right to travel, then vote for Reform UK.

  6. If you think the government must never again coerce the public into lockdown and destroy the economy (especially when they don’t follow the rules themselves) and that people have the choice not to take drugs they don’t want, then vote for Reform UK.

  7. If you oppose Central bank digital currencies, because it would allow the government to track your every purchase and would allow the government to disconnect you from your money if you did not comply, then vote for Reform UK.

  8. If you believe that banning diesel and petrol vehicles by 2030-35 under “Net Zero" is an attack on the economy and freedom to travel, and that diesel and petrol vehicles are necessary, then vote for Reform UK.

  9. If you believe Northern Ireland should be wholly within the UK and should NOT be under political control of the EU, then vote for Reform UK.

  10. If you think the NHS is not as efficient as it should be; because it’s too bureaucratic and NHS needs reform and modernization to make it more efficient, then vote for Reform UK.

  11. If you are fed up with exorbitantly high energy costs for gas and electric and you want cheaper energy, so you can heat your home without breaking the bank, then vote for Reform UK.

  12. If you believe that women should have Safe Spaces such as changing rooms, toilets, and sports events, where men who “feel” they are women are NOT allowed to enter, then vote for Reform UK.

  13. If you oppose the WHO pandemic treaty and world health regulations, which grant unprecedented power to WHO officials during a self-declared “global crisis,” and if you believe British sovereignty must not be compromised, then vote for Reform UK.

  14. If you believe that the government should support the creation of small and medium-sized businesses, because SMEs are the biggest opportunity to grow the economy, through harnessing the creative ability of our young entrepreneurs. And if you oppose the relentless attack on small and medium-sized businesses by government and councils, who overtax and overregulate small business, then vote for Reform UK.

  15. If you oppose 20 mph speed limits in built-up areas as they make transport inefficient and impede the right to travel, then vote for Reform UK.

  16. If you believe that politicians should act for the benefit of the British people and not for their own benefit or for their rich friends, then vote for Reform UK.

  17. If you believe Brexit benefits have not been realized due to the UK government still mirroring EU laws and if you advocate for laws favouring British Industry thereby stimulating the UK economy, then vote for Reform UK.

  18. If you want to reform the House of Lords, which is an anachronistic political entity, that is still stuffed with appointees from previous administrations (Tony’s cronies), then vote for Reform UK.

19 If you believe the POLICE should not engage in woke ideology or be supporting LGBTQ causes, or “Taking the Knee” for BLM and that instead, Police should focus on preventing and detecting crime, then vote for Reform UK.

20 If you believe Net Zero is an economically suicidal policy and does nothing to “Save the Planet” since the UK component of “emissions” is negligible when compared to China, India, and other nations, then vote for Reform UK.

  1. Our people are dying at rates 10% higher than before the vaccine rollout, yet the politicians don’t want to talk about it. If you want a proper investigation, then vote for Reform UK.

  2. If you oppose housing illegal immigrants in hotels at great public expense amidst a housing crisis, then vote for Reform UK. If you oppose illegal immigrants being moved into publicly funded housing, thus limiting the housing available to rent for our own population, then vote for Reform UK.

23If you think we should support our armed forces and ensure they have sufficient troop numbers to defend our nation, then vote for Reform UK.

  1. If you regard Rishi Sunak as an illegitimate Prime Minister because he was NOT elected by his party membership, and he is the choice of the Financial Markets, then vote Reform UK.

  2. If you are fed up with unelected people such as Lord David Cameron being installed in government, with NO democratic mandate, then vote for Reform UK.

  3. If you believe the Border Force should enforce strict immigration controls and not assist illegal immigrants into Britain, then vote for Reform UK.

  4. If you believe the civil service is not fit for purpose because it operates with its own self-serving WEF agenda, then vote for Reform UK.

  5. If you think that governments have become more coercive, and if you think that politicians are our public servants, not our rulers, then vote for Reform UK.

29 If you think it’s wrong that in school children are taught critical race theory; dire predictions of the end of the world and that children can change their gender by changing their mind; And that British history is something to be ashamed of. And if you believe that schools should NOT engage in social conditioning but should instead teach children only foundational subjects, such as mathematics, English, science, British history, and logical reasoning, then vote for Reform UK.

30 If you oppose WEF globalist policies being implemented directly by local councils, (15-minute city) thus bypassing Parliament, and if you think councils should restrict themselves to local issues and not be implementing The Great Reset, then vote for Reform UK.

  1. If you believe a modern 21st-century economy cannot function on wind turbines, heat pumps, and solar panels and we need hydrocarbons and nuclear to provide cheap, reliable, clean energy, then vote for Reform UK.

  2. If you think politicians must enact their manifesto promises; and that they should not say one thing but do the opposite, nor introduce things that never appeared on the manifesto, (Net Zero) then vote for Reform UK.

  3. If you are fed up with the crummy state of our roads, and want an improvement in our highways to let traffic flow more smoothly, then vote for Reform UK.

34 If you don’t trust the Conservative party nor the Labour party and you’re looking for a third alternative, then vote for Reform UK.

  1. If you believe in minimizing taxes to reasonable levels to fund public services, and NOT suffer taxes at the highest levels for 70 years, then vote for Reform UK.

  2. If you think British politics is at the worst point we’ve ever seen it; And if you want to change politics for good, to protect your finances, your family, and your future, then vote for Reform UK.

  3. If you think the government's constant mishandling and destruction of the British Economy and culture are making many people depressed, fearful, and anxious. And if you believe the role of good government is to make people feel strong, confident, and free, then vote for Reform UK.

38 If you believe the next General election is vital to the future survival of our country, as we have known it, then vote for Reform UK.

39 If you feel that your country is being sold out to globalist powers and you want to get your country back then vote for Reform UK.

40 If you believe we must protect our farmers from being shut down and food production being replaced by Growing trees : which will lead to food poverty, then vote for reform UK

  1. If you want to get your country back Vote for Reform UK

There are many reasons to vote for Reform Uk

Please join us

Please share this list

Thank you Chris Farmer #ReformUK ReformUk #Gloucester

Reform Policies for Transport and Infrastructure

Our roads are in tatters, and our energy is expensive because both transport and utilities have been mishandled.

Energy production is inadequate and is mostly owned by foreign powers; our roads are crumbling, potholed, and congested, so traveling becomes frustrating, slow, and inefficient.

As a consequence, our economy …

Here’s how:

  1. Stop the war on motorists. Reform UK will legislate to ban all ULEZs and ultra-low traffic zones. These amount to a tax on travel, especially for low-income drivers who drive older cars.

  2. Stop the Ban on petrol and diesel vehicles. Reform will stop the insane ban on the production of petrol and diesel cars which is due to come into effect in 2030.

We will also stop the equally stupid legal requirement to manufacture and sell electric vehicles. (EVs) The Dangerously incompetent Welsh government is equipping its ambulance fleet with electric ambulances whose range will be minimal, and will not be able to operate effectively in exposed regions of the Welsh Hills and mountains. This insanity must stop! Reform UK will stop it.

  1. Improve Road Networks especially in the north. The north of England is the home of the industrial revolution which changed the world for Good. Reform will energise the north by improving the road networks which link the major northern cities. This will improve the efficiency of industry and facilitate the creation of wealth.

  2. Home Rule for critical national infrastructure and energy. Reform will launch a new model that brings half of each utility industry into public ownership. The other half will be owned by UK pension funds.

  3. Integrated Transport Database. Often we see local roads dug up by the gas board for weeks on end, resurfaced, and then - two weeks later- they are dug up again by the water board! This is a sign of a fragmented system. so.... Reform will initiate an integrated transport database for councils, contractors, and utilities, which will ensure coordination of roadworks. This means fewer roadworks, less congestion, and more efficient travel.

  4. Integrated Water Strategy. The UK is at risk of drinking water shortages. So Reform will initiate a program of building new reservoirs so that water can be stored and transferred to where it is needed when required.

We will also reduce the release of sewage into seas.

  1. Single Infrastructure Funding Stream. Reform will merge the National Infrastructure Commission and the Infrastructure Bank to simplify the management of our systems.

  2. Scrap Net Zero! We will immediately scrap all Net Zero-related objectives, which are completely unnecessary and are driven by ideology, not science!

This will release billions of pounds which can be spent more wisely.

These are Reform UK's infrastructure policies.

Please leave a comment Please share this information

Thank you. Chris Farmer • Gloucester • Reform UK

Reform UK Defence Policies

The first duty of Government is to Protect Our Freedoms, and to do that, we need Armed Forced and Military strength.

Britain has the best Military Personnel in the world, and yet the Army is now at its smallest size in 300 years.

People are leaving the services …

Consequently, the military is being degraded by Bad Political Decisions.

In addition, many veterans feel they have been abandoned by the politicians. We see many ex-servicemen living on the streets.

Other veterans face unjust legal claims for actions they took decades ago under orders from their Political and Military Leaders.

We Need to Reform UK Defence If we want our armed forces to defend us, we must defend them.

Reform UK Policies on Defence Here is how we do it:

  1. Increased Defence Spending to 2.5% of GDP. Defence has to be paid for, and we will increase the size and the capacity of our forces, ensuring that our military can always successfully fulfil their duties.

  2. Increase Pay Reform UK will increase basic pay across our enforces in order to attract new recruits and retain the personnel we already have.

  3. New Armed Forces Justice Bill Our servicemen are being hounded by lawyers who are bringing civil law and human rights cases against military personnel for actions that were taken decades ago under orders. This has led to many injustices for our retired military personnel. We will stop this injustice.

  4. New Dedicated Ministerial Department for Veterans Our veterans need to be cared for, and at the moment, many are not. So, Reform UK will create a dedicated ministerial department to look after their best interests.

  5. Regenerate Britain’s Defence, By means of tax incentives we will encourage growth in the UK defence industry. Ideally, we want to be self-sufficient in military terms.

  6. Reform Defence Procurement Defence procurement has been awful over recent years, and many millions of pounds have been wasted. We will launch a joint acquisition corps to ensure world-class defence procurement.

  7. Education for Military Personnel Leaving the Service Working in the military is a unique context, and when people leave and join civilian life, they often feel ill-equipped. Reform UK will introduce free education, both during and after military service, which is vital to ensure a successful transition from military back into civilian life.

Defence of the Nation is necessary to Keep Us Free. We owe it to the people who protect us to ensure they have the equipment and the funding necessary to do their job: And we must support them when they leave the military and re-enter civilian life.

These are Reform UK defence policies. What are your comments?

Chris Farmer. ReformUK #ReformUK #gloucester

Vote on Policy, Not Party

Human beings are creatures of habit. We habitually vote for the same political party year after year, decade after decade, generation after generation – without much thought.

There are families who have voted conservative or labour for generations; it becomes a family tradition.

This madness must stop!

Because the …

They have been blended into the same thing,! They are now instruments of globalization.

They both believe in - the great reset, net zero, big government, high taxes, coercion, propaganda, transgender ideology, High energy costs Pro mass immigration

They are anti-British and pro WEF.

It is time to abandon tradition and vote for policies, not parties.

Take Your Pick From the Following Options

Do you want government as public servants or as your masters?

Do you want your freedoms protected or violated?

Do you want high taxes or low taxes?

Do you want coercive governments or governments that respect your choice?

Do you want high fuel costs or lower fuel costs?

Do you want net zero ideology rammed down your throat, whether you like it or not, or do you want to choose whether you accept the “decarbonization” of energy production?

Do you want to ban diesel and petrol-driven vehicles and give up your mode of transport, or do you want to keep your car?

Do you want housing to be prioritised for illegal immigrants and asylum seekers, or do you want housing to be prioritised for your family and your children’s families?

Do you want the NHS to become ever more expensive and yet still not be able to see a GP, or do you want the NHS to be re-organised so that it provides excellent service?

Do you want your police to be politicised? Or do you want them to enforce the law without fear or favour?

Do you want to ignore the increasing death rates since the rollout and increasing rates of long-term sickness, cancer, and strokes, or do you think these things are serious and need to be investigated?

Do you want our borders to be continually invaded by an army of men of unknown origin and intention, or do you want to secure our borders?

Do you want to continue to see the disintegration of our transport network, or do you want better roads and rail links?

Do you want to continue living a life of anxiety and worry, imposed on us by a government that uses fear as its main motivator, or do you want to live in a country that makes you feel strong, prosperous, and free?

On all these issues, and on many more, Reform UK stands opposed, from Labour, Conservative, Green, and Liberal Democrats.

If We Want Change, We Must Change If we want to eradicate the negative influences that are crushing this country, then we must stop voting for the politicians who are making it happen!

We reject Conservative, Labour, and we champion Reform UK, whose policies are the only ones that can save Britain from the disaster that threatens us.

Make Britain Better Than Ever We don’t intend to make Britain Great Again – we intend to make it Better Than Ever !

Making Britain Better Than Ever is perfectly possible with the right leadership.

Reform UK offers the policies that will lead us to a better future. That’s why I stand with Reform UK.

Please join us.

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Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Labour Party is WEF

Mark Carney is WEF, and is employed as an “advisor” to the Keir Starmer Labour Party,

Mark Carney is a high priest within the World Economic Forum due to his role in shaping “global climate finance” policies

“Global finance” is the mechanism by which the WEF extracts money …

The world economic forum hates human beings: and and they intend to rule over all Humanity – in order to save the planet They believe that human beings are cause of all problems and are therefore a “problem” to be solved So the WEF believes in depopulation

klause Schwarb’s World Economic Forum’s climate agenda is embedded deep into the labour party.

The Labour Party is set to form the next UK government, and is under the control of the World Economic Forum through Mark Carney and Kier Starmer

Which means that ….. The World Economic Forum’s net zero agenda will be aggressively pursued by the Labour Party, destroying the UK economy.

The British people are likely to elect a Labour government that is under the command of the World Economic Forum, who are working towards the aim of creating a global government

The British people are likely to jump from the frying pan into the fire by getting rid of the Conservative party, but replacing them with the labour party because both of them are under the pervasive influence of the World Economic Forum

Reform UK Is the only political party who explicitly and categorically rejects both WEF and net zero

Save Britain The only way to save Britain and with it yourself, your family, your finances and your future, is to reject WEF , net zero , the Conservative party AND the labour party,

Instead… vote for Reform UK

Reform UK is the only way! That’s why I’m standing with Reform UK Please join us!

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Thank you very much Chris Farmer

Fake Science And Corrupt Politicians

Use Anti-Concepts Anti-concepts are terms that replace specific and true concepts with vague and false ones, leading to confusion and deception.

Truth Science and correct understanding depend on the use of specific, valid concepts.

Falsehood Conversely, fake science and fraud rely on anti-concepts. We are awash with anti-concepts; here are a few you …

“Gender assigned at birth." Transgender ideology claims a baby’s “gender is assigned at birth,” suggesting gender as an arbitrary label. This notion disregards biological or physiological facts.

The truth is “gender is determined at conception,” based on the baby's genetic code inherited from its parents

“Born into the wrong body." This concept implies some children are “born into the wrong body,” a statement with no basis in reality.”

Some people do feel they are “born into the wrong body” but a feeling.

Science does not run on feelings. It runs on facts and there is no factual reality to any person being born into the wrong body.

Criminal Prosecutions should follow for those fake scientists spreading transgender ideology upon which much money is being made by the “medical profession” by means of unnecessary and dangerous surgeries and a lifetime of hormone drugs given to children!

Science is infected with false anti-science. True science adheres to specific, true concepts, whereas fake science promotes vague anti-concepts.

This trend extends beyond transgender ideology:

Climate change fake science, is rife with anti-concepts like:

“CO2 pollution” “Extreme weather events” “Global boiling”

In addition  Woke ideology introduces its own anti-concepts: “Multiculturalism” “Diversity is our strength” “Positive discrimination” “White privilege” “Islamophobic” “Homophobic” “Hate speech”

Such terms are designed to destroy rational, logical thought and action.

Ancient Greek philosophy, which established the laws of logic and scientific inquiry, warned against such a irrationality,: Aristotle said; “Those the Gods would destroy, they first make mad!”

WEF madman The WEF and its British political operatives aim to dismantle Britain and Western culture for "The Great Reset."

This vision relies on fake science, anti-concepts, confusion, deception, and submission.

Rational thought However, the Great Reset cannot withstand the scrutiny of clear, rational, logical thought, and true scientific scrutiny

Rational optimism I advocate true science, reason, logic, and optimism.

Reform UK stands against the WEF and Net Zero policies, seeking an investigation into the mRNA vaccine rollout and excess deaths. Reform UK oppose all transgender ideology in schools and regard it as a form of child abuse.

Rational optimism offers the best path forward. Vote for Reform UK.

Please let me know your thoughts

Thank you Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Reform UK Supports Small Businesses

Reform UK Supports Small Businesses-SMEs because they have the most potential to grow the economy. SMEs employ the most people. They pay the most taxes. They provide the best services to local communities. And, they form the fabric of the economy in every city.

The corrupted politicians hate small and medium-size businesses, because they …

In their turn, the global Corporate, paymasters are fearful of small and medium-size businesses because, - amongst their ranks, - are their future competition.

In order to crush their potential opposition, while still in their eggs, major corporations employ crooked politicians to make life very difficult for small and medium-size businesses.

And our corrupted politicians have dutifully agreed. So, they impose upon SME, excessive taxes. Excessive red tape. Net zero obligations. High fuel costs. All of which combine to make life, almost impossible, for small and medium-size businesses to flourish.

In addition, young people are never encouraged to start small businesses. Instead, they are encouraged to go to university and get a degree in subjects, which will not help them find work in the real world, but will instead, laden them with insurmountable debts.

Reform UK differentiates itself from the other parties by being the champion of small and medium-size businesses.

And we encourage our young people to become entrepreneurs, young business leaders, inventors, and creators

We offer them practical assistance and tax breaks to start their own business because, from the many small businesses, some of them will become major employers of the future.

Some Small and medium-size businesses grow into large businesses, which will be good for their owners, their families, their employees, their customers, and the wider society.

Reform UK stands with smaller, medium-size businesses because they are our future!

This is just one of the many policies that makes Reform UK the common sense choice for the working classes, middle classes, and business classes

When SMEs win- we all win!

Reform UK is the only way!

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Currently, the country is in a mess.

I firmly believe that things can and should be a lot better! if we replace the current crop of terrible politicians with what I call 'proper people' and 'common sense' policies, then things could be made a lot better than they are.

So, I'm standing for principles that will …

If you're looking for a big change in British politics, then support me, Chris Farmer, your Reform UK Gloucester candidate.

Together, we can win.

If you want to support our campaign to save Britain, then please give what you can.

Thank you.

“The Plan is Working,” Says Rishi Sunak

“The Plan is Working,” Says Rishi Sunak His WEF plan to transfer wealth from the poor to the rich is working!

As a consequence, absolute poverty levels increased dramatically between 2022 and 2023: 12 million Uk people now in absolute poverty

How Did Sunak Achieved the Impoverishment of the …

The WEF inspired Sunak government has implemented a number of policies specifically designed to impoverish the people and enrich the multinational corporations that employ him.

  1. Net Zero The foremost tool in wealth redistribution from the poor to the rich is net zero.

Based upon fake science, net zero states that CO2 is a pollutant which must be eliminated.

It is actually a tax on energy. Net zero forces everybody to pay many times more for their energy than they did a few years ago And since everybody needs energy to heat their homes, cook their food, make anything or transport it, then an attack on energy is an attack on our lifestyles.

Your money has been siphoned off and fed to the energy suppliers and their “renewable energy” sibling industries, such as wind turbines, solar panels, and heat pumps - a multi-billion-pound industry based on lies and financed off the back of the working classes, middle classes, and business classes.

Net zero is the single most effective wealth transfer tool ever created by the elite to enrich the wealthy at the expense of the poor.

  1. Higher Taxes The government has increased taxes so that we are now paying more tax than ever before in our lifetimes.

Whenever the government wants to extend its power, it does so by putting its hand in your pocket and taking your money

You do not have any choice as to how it is spent, and instead politicians decide which of their friends in big business they will give your money to. Could be the pharmaceuticals, the banks, oil companies, or foreign governments in Ukraine and other places.

  1. Mass Immigration of Cheap Labour One way to impoverish the British people is to depress their wages by importing thousands of workers, who will reduce the hourly rate of the working classes.

So long as the corporations can make better profits by reducing wages by means of imported labour, Sunak will continue to allow infinite numbers of people into the country, either legally or illegally, in order to keep his Paymasters happy.

  1. Lies Lies and More Lies
    So no matter how many times Sunak says he will “stop the boats,” we know that he will do it.

It’s just not on his agenda!

The Rich Get Richer Under the WEF Corporate world government plan, being implemented by British politicians, both in the House of Commons and in every council around the country, the continuing attack on our standard of living and the transference of money from the poor to the rich continues unabated.

WEF Stooge Starmer And it will continue under Keir Starmer’s Labour Party, who have also been infiltrated by the WEF with Keir Starmer, being a self-confessed fan of the Davos club.

How to Defeat Our Enemies The way we defeat our political enemies is to vote them out of the House of Commons and to replace them with people who believe in Great Britain.

Reform UK Believes in Great Britain We believe that Britain is a sovereign nation and that politicians are public servants and agents of the British people, not of the globalist corporations; WEF; UN; EU; WHO; World Bank; corporate world government.

Game On As the public slowly wakes up to the catastrophe that is befalling our nation as a result of trusting our corrupted politicians, we see Reform UK is rising in the polls and by the time we get to the general election later this year, the time will be ripe for a revolutionary change in British politics.

Reform UK MPs will transform the political landscape.

People First Reform UK will put the people of the UK first and the interest of corporate globalists last.

We Will Take Back What We Have Lost

If you agree with this message, please let me know.

Please leave a comment What do you think of Sunak and his plan?

Thank you

Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Tory And Labour Work As A Team

If the British public make the mistake of rejecting the Conservative Party, but handing power over to Keir Starmer's Labour Party, then they will quickly discover that the Labour Party will continue to destroy British culture, economy and People.

Globalist Team The Conservative and the Labour parties are not competitors …

Working in Tandem Just as a tandem bicycle is one bicycle, so the Labour and Conservative parties are riding the same vehicle towards the same destination. Currently, Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives are sitting on the front seat of the tandem. But if people move Sunak to the backseat and replace him with Keir Starmer in the front seat, that will make no difference to the vehicle itself, nor the destructive direction of travel.

Knock Them Out We need to knock their tandem off the road completely and replace it with a Reform UK vehicle which is travelling in the opposite direction - one towards Great Britain.

Great Britain Great Britain must return to what it always should have been:

A country based upon …

protection of individual rights and freedoms

Free enterprise, highly productive economy With Low taxes, and low regulation Which lays the economic foundations that can afford brilliant public services at a reasonable cost

Sovereign borders, which do not allow invaders across the channel

Sovereign nation that produces and trades with the world far beyond the borders of the EU

The United Kingdom used to be an industrial colossus, but now the politicians have crushed our manufacturing sector and outsourced it to China.

Let’s get rid of the Labour and Tory Party and replace them with the Reform UK party.

We are a party that believes in Great Britain.

That’s why I’m standing with Reform UK.

Thank you Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Politicians Who Say They Will Keep Us Safe Are Dangerous

Power-hungry politicians allied to multinational corporations and global institutions all operate under the cover story that their intention is to “keep us safe”.

The False Narrative In order to keep us safe, they have to emphasise, invent, or exaggerate risks inherent in living on planet Earth.

Global Crisis and …

The Price of Safety What is the price we must pay for our safety? The price we must pay for the government to keep us safe is to surrender all of our freedoms, rights, choices, money, and future to hand it over to “the wise ones” – the elites who are the only ones cognitively equipped to deal with the threats faced.

Who Are the Wise Ones? The wise ones are our supposedpolitical masters, Rishi Sunak, Keir Starmer, Sadiq Khan, Ursula von der Leyen, and above them, of course, Klaus Schwab and his WEF, the WHO, the United Nations, the EU, and the multinational corporations; the tech companies, big banks, big oil, and of course, not forgetting - Big Pharma.

Three Favourite Fears Russia, carbon dioxide, and viruses: The politicians continually wave in front of us that terrible triad as the three things we must be terrified of, and from which only the government and Big Pharma can save us.

Seeking Real Safety Who will save us from our saviours? I would much rather deal with the existence of Russians, carbon dioxide and flu viruses than the risks posed by a cabal of dishonest, incompetent, lying, and cheating politicians who have long since been bought and paid for by global corporations.

SOS; Save Our Selves I don’t need Rishi Sunak to save me from viruses, CO2, or the Russians. We want politicians to focus on their real job: protecting our individual rights and freedoms, protecting our borders, promoting Great Britain; its values, and history creating conditions for a thriving economy and brilliant public services, while fostering a culture where people feel strong, confident, and free.

Reform UK Let’s reject the fear sold to us by delinquent politicians and adopt a new mindset that accepts life’s risks. We are capable of dealing with life's inherent risks without the need for an overpowering group of corrupt politicians to save us.

If you agree with me, please let me know.

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Thank you Chris Farmer #ReformUK

45 Things Wrong With Our Current Situation.

There is a lot wrong with British Politics! Here is a list......

Political and Institutional Betrayal

  1. Dishonest political establishment. We have people in power who have proven themselves to say one thing and do the opposite. ("I will Stop the boats" means " I will NOT stop the boats)

  2. Politicians, media, and institutions have betrayed the people of Britain, they no longer represent the will nor the best interests of the british people.

  3. Government ministers and MPs are refusing to stand for parliament because they are receiving threats from the people whose lives they have ruined.

  4. The Government has been captured and corrupted by a globalist WEF ideology.

  5. Politicians have signed UK sovereignty over to the WHO pandemic treaty who -in May 2024- will have powers to lock us down and mandate vaccinations by force.

  6. UK industry still mirroring EU law in order to NOT be competitive with Europe ! Brexit betrayed!

  7. People unelected in positions of power: Rishi Sunak was put in power by the markets and not by the Conservative Party membership, David Cameron is in government and is not an MP.

  8. MPs are affiliated to WEF and Davos' Great Reset and Agenda 2030 which calls for the destruction of nation-states and personal wealth: "You will own nothing."

Economic Mismanagement and Decline 9. We are now poorer than we were four years ago.

  1. UK economy is flatlining because all the conditions for a growing economy have been obliterated.

  2. Highest tax rates for 70 years means the goverment decides how it will spend YOUR money, leaving you with little or no economic freedom

  3. Wage rates for local workers being depressed by mass immigration of cheap labor from outside.

  4. Quantitative easing means government prints money that devalues the buying power of our savings, which we perceive as inflation.

Social and Cultural Erosion 14. They are Destroying traditional family values. 15. Degrading Traditional British culture and subveriting it with "multiculturalism" 16. Degrading British history., making kids ashamed to be British. 17. A bizarre WOKE ideology that defines people primarily by their skin colour. 18. A Transgender ideology in schools that denies the existence of men and women and teaches there are 90 genders. 19. It is odd that all our political leaders are Non-White when our country is predominantly White Caucasian .

Public Services and Infrastructure Crisis 20. Systematically destroying our industry, small and medium-sized family businesses, agriculture and farming, food production, energy production. 21. Degrading and subverting the education service, the police service, the NHS. 22. Our road networks are in tatters and are being replaced by cycle tracks that are barely used. 23. Bloated expensive but inefficient public services. 24. Councils which spend money on diversity and inclusion officers but cannot house their homeless are increasing local taxes whilst cutting services. 25. Public services employing more people than ever but the level of service is worse.

Housing and Immigration Issues 27. Housing is difficult to find due to rapidly raising population due to mass immigration. 28. Housing stock, and rental accommodation (handed over to illegal migrants at public expense).

Health and Welfare Concerns 29. Public health (with record numbers of excess deaths and people suffering long-term sickness). 30. Loss of mental well-being and people's optimism for a better future are at an all-time low. 31. Excess deaths are up 11% and the MPs don't want to discuss or even acknowledge it. 32. Long-term sickness absence is at highest levels since the rollout.

Media and Narrative Control 33. Media does not report news but rather disseminates narrative and buries alternatives. 34. BBC is increasing its charges and is completely dedicated to the promotion of a WOKE climate catastrophe anti-British narrative.

Environmental and Food Security 36. Farmers are being paid by taxpayers to STOP growing food, which will lead to food shortages and poverty, and malnutrition. 37. Net zero ideology that demonises CO2 and claims it is a pollutant when it is the basis of all life on planet earth.

Retail and Economic Infrastructure 38. Collapse of retail means most city centre shopping streets are dying.

Financial Control and Privacy Concerns 39. Digital currency means that bank and government will control wealth including all the money in your bank account. You will own nothing.

Scientific and Academic Integrity 40. Science perverted by money and a disregard for the scientific method of falsifiability. (anyone who "questions the science" is DE platformed when real science is based on questioning the existing consensus.

Transportation and Mobility 41. The imposition of EV cars and the banning of Petrol and Diesel transport by 2030 will devastate the economy, destroy personal mobility and freedom to travel.

Governance and Regulatory Impact 42. House of Lords is occupied by vested interests, and remnants of Tony Blair's cronies. 43. ULEZ is a tax on poor people's transport. 44. 20 mile per hour speed limits destroy transport efficiency.

Lifestyle and Consumption 45. Sugar and meat tax means government tells people what to eat.

I could go on..... but you get the point.

We have allowed our politicians to bring us to the edge of disaster, and it is up to us to save ourselves by voting them out and replacing them with people who represent the Silent Majority.

I am standing with Reform UK because I am willing to fight to Save Britain.

Please leave a comment. Chris Farmer.

Reform UKs Enterprise Growth Economy- The Wealth of Nations

Currently, the economy is flat-lining because government policies have wrecked the conditions for economic growth.

Too much tax, too much regulation, too much political interference, too much mirroring the EU regulations. Energy prices are too high (due to net zero idiot-ideology). Transport infrastructure is congested and broken. Business confidence is low, and all of …

It has left the British economy in tatters, and urgent Reform is needed

Free Enterprise Growth Economy Reform UK will transform the UK economy by releasing the creative and productive genius of the British people.

Governments do not make people rich; People make governments rich!

When the government gets out of the way and lets business thrive, then we all win.

Here is how Reform UK will transform the UK economy for good:

  1. Support small, medium-sized businesses SMEs are 95% of all UK businesses. They employ the most people, pay the most taxes, and offer the greatest potential for economic growth.

So Reform UK will create “small enterprise zones” and will encourage the growth of 1 million new small and medium-sized businesses over the next few years.

This is how we will grow the economy and provide for full employment.

  1. Free 1.2 million SMEs from corporation tax. The early years for any small business are the most dangerous. So Reform UK will maximise their chances of success by lifting millions of small and medium-sized businesses from the burden of corporation tax. We will lift the minimum profit threshold to £100K and reduce the corporation tax rate from 25% to 20%.

This will result in businesses having more money to invest in their own growth, which will, in turn, grow the economy and create more wealth unemployment

  1. Simplify the planning system. We will fast track new housing on Brownfield sites, which will boost building, especially in the north, and in coastal regeneration areas.

Let's build our way to prosperity.

  1. Reform the tax system. All businesses know that the tax system is a nightmare. At over 21,000 pages, the UK tax code is a minefield. By contrast, the Hong Kong tax code is under 500 pages.

Let us simplify our tax system and make it more efficient.

  1. Deliver on Brexit Benefits The Conservative government castrated Brexit, and we are getting very few of the benefits of leaving the EU because we are still mirroring EU legislation.

Reform UK scraps thousands of laws that are holding British business back and damaging our productivity. Currently UK/EU employment laws make it more costly to hire people, and when hiring people is more expensive, fewer people are hired.

  1. Wealth-generating economy Before we can have brilliant public services, we must have a brilliant economy.

Currently, our economy is flat-lining, and that’s why the NHS, defence, and other public services are failing to cope.

A high productivity, low tax, low regulation economy is our way to riches.

If you agree with this, vote for Reform UK.

Thank you very much

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Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Value Your Vote !

Whilst campaigning for Reform UK, I often hear people say they will not vote at the next election because their vote “won’t make any difference.”

This is a very common statement but is disastrous for the many millions of people who want to see change but have given up …

They believe that no matter what they do as an individual, their one small vote means nothing in the big scheme of things. So – why bother?

Value your vote. I tell people that we must put more value on our vote because if we each abandon the struggle against the forces ranged against us, then we will lose by default.

There are literally tens of millions of people in the country who are desperate for change and yet are dispersed in small pockets, each thinking they are on their own and in the tiny minority.

All that needs to happen for a political revolution to occur is for all the individuals and couples, who sit at home worrying for the future and hoping that someone will come to save us, must realise that we are our own saviours.

We can save ourselves simply by voting.

If the millions who make up “the silent majority” gained the courage and the imagination to put their vote where their mouth is- then we could see a tsunami of change in favour of Reform UK, sufficient to obliterate the corrupted political establishment.

Value your vote. We must encourage everyone who is unhappy with the current direction of the country to value their vote, and to put their cross next to the Reform candidates in their area.

That is all that is required to change politics for good and Save Britain.

Minority groups stand together. It is an interesting contrast to note that Palestinians and other minority groups are much better than the native British at coordinating their supporters to take action.

London protests. The huge numbers of Palestinian supporters, who take action and protest on the streets of London every week, show how a coordinated response has amazing political power.

Words into action. If all the people who say they are unhappy about the direction of the country would take those words and turn them into simple actions, such as voting for the Reform party at the next election and helping us to campaign and encourage others to do the same, then we will see a tsunami of change.

Let’s encourage our supporters to put more value on their vote and to become more confident that their voice really does count.

Let us go forward together!

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Chris Farmer #ReformUK #gloucester

Rishi Sunak Feels Compelled to Visit Gloucester

Because his hopeless sitting Tory MP, Richard Graham is terrified that the conservatives will be obliterated at both the council and general elections

Poor Richard Graham is scared to death!

They should be because a Band of Reform UK Activists have been campaigning hard in Gloucester City since …

Everybody knows that Reform UK is here; standing in the city of Gloucester and as the Tories become ever more despised, Reform Gloucester City is continually gaining in strength and popularity!

Our intention is to make Gloucester City a Reform UK stronghold 

And the fact that Rishi Sunak feels compelled, to come to Gloucester to lend his support to hapless MP Richard Graham shows that the Tories, in Gloucester City are scared to death!

Onwards and upwards

Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Governments Crackdown On “Extremists” Is Extremely Dangerous

The government's decision to "crackdown on extremists" is a recipe for disaster.

The term "extremist" has a negative connotation in most people's minds.

But it is easily possible to be: Extremely beneficial. Extremely good. Extremely healthy. Extremely intelligent.

Just because something is “extreme” does not make it necessarily bad.

Empty …

Extremely violent. Extreme right-wing. Extreme communist. Extremely religious. Extremely dangerous.

But… "Extreme" on its own means NOTHING!

Or to put it another way, "extremist" could mean ANYTHING the politicians want it to mean!

And therein lies the danger!

If the politicians pass laws to outlaw and punish "extremists" and if "extremist" could be anything … Then any political adversary, such as Reform UK, could be classified as "extremist."

Anyone with a contrary view to the government could easily be slapped with the label "far-right extremist" and be punished, fined, deplatformed, or worse.

Dangerous ground. We have the most coercive government we’ve known in our history. No other government has done what this Conservative party has done against the best interest of the British people.

I don’t trust them an inch.

The government is extremely dangerous. Because the government has a monopoly on physical force, it must be held in check.

Every extension of their power represents a potential danger to the rest of us.

We must reform British politics and change it for good.

Please let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment.

Thank you. Chris Farmer. #ReformUK

Reform UK: The Way Forward

The Politicians, media, and institutions have betrayed the people of Britain and are systematically destroying:

Our steel and car industry, Small and medium-sized family businesses, Agriculture and farming, Food production, Energy production, Our military defences, Our national borders, Traditional family values, British culture, and British history.

Additionally, they are degrading and subverting:

The education service, The police …

Our people's optimism for a better future are at an all-time low.

The political establishment has PURPOSEFULLY and knowingly done this by implementing: An insane NET ZERO ideology, and MASS immigration, which were never part of their election manifesto but instead are the manifesto of the WEF (World Economic Forum).

The so-called "Political Elites"

They have imposed:

A bizarre WOKE ideology that defines people primarily by their skin colour (critical race theory and BLM),

They have imposed Transgender ideology into schools that denies the existence of men and women, suggesting instead that there are 100 different genders ( according to CBBC bitesize programming for children).

The Government has been captured and corrupted by a globalist ideology aimed at the destruction of nation-states, a process they call 'Creative Destruction', from which they intend to 'Build Back Better'.

(You have heard that phrase repeated many times, by Boris Johnson and many others across the globe and in Britain -

  • it comes from the WEF Globalists!)

'Build Back Better' means they intend to take everything you have, so 'You will own nothing'.

That is their aim, and we are currently on that path to destruction.

We are now much poorer than we were four years ago, and the political establishment's process of destruction will continue unless we stop them.

Reform UK is our ONLY means to stop them.

If you want to stop the current chaos and destruction, then join us.

We invite you and your friends to our Reform UK (Gloucester City) meeting, 7pm - 9pm, Monday 25th March, at the England's Glory, London Road, Gloucester, GL1 3PB (opposite the BBC studios).

The purpose of the meeting is to gather everyone who wants to Save Britain, including Gloucester, from the chaos and destruction caused by the dishonest political establishment.

We are meeting at England's Glory, (a great name!) and we invite you and all your friends to join the rebellion.

Our aim is to make Gloucester City the nation's first 'Rebel City'.

Please let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment

Best regards,

Chris Farmer • Gloucester • Reform UK

Chris Farme

Siesmic Shocks Elevate Reform And Devastate The Tories

Lee Andersons decision to join Reform Uk transforms the political landscape.

With a member of Parliament sitting in the House of Commons, Reform Uk is promoted to a political force to be reckoned with.

First of many? Lee Anderson maybe the first of many MPs, who will cross over …

Seismic shocks This event will send shockwaves through the political establishment and is the beginning of an astonishing year in politics.

I predict that - in the next election- Reform Uk will send many more MPs to the House of Commons

Capitalise We must capitalise on this event and encourage many other MPs to join Reform and build a higher profile in the public mind.

We can - and we will - build upon this event, and we will change politics for good

Onwards and upwards !

Please leave a comment Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Lets Throw Out The Bad And Replace It With The Good ;

Reform UK will change politics for Good in the following 10 ways:

  1. High tax rates are bad; Lower tax rates are good. High tax rates strip people of their money and economic choices. We believe in lower tax rates, allowing people to retain their money and make their own …

  2. More government regulations are bad; fewer government regulations are good. Over-regulation stifles efficiency, as government planners cannot possibly understand the complexities of economic decisions made by millions. State planned economies have been tried in Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, and other socialist communist countries; they always fail. We believe in less government regulation to allow free people and market dynamics to drive economic growth through a free enterprise economy

  3. Crushing small businesses is bad; supporting small businesses is good. The Conservative Party's policies have crushed many small businesses. By lowering taxes and reducing regulations, Reform Uk will create a more business-friendly environment that encourages the growth of small and medium-sized businesses.

  4. Uncontrolled illegal immigration is bad; strictly controlled immigration is good. The out of control flow of illegal immigration damages the economy, public services, and British culture. We introduce policies that ensure immigration is legal, limited, and tightly controlled.

  5. Promoting the sexualisation and gender confusion in schools is bad; protecting children from these trends is good. The trend towards early sexualisation and encouraging gender confusion among children is Sinful and harmful. Schools should safeguard children from these pernicious influences, focusing on education we will eliminate any attempts to sexualise our children or promote gender, dysmorphia

  6. Ignoring excess deaths and sickness post-rollout is bad; investigating these health anomalies is good. The government's failure to examine the rise in deaths and illnesses following the vaccine rollout is a dereliction of duty. A thorough investigation is necessary for public health and safety Wrongdoers must be brought to justice

  7. Attacking internal combustion engines is bad; preserving the internal combustion engines is good. The move to ban diesel and petrol engines by 2030 under net zero plans threatens to obliterate the British economy since all products and services need to be transported. there is no viable alternative to petrol and diesel engines. EV are too expensive too heavy and too dangerous Maintaining energy from hydrocarbons and nuclear is crucial.

  8. Undermining farming and agriculture is bad; supporting agriculture and farmers is good. Government policies that force farmers to reduce productive land jeopardize food production, and farmers livelihoods. The net zero nutters want to eliminate 20% of farmland from production. This would increase the price of all foods and drive us all deeper into poverty, We advocate for the support of farmers and the elimination of net zero madness

  9. Bias in police enforcement is bad; impartial law enforcement is good. The shift towards political correctness in policing detracts from the core mission of the prevention and detection of crime Law enforcement should be not be geared to favouring certain classes of people such as black lives matter, LGBT, or certain religious, factions . the police must police “without fear or favour” and should focus on preventing and detecting crime ! And Nothing else

  10. The government serving their corporate paymasters, is bad; the government serving the people, including the working, middle, and business classes, is good. The government's alignment with corporate and global entities such as WEF. W H,O European Union, UN and other corporate entities. over Denise of UK citizens our nation, and its democracy

 MPs who work for global corporations must be eliminated from the House of Commons, and replaced with Reform Uk MPs who will work for the British people.

Reform UK is committed to changing Bad politics for Good !

If you share my vision, please leave a comment with us in the comments.

Thank you Chris Farmer #ReformUK #gloucester

MRNA Temporal Correlation to More Deaths:

Death, rates have risen a serious issue that is ignored by politicians the medical community and the pharmaceutical industry

I wonder why?

The Data shows a jump in deaths in England and Wales from an average of 542,000 yearly between 2010 and 2019 to 607,000 in 2020, with …

Instead of falling, numbers stayed high at 577,000 in 2022 and 581,000 in 2023, far from normal.

The government pushed for the quick use of new mRNA jabs not fully tested over time.

This move has been followed by many health problems; heart attacks, strokes, and nerve issues, shown by an 11% rise in claims for Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) in the third quarter of 2023.

Investigation there's a loud call for a deep investigation, into how these medications correlate to more deaths and health problems, despite leaders saying they are “ Safe and Effective”

This urgent matter gets little attention in Parliament - showing a complete failure to protect and serve the public.

My question is Are our politicians “safe and effective” I think NOT

Please leave your comments

Thank you Chris Farmer #ReformUK

How Conservatives Crushed the Economy

And How Reform UK will Save It ! The Conservatives crushed the economy with the following terrible policies:

  1. Overspending The Glolden Rule of sound economics is “Spend Less than you earn, and invest the difference.” The Conservatives do the exact opposite: “Spend MORE than you earn and BORROW the difference.”

Whenever government consistently spends more than it earns, it inevitably goes bankrupt.

The government has been consistently spending more than it “earned” and it wastes the money on funding foreign wars and on housing thousands of illegal immigrants in hotels and rented accommodation.

Meanwhile, the economy burns.

  1. Over Borrowing As already noted, the government borrows massively. The government debt is now 98% of GDP, which incurs horrendous interest payments on government debts, which is money that cannot be spent on public services. It is expensive to be in debt! And the British government is in debt up to its eyeballs.

  2. Overtaxing In order to pay for its overspending and overborrowing, the government overtaxes the people.

Politicians like to take your money and spend it for you because they believe that your money is theirs.

We arevtaxed at the highest rates since World War II. When the government takes money out of people's pockets, they have less money to spend, and it robs them of their freedom to choose how to spend their own money. With less in people's pockets, the economy suffers,

And people are impoverished.

  1. Quantitative Easing In order to fund the excessive spending, the government “prints money” in the form of quantitative easing. Quantitative easing is the creation of money “ex nihilo,” which means “out of nothing.” But nothing can come from nothing, and so the value of the extra money being printed is stolen from the value of your savings.

For every additional pound printed, the value of the existing cash in the economy is reduced, so it loses its buying power, which we perceive as inflation.

So, government policy creates inflation, which impoverishes us all.

  1. Net Zero And the biggest blunder that this incompetent government has made is to sign us up for net zero, which increases the cost of energy production.

And since everything in the economy requires energy to produce or move, when energy becomes expensive, everything becomes expensive. Net Zero increases the cost of production, increases the cost of transportation, which destroys the chances of growth in the economy.

So consequently, we see no growth, and we are now in a recession. A recession which has been created wholly by government policy.

How to Save Britain. In order to solve a problem, we must identify its causes and remove them. So, in order to grow the economy, we reverse government policy and put in their opposites.

Reform UK will correct the errors and replace them with good economic habits.

  1. Control government spending The government must live within its economic means.

  2. Stop overborrowing Borrowing increases costs which will be paid for by our children. We must reduce borrowing.

  3. Reduce taxation rates which would incentivise work and rejuvenate the economy, causing it to grow And a growing economy is what will fund our recovery.

We cannot spend our way out of trouble We must GROW our way out of trouble

Way to do that is to incentivise work by reducing taxation rates!

  1. Stop quantitative easing Quantitative easing is a catastrophe because it devalues the buying power of every pound and destroys peoples savings.

5 Stop NetZero Net zero and the Green levy is costing us billions upon billions of pounds for no added benefit. Net zero is the single most catastrophic ideological policy implemented by this insane government.

We must create cheap energy by harnessing the rich resources buried under our feet in the form of coal, oil, gas, and nuclear power.

When we stop net zero and We replace it with abundant, clean, cheap energy, economic problems will evaporate and be replaced by economic power.

The economy is not growing, because it is burdened with terrible government policies When we remove the burdens, then the economy will grow naturally - as it should.

The economy is like nature - it grows naturally, - unless it is poisoned by politicians.

Let’s get rid of the poison and let the economy grow.

Vote Reform Uk

Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Politicians Promote Fear

All modern politicians motivate the public by fear: Fear of Carbon Dioxide Fear of viruses Fear of “the far right” Fear of “extremists” Fear of the Russians Fear of the Labour Party Fear of the Conservative Party Et cetera, ad nauseam

Why do they use fear? Because many people are motivated by fear. So, we see a nation PURPOSEFULLY …

WEF The World Economic Forum is feeding our government the scripts. At Davos, they talk about “the immense global crisis that faces the world”, which requires “a global response” which can only come from “a global government” run by the members of the Davos club.

Only the elites can save us!

I don’t buy it!

Instead of fear; We need…

Visions of a Better Future Politics should be about building visions of a better future.

Better Futures I believe that the future can- and should- be better than the past.

With the right politicians in place, (and the WRONG ones thrown out), we can dispel the fear and the anxiety, and replace it with it with; Optimism Confidence Creativity Productivity Energy Contuous improvement

These emotions are Based upon the following political- economic principles:

Freedom First: Freedom to live your life, free from excessive interference from grasping governments.

Enterprise Economy An economy which is driven by the creative genius of the British people by means of …

Wealth creating enterprise economy We need a low tax, low regulation, high productivity economy

Rather than funding from taxpayers given to certain industries at the expense of others (EV cars from petrol cars) our economy creates wealth by means of harnessing the productive -creative -inventive abilities of the British people

Governments don’t make people rich Governments can make people poor by overtaxing them and screwing-up the economy

The people can make governments rich a productive low tax enterprise economy We grow our way out of economic trouble

Strong Borders The country is delineated by its borders, which must be kept secure.

Strong Military The country is defended by its military and police, which must be kept strong.

Strong British Culture The country is defined by its population, who share a set of values, language, history, traditions, and customs.

Reform UK reflects Britain At Its Best and has an optimistic view of a better future.

Voting Beyond Fear Don’t let fear decide your vote. Don’t vote Conservative because you fear Labour. Don’t vote Labour because you fear Conservatives.

Vote for what you desire ! I’m standing for Reform UK because I want and believe in a better future.

One based upon Britain at its best. Strong, confident, and free.

Only Reform UK policies can Save Britain.

Let’s go forward together!

Please leave a comment Thank you

Chris Farmer #ReformUK #gloucester 

The Government Is Against Us

The current House of Commons does not represent the British people, nor do they work to improve our lives.

On the contrary, the current House of Commons is working diligently against the best interest of the British people, and in favour of their paymasters, who are the global corporations and …

Kamikaze policies. The Tory government was handed an 80-seat majority by the British people in order to Get Brexit Done

They didn’t get Brexit done; They castrated Brexit

And then they moved onto the main agenda, which is destruction of the nation-state.

The British government has been dismantling Britain for decades but over the last few years, it has gone into overdrive.

Destruction of Britain is their aim. They do this by multiple means:

  1. Collapse of national borders, which leads to massive immigration and watering down of British culture by means of multiculturalism.

  2. Multiculturalism is the annihilation of a culture by introducing many others so that the original culture loses its identity. British culture is losing its identity, and it’s done on purpose.

  3. Destruction of the economy  The economy is flatlining because of purposeful government policy. Over taxation, the government overtaxes and takes money out of people's pockets, which takes away their ability to choose how to spend their money. The government prefers to take your money and spend it for you rather than give you the freedom to choose. The government takes your money and spends it on Net Zero

Net zero is the single most destructive, unscientific, and suicidal policy in existence.

It justifies an attack on agriculture, where they intend to take 20% of all agricultural land out of production, leading to higher food prices and poverty.

Net zero is a justification for the removal of diesel and motorcars, upon which our lives depend. It is impossible to run a 21st-century economy on electricity alone. We need petrol and diesel-driven vehicles to transport goods, services, and people and to maintain our freedom and lifestyles. The attack on petrol and diesel engines is an attack on us all

Net zero is an attack on energy, driving up the cost of energy and placing an enormous burden on the economy and our lifestyles.

Net Zero is a suicidal kamikaze policy, and the House of Commons is committed to it.

Destruction of British culture and history The woke ideology denigrates the concept of Britishness as being "built on slavery," ignoring the fact that it was Britain where slavery was first outlawed in 1807.

Slavery was a global phenomenon that existed throughout all of human history in every part of the world, including Africa, and is not restricted to black slaves and white owners.

The UK government is acting against us, not for us, and they need to be replaced.

We need a new grassroots political party called Reform UK, that is of the people, by the people, and for the people.

That’s why I’m standing for Reform UK. To get this country back on track.

Please leave a comment

Thank you Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Farmers Fight Against Net Zero

Net zero zealots want to reduce farmland by 20% in order to "save the planet" from CO2, which is Earths single most important life-giving gas!

Absurdity of Net Zero Net zero legislation requires farmers to now turn over 10% of their farming land to growing trees and another 10% of …

Meanwhile, under the same legislation, the net zealots are chopping down trees in Canada and the United States and transporting them thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean, where the trees are chipped and fed into the Drax power station, which burns them to produce electricity and CO2!

An Attack on Agriculture Is an Attack on Food Supply Net Zero is a direct attack on living standards for humans. Net zero makes everything more expensive, including food. When farmers cannot grow food, then food prices inevitably rise, and poverty increases.

Anti-Human League Net zero is an attack on human well-being. It makes energy more expensive, which makes food expensive, travelling expensive, and it makes cooking and heating expensive.

Net Zero increases poverty, reduces health, and is a direct attack on the wealth of nations.

Elitist Nonsense Net zero is elitist nonsense coming from the same minds that do not know the difference between a man and a woman.

Support the Farmers Politicians don’t feed us. Farmers do.

So, in a battle between the politicians who would like to destroy our way of life and those who are trying feed us, my support goes to the farmers

i oppose the net zero zealots who are currently occupying the House of Commons.

What do you think? Please leave a comment

Chris Farmer #ReformUK #stopnet0

Puppet Politicians

In the UK -and across the whole world, - we are being governed by Puppet Politicians

Rishi Sunak, Keir Starmer; Sadiq Khan

And further abroad; Joe, Biden, Justin, Trudeau, and French, president Macron are all puppets!

In democracies, the politicians are supposed to represent the will of the people …

Sovereignty is with the people and politicians are supposed to be “public servants“ whose task is it implement the manifesto which has been approved as the will of the people.

This is true democracy.

True Democracy is Dead We no longer live in a true democracy. The politicians fail on every level. They are not working to the manifesto They are not acting as public servants, They are not acting for the good of the public but rather as agents of multinational, corporations and external agencies

Corporate Marxism. We have entered a new stage in the evolution of politics and government

Now; politicians work for corporations.

Unholy Alliance There is now an unholy alliance which spreads its net across the whole planet where politicians are bought and paid for

Rich corporations and corrupt politicians make their plans together to concentrate all wealth, power, and decision-making into the hands of a small elite of approximately 2000 delegates who attend the annual meetings at Davos.

WEF Menace This crooked, cabal, of corrupted, politicians and over grasping Corporate Power come together to decide the fate of billions across the planet.

WHO menace In May of this year, Britain will be subsumed under the auspices of the world health organisations pandemic treaty, which subjugates everyone to the WHO. If (when) they announce a “climate emergency” or “Health emergency”

Imposition of New World Order The WEF :WHO have bought crony politicians have no conception of true democracy.

Instead they intend to IMPOSE their ideology on the rest of us by subverting national institutions and imposing new laws upon us, whether we like it or not.

Without debate. Without consent. Without mandate

Corruption Is Their Method In the past , when Marxist socialist ideologies have attempted to take control of nations, they have resorted to violence ;they killed millions of their own people.

National Socialist Germany killed millions of its own people. Russia killed many millions of its own people. China killed millions of its own people They had to- in order to get Marxist-socialist doctrine, up and running.

The Corporate Marxist are smarter than the previous generations.

They use international treaties and corruption to get their way. They have corrupted science. They have corrupted politicians. They have corrupted institutions. They have corrupted banks They have corrupted democracy. They’ have corrupted the media.

We Must Fight Back In order to fight back against the corrupted, politicians, media, corporations and the WEF - WHO we need to say NO!

We must learn to see through the lies and return our country back to what it should always have been.

Freedom First The British people must be Free from corrupted politicians Free from the European Union. Free from the World health organisation Free from the WEF

We must reclaim our birthright as a free independent sovereign nation.

The only way to do that is to… Vote Reform Uk.

Reform Uk is the ONLY Party to explicitly Oppose the insidious WEF Corporate Marxist ideology

If you value your family, finances and future then vote for Reform Uk

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Chris Farmer #ReformUK

Mass Immigration, Net Zero, and Woke Ideology

At the last election, in 2019, Labour and Conservative parties had in their manifesto NO mention of net zero, mass immigration, or Woke ideology because we were all focused on “Get Brexit Done”

Since 2019 we have had imposed upon us, -with no public consent, - net zero, mass …

Woke Ideology Woke ideology has been imposed upon us by the "intellectuals" who do not know the difference between a man and a woman and yet profess to be the vanguard of the “educated classes”.

Woke ideology attacks the concepts of masculinity and femininity; it attacks the concepts of the nuclear family (mother, father, and child), rejects the idea of nationhood, and replaces it with "multiculturalism", which is a rejection of any particular culture and replaces it with a culture that fragments itself into multiple subsets.

Woke Ideology was never on any party manifesto, and yet it has infiltrated all party policies and it is imposed upon us through schools, colleges, universities, political agencies, councils, advertisers, and corporations.

Nobody asked for it, hardly anybody wants it . It is imposed upon us - against our will

So, too is….

Net Zero Net zero was on no party's manifesto at the last election, and now it is front and centre of all Conservative, Labour, LibDem, and of course The Greens.

Net zero is the justification for a catastrophic attack on our living standards.

Net zero justifies an attack on the motorcar. They are planning to take diesel and petrol cars out of production in 2030, which will have a catastrophic effect on our lifestyles and economy. They want to force EV on us which are twice as heavy twice as expensive They travel half as far and have a tendency to catch fire!🔥

Net zero is a justification for "green energies", which are inefficient, expensive, and unreliable, and responsible for our high cost of energy, gas, electricity, which is needed to heat our homes and cook our food.

Net Zero It is a justification for taking 20% of our land out of food production, which will cause food shortages, higher prices, and poverty.

They want to replace food production with the production of trees! Meanwhile, the same people are cutting down trees in order to chip them and send them to the Drax power station for burning, which releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The one thing they say they hate.

Net Zero is an intellectual and economic disaster. It is unnecessary, and dangerous.

Nobody asked for it, and it’s being forced upon us by educated idiots who currently occupy the House of Commons.

Mass Immigration Mass immigration was never on any political manifesto, and yet it is being imposed upon us by the Conservatives and supported by the Labour party.

Huge numbers of people are entering the country every year, which puts a strain upon our public services, housing, education, and transport networks.

Nobody asked for mass immigration; practically everybody opposes it.

Immigration will cause the collapse of the social structure of this country.

Net zero will cause the collapse of the economic structure of this country.

And woke ideology will cause the collapse of the cultural structure of this country.

None of them were chosen by us. All of them are being imposed by the educated idiots who currently occupy the House of Commons, the Conservative, and the Labour party.

Global phenomenon these three policies Implemented across the globe - simultaneously by governments acting in concert with each other, They are being organised byWEF World, economic forum who in the process of building a global government, whose purpose is to strip populations of their assets, and to concentrate all money, power and control into the hands of “the elites“; politicians, civil servants, corporations, They intend to defraud you and your family

Keir Starmer, Rishi Sunak, and Sadiq Khan are all members of WEF They do not have your best interest at heart

Call for Reform We need reform in order to eliminate: Net zero Mass immigration Woke ideology

If you agree with this, please let me know.

Thank you Chris Farmer ReformUK

From Tony Blair to Rishi Sunak,

From Tony Blair to Rishi Sunak, our governments have been terrible.

Our country stands at the brink of oblivion—economically, socially, politically, and culturally. The collapse of Britain has been caused by successive terrible governments, starting with Tony Blair, leading to our current incompetent incumbent, Rishi Sunak.

Tony Blair started the …

Gordon Brown continued the downward trend started by Tony Blair. However, Gordon Brown lacked the sophistication and magnetic charm that Tony Blair possessed, doing less damage than Blair, but he managed to sell off all our gold at knockdown prices.

David Cameron continued the process of degrading Britain by subjugating ourselves to the European Union and other globalist organisations. A keen member of the WEF, David Cameron presented well- but he did Britain no favours.

We should also make an honorary mention of the boy wonder, Nick Clegg, David Cameron's mini-me. You may remember those debates between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage when Nigel Farage was warning us about the European Union's plans for a European army, which Nick Clegg said was a “dangerous lie“. Farage was right; Clegg was wrong.

Theresa May was given the job of delivering Brexit. She affirmed “Brexit means Brexit,” but she didn’t mean a single word. She spent her tenure trying to figure out how to scupper Brexit and make it meaningless. "Treason May" was her nickname, and it was well earned.

Boris Johnson, who was seen by many as the great hope for the Conservative Party and for Brexit, failed to deliver on his potential because of his innate character flaws; he often appeared as a bumbling fool and has a strong tendency to lie. Boris Johnson, although charismatic, lacks a moral compass and therefore failed to deliver on the promise he showed.

Liz Truss was given a rough ride and was deselected not by the party but by the financial markets. They did not like her traditional Tory policies of cutting taxes and shrinking the size of government. So, they got rid of her and replaced her with …

Rishi Sunak, a former Goldman Sachs banker and puppet of the WEF and global markets. Rishi Sunak has absolutely no interest in helping to improve the lives of the working and middle classes of the UK and is instead intent on delivering a constrained Britain, from which the assets can be stripped and the WEF can "build back better."

This sorry state. The United Kingdom has become what it is because its politicians have betrayed the British people.

But in a deeper sense, it is the British people themselves who must take some responsibility, for they have continued to vote for the same poisonous parties: Conservative and Labour.

It’s time for a change. If we want to reverse the decline and replace it with a progressive, wealth-creating, free economy and society based upon traditional British values, then we must stop voting Labour and Conservative and start voting for Reform UK.

Reform UK stands for the protection of individual rights, a high-growth economy, efficient public services, secure national borders, a strong military, and an independent sovereign state.

Reform UK stands for Britain at its best.

If you stand for Britain at its best, then stand with Reform UK.

Please leave a comment below. Thank you.

Chris, Farmer. #ReformUK #gloucester

Reform UK Has The Answers

The problems facing Britain are generated by terrible politicians who have embraced a globalist agenda, which necessitates the destruction of nation-states, including Britain.

Conservative and Labour Both Conservative and labour parties have aligned themselves with this globalist agenda. They operate as a tag team with a unified agenda based on open …

Unintended consequences Conservative party immigration policies have produced unintended consequences MPs from both the Labour and Conservative parties have been shocked to receive death threats from sections of the immigrant community. Rishi Sunak stated that democracy is being lost to MOB rule; he is correct, and he is responsible. His implementation of open borders has led to the importation of violence onto the streets of Britain.

Only Reform UK has the solutions to the growing and multiplying problems created by the government.

To cut immigration, it is imperative to stop the continuous influx of people. Last year, 745,000 people entered the country, equivalent to the population of two cities the size of Bristol. This influx puts excessive strain on public services, roads, schools, and housing. It is crucial to reduce this burden and stabilise our public services. Stopping mass immigration is a priority.

Stop Net Zero Net zero serves as a justification for the destruction of British industry, economics, and farming. The steel industry has been sacrificed to net zero, resulting in the loss of 3,000 jobs in Wales. Welsh farmers are protesting the demand to take arable of land out of production for "greening". Net zero also justifies high energy costs, which, when energy is expensive, makes everything expensive. Net Zero is an attack on the motorcar, leading to higher tax rates, smaller, narrower roads, and a general decline in living standards. Net zero is a catastrophe for the British economy and people and must be abolished immediately.

Economic reform is necessary to transition from a high-tax, high-regulation, low-productivity economy to one characterised by low taxes, low regulation, and high productivity.

This can be achieved by stimulating the creation of many small and medium-sized businesses, which have been crushed by the Conservatives in favour of multinational corporations.

Supporting community businesses, with lower taxes, will incentivise work, and create more employment, and will offer products and services desired by the local community.

Reform of public services The current services are often inefficient, bloated, and focused on woke ideologies.

This trend must be reversed to create streamlined, efficient services that concentrate only on their core missions.

For example, the police should prioritise preventing and detecting crime over being woke, and the education service should focus on providing solid education in basic disciplines such as mathematics, English, science, history, and critical reasoning.

This country can be saved, and only Reform UK can save it.

The message must be shared with everyone, with eight months left before the next election.

It's time to change politics for good Please leave a comment….

Thank you Chris Farmer #ReformUK

“Woke" is Irrational And Dangerous

“Woke" is Irrational And Dangerous Human reason is our greatest attribute. It's our ability to Reason that has elevated us to be the dominant species on the planet; Its human reason that distinguishes us from chimpanzees. Whenever people Abandon Reason, they are cognitively no better off than chimpanzees.

Non-reasoning people rely on their …

When we abandon reason, we abandon our highest and most noble attribute, returning us to chaos; and the “law of the jungle” : where society is ruled by force.

"Woke" is systematically irrational; It wilfully and purposefully abandons reason and replaces it with subjective feelings.

"Woke" denies BIOLOGICAL facts and substitutes it with individual feelings.

If a particular man looks at his body and FEELS that he'd prefer to be a woman, then "woke" ideology claims that the facts of genetic inheritance and 3.5 billion years of Natural evolution can simply be dismissed on momentary personal whim and replaced by whichever gender the person "feels" is right.

This idea is blatant irrationalism. It’s insane.

"Woke" is institutionalised irrationalism, publicly endorsed and promoted by the state.

"Woke" is Dangerous When people abandon reason and embrace irrationalism, treating whims as their gold standard, they invent non-existent concepts like: "A person can be born into the wrong body" This idea is insane: It denotes nothing in reality! There is no such thing as “being born into the wrong body” !!!

When politicians say such things then society is at risk of collapsing into chaos.

Legally enforced irrationalism: When the Labour Party threatens the public with jail for violating the "woke" agenda, you can kiss goodbye to a civilized society.

Stable Civilisation depends on Reason Civilized societies are those where we treat people reasonably! We assume the people we live with are Rational. We assume that others are approaching life and problems in logical ways.

When society and government officials overtly abandon reason, imposing irrational, illogical, nonsensical ideologies such as the idea that people can choose their gender from 92 different varieties, then civilisation teeters on the edge of collapse.

“Who the Gods would destroy, they first make mad“

Reform is Reason The vast majority of British people are rational and believe in common-sense politics. We're astonished and worried to see the descent of international politics into the chaos of insane “woke" ideology.

Reform UK reaffirms common sense politics ! Because to live long and prosper, we Need a sensible, Rational society where facts are facts: Where: men are men, women are women, And especially….. children are children !

Children are NOT the playthings of those dangerous woke people who’d love to groom our kids to satisfy their sexual predilections.

Woke is dangerous to kids!! Get Woke ideology out of schools ! It Amounts to sexual grooming.

It is interesting to note that Woke is BIG in The Disney Corporation - Because they’re coming for the kids!

"Woke" is a threat to our children, our society and our country.

Reform UK rejects Woke Reform Reaffirms Reason

We wage war on "woke".

If you agree with me, please leave a comment. Follow me on Facebook 👍

And vote for Reform UK.

Chris Farmer, Reform UK, Chris Farmer • Gloucester • Reform UK

#gloucester #ReformUK

Electric Vehicles on Ferries Are A Terrible Fire Hazard🔥

Electric Vehicles on Ferries Are A Terrible Fire Hazard🔥

Recent tests by the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology reveal a clear and present danger posed by electric vehicles (EVs) on ferries.

With the surge of EVs in Europe, the looming threat of battery fires aboard ferries …

A lithium battery fire on a ferry is a catastrophe waiting to happen. The dire implications become undeniable when visualising a ferry mid-crossing, densely packed with vehicles and passengers.

A single battery fire on the vehicle deck will destroy the vessel.

During DBI's study, fire alarmingly spread to adjacent cars in just two minutes.

Alexander Kleiman, Maritime R&D Project Manager at DBI, has pointed out that the unpredictability of such fires is vast.

Traditional methods are not sufficient to control these volatile EV fires.

The potential solution of using a fire tarpaulin to encase a burning vehicle is not feasible due to the tight parking of cars on ferries.

Such half-baked measures are inadequate in the face of a real threat.

EV electric vehicles on ferries ar unacceptable fire hazard.

We need Immediate action to ensure the safety of all ferry passengers. 🚗🔥🛳️

If you agree, please let me know Please follow my Facebook

Chris Farmer Reform Uk Gloucester


Global Warming Becomes Global Dictatorship

Global Warming Becomes Global Dictatorship Please read carefully, the following quote from Mark Watts, Executive Director, C40 Cities:

“We are facing a climate crisis on a planetary level. Keeping global temperature rise to below 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, will require action on a scale never seen before in peacetime.

Whilst …

The findings presented by C40 today reveal that by working together, across cities, national governments, supermarkets, restaurants, farmers and individual citizens, we can rapidly reduce the emissions created by the food we eat.

To create the future we want, we must take urgent action to cut food waste, reduce meat and dairy consumption, source food locally and reduce the impact of food production, transport and storage.

If we succeed, we will live longer, healthier lives, improve food security and deliver a sustainable future for generations to come.” (End Quote)

The above statement is implementation of the “Planetary Health Diet” which itself is part of the C40 city program, which is itself part of the WEF global government world dictatorship strategy.

London has fallen Sadik Khan is in the process of imposing the planetary health diet on the people of London. It will soon be taken to other cities in the UK and imposed upon the population, whether they like it or not.

Going Global Other cities around the world are rolling out the same program, at the same time, because it is part of a WEF global Tyranny initiative.

Global government tyranny is now in the process of being implemented.

The WEF and their agents (Sadik Khan, Kier Starmer, Rishi Sunak, King Charles and many others) intend to decide FOR you:

What food you eat What medication do you take What information you have What words you say What you read What you drive Where are can go What behaviours you perform How many calories you eat How much meat you eat


Under the guise of “saving the planet from global warming” they intend to control; Every step. Every move you make. They’ll be watching you ! The Police

The planetary health diet, C40 cities, and 15 minute city program, will be added to the international health regulations And the new pandemic treaty which will combine to give Draconian WEF and its subsidiary agencies, WHO UN World Bank, and puppet politicians across the world

Global warming is global tyranny! Global health policy is global tyranny Planetary health diet is planetary government!

Dictatorship is taking shape in London in front of our eyes!

The WEF and their puppets in Westminster are in the process of taking your liberty, freedom, food, finances, and future from you.

It is now in plain sight!

It’s Showtime! I think that now the public will see what is happening to them. When they find they cannot feed their family because the price of food has been artificially raised and they are forced to live on a non-meat, calorie controlled low grade diet supplemented with Bill Gates’ artificial, chemical meat substitutes - then finally The Penny will drop!

With this policy, global dictatorship is obvious and manifest

So buckle up!

I think 2024 will be Showtime

Get ready !

Please share this post, it’s important Chris Farmer Reform Uk #ReformUK

Ultimately, We Will Win

Ultimately, We Will Win Sometimes, when I read comments on Facebook or listen to my friends I hear a faint sense of futility in their words, Many Reformers believe the enemy is too strong and that we are destined to fail.

That’s Not True!

The opposite is true. It is the …

The only reason the Enemy seems to be strong is because the vast majority of right-thinking people are doing nothing.

They've given up; due to a misguided belief that there's nothing they can do.

The Enemy is strong only in the presence of an inactive, disheartened, and fearful population.

Which is why our enemy spends so much time, money and effort scaring people. They believe in state-sponsored terror because a terrified population is easy to control.

The true power of people The moment that the public understands that it holds all the cards and is powerful beyond measure, then the small number of crazies who are running the show and who are driving this country into the ground, will be swept away like a Sandcastle on the beach.

Wrong is weak Whatever is wtong is weak. It is important to remember that anything which is wrong is inherently unstable and falls to pieces when you apply a pressure or residence. Which is why, ultimately, our enemies will fail.

The wrong always fails. Anything which is wrong won't work. To test that theory, try wiring up a plug wrong. Plug it in and you'll find that it won't work. Only if you wire up the plug right, will it work properly.

Likewise, Only if you wire up a brain right, will it work properly.

Only if you govern a country right, will it work properly.

Insanity fails. So all these insane, crazy ideas will, and must, ultimately fail. Their inherent contradictions and idiot practitioners will ensure their ultimate demise.

But on the way, much damage is done. In the act of failing, Crazies cause much damage. So its up to us to quickly and expertly expose and dismantle their arguments.

We must expose the wrong, the insane, crazy and even Evil elements in our society and we must replace them with the good, the rational, the logical, and the MORAL ideas that underpin all successful societies.

Those ideas are:

Freedom Enterprise Public service Creativity Productivity National Sovereignty Honesty. Rational optimism

These are the principles upon which this great nation was built.

Let’s use the same principles again to make Britain Great.

So, take heart, my friend, and feel Strong!

It’s time to throw out the trash!

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Reform To The Rescue!

Reform To The Rescue! In the next election, Reform UK offers voters a genuine and practical alternative to the mainstream parties. Voters now have a real choice: They can vote to continue with the economic and social destruction we've been witnessing for the past five years or We could vote Reform UK and turn …

The Hypocrisy of the Greens

The Hypocrisy of the Greens People who don't practice what they preach are hypocrites. The Greens do not practice what they preach.

What the Greens Preach The Greens say human use of hydrocarbon fuels is destroying the planet through climate change. They claim the only way to save the planet is to …

But Not for Them The Greens and their spokespeople don't live by the same standards they impose upon us. Those Greens, spokespersons, politicians, and businesspeople who work so hard to make you believe that the CO2 from your lifestyle is causing planetary destruction have no intention of reducing their own CO2.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Green lobbyists, people like Barack Obama and David Attenborough love to fly thousands of miles in private jets. They live in luxury homes, have heated swimming pools, drive fast cars, and indulge in the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Their profit from spreading the climate catastrophe narrative makes them even richer, perhaps affording them a larger yacht or a faster plane. Meanwhile, they force you to pay an extra £12.50 to drive your old van into London. The hypocrisy is astounding.

Lies All the Way Down The climate catastrophe narrative is built on lie after lie.

Catastrophic climate change is a lie. Climate change is natural. It's not catastrophic. Living on Earth means experiencing climate change. The idea that CO2 drives climate change is a lie. CO2 isn't dangerous to the planet; it's the most important gas for plant life. All life depends on plants which require CO2.

Calling CO2 a pollutant is absurd. It's so ridiculous I can't believe I'm discussing it. A pollutant is a toxic substance harmful to life. CO2 is essential for life so it can't be called a toxin or pollutant.

Human CO2 is Responsible for Climate is a Lie. Most of the CO2 in the atmosphere is from natural sources. For every 34 CO2 molecules, only one is from human sources. The other 33 are natural.

Profiting from Lies The Greens and catastrophe advocates are making money from their lies. The climate change and carbon credit industry, along with decarbonisation, is now a trillion dollar operation built on lies meant to amass wealth.

They Don't Practice What They Preach! People act according to their beliefs. It's clear that the Green lobby, flying in jets and living like the rich and famous, don't believe their own rhetoric. If they truly believed CO2 was the problem, they'd cut back on their own CO2-heavy lifestyles. But they dont - and never will - because they don’t believe their own words.

If they don't believe, not act on their own words, then neither should we!

It’s Time to Call Time We need to challenge the net zero narrative. CO2 is a life-giving gas. Climate change is natural. Humans aren't to blame and shouldn't have to pay millionaire Green lobbyists for the privilege of living.

If you agree, please let me know.

Chris, Farmer. Reform Uk. Gloucester. #ReformUK

Pincer Attack on Our Freedom

Pincer Attack on Our Freedom In warfare, there's a strategy known as the pincer movement. A pincer movement is a two-pronged circling attack on an enemy leading to its capture or destruction.

We are Suffering a Pincer Movement Attack This tactic is currently being employed against the world's population, including citizens of …

The two heads of the Pincer Attack are

  1. Pandemic Treaty

  2. Net Zero Carbon

  3. The Pandemic Treaty, coupled with international health regulations, is set to become law next May.

Unless the British public intervenes, our politicians will approve this legislation, granting the WHO immense and unprecedented power over  UK citizens during a “crisis”, as defined BY ThEM !

Whether they label it a “climate crisis” a carbon crisis, or pandemic crisis, a CVD crisis an Environmental crisis, or any other type ; the WHO will have the authority to completely control our lives— locking people in their homes, shutting businesses, and mandating vaccines, all without considering individual rights (individual, rights and freedoms have been intentionally and expressly omitted in the legal revisions).

  1. Net zero carbon Simultaneously, the Net Zero legislation poses another threat. It restricts the energy sources we use. As energy is essential for daily activities, travel, production, and housing, this legislation directly impacts our standard of living and overall quality of life. They are even planning to limit the amount of meat you can consume in order to reduce “greenhouse gases” (methane from cow farts!!!) (You couldn’t make this up!!!)

Net zero and pandemic Treaty have absolutely No democratic mandate.

These directives weren't our choice. They weren't promised in political manifestos.

They have been imposed upon us by governments under the influence of global entities: World Economic Forum, WHO, and the UN.

The Rise of Corporate Marxism 'Corporate Marxism', is WEF. It is the diabolical merger of governments and multinational corporations, leading to total control over our daily choices and decisions.

A Call to Action The combined force of the Pandemic Treaty and Net Zero represents the most significant threat to our freedoms since WWII.

Organizations like the WEF, WHO, UN, and IPCC are poised to dictate every aspect of our lives.

To protect our future and the futures of our families, it's crucial to resist and take back our freedoms!

WEF or Reform UK? Should you live your life in accordance with a WEF or with Reform Uk?

Personally, ….I’m throwing my hat in with Reform UK I will fight the WEF, The WHO the IPCC, the United Nations, the big banks, the big tech, and corrupt forms of Uk government. Will you join me?

Time is short. The next few years are crucial, We must stop net zero, stop the pandemic treaty and the way to do that is through Reform Uk

The word is getting out. Even my mother-in-law has now heard about the WEF and the pandemic treaty and she’s getting very worried.

(If you’re reading this - Hi Joyce)

Let’s keep up the fight and work to Reform Uk

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Chris, Farmer. Reform Uk. #ReformUk #Gloucester #StopWTF #Stop0

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Reform Grows The UK Economy

Reform Grows The UK Economy. The conservative government is trashing the UK economy by spending more than it is earning.

Many People Will Vote For High Spending Governments The public likes high public spending because they love good public services and and politicians are all too ready to make big expensive …

But Nothing in Life is Free. Everything has to be paid for. And so The UK government has been paying for its excessive spending by a terrible combination of

  1. printing fake money,
  2. borrowing more and
  3. raising taxes ever higher

Bad Governments Print Fake Money (“quantitative easing") quantitative easing is when the government prints money that it would like to have, but doesn’t. When the government is strapped for cash it tells the Bank of England to print more ( fake digital) money. But this money does not represent any additional production in the form of tangible, goods or services; Instead, it's simply empty money. In fact, they call it "ex nihilo", which means literally “out of nothing”

Nothing Comes From Nothing So the actual value of fake money is taken from the value of your savings.

When the new fake money is mixed with the old money, the total money in circulation increases, and the value of each individual pound drops. We experience this as high inflation, which has a devastating effect on the economy and on the buying power of every individual citizen. Government induced Inflation makes us all poorer.

Bad governments Borrow More. Governments like to borrow to fund their spending promises and pet projects.

But borrowing has to be repaid with interest ! And the more the government borrows, the more interest it must pay; and that money comes out of your services Excessive borrowing is a great way for governments to go bust.

Bad Government s Like Higher Taxes. Governments raise taxes higher to generate income to pay for their pet projects and promises. But when taxes are too high, ( as they are now), the people become dispirited and lose their motivation to work since extra effort does not result in extra income, because any extra income is immediately taken by the government in extra taxes.

So raising taxes never brings in the revenue expected and has a depressing effect on the economy.

That’s just a few of the ways the government has messed up the economy and that’s why they cannot afford to spend the money on public services we would like.

What’s the solution? The best way to fund public services and to increase the revenue of the government is to grow the economy!

Good governments create SMEs The economy is mostly made up of small to medium-sized businesses. In the UK, there about 6 million SMEs They employ 61% of the workforce and are responsible for about 52% of the business turnover.

Community businesses These community businesses are dotted throughout the land and represent the greatest economic potential that we have.

Uk Governments policies have Killed SMEs The government's policies of printing money, high taxes, and regulation have stifled and even killed off many small businesses. The government seems to be intent on destroying small to medium-sized businesses because they have fallen in love with the multinationals big pharma, big banks, big tech, et cetera. Politicians don’t care for the little guy in the High Street. Are politicians like to rub shoulders with the big boys. They neglect small businesses which represent our greatest economic asset

Let’s Grow More Small Businesses. To improve the economy, and fund public services, a Reformed UK government would support, nurture, and grow millions of small businesses.

Massive Potential If we increase the number of small to medium-sized businesses in the next 10 years, then we would lift ourselves out of rags and into riches.

Wealth creation, It would be easy to do; by encouraging many of our youth NOT to go to university but rather, to open small businesses in the local community.

Britain’s Got Talent Our young people would take whatever skill, idea, natural talent, product, or service they have and turn it into a profitable wealth, creating business.

Reformed UK Government Would Help We would give preferential loans, training, and support to all people who want to start their own business. By doing that, a proportion of them will grow rapidly to become medium and then even large businesses.

The Economy is Organic. We should treat the economy like a garden where new plants are continually growing. Some plants don’t succeed, but most do, and some grow to be giant oak trees.

Grow the Economy And Save the Economy. We must reform our economic ideas.

Quit thinking about printing money. Quit thinking about raising taxes. Quit thinking about borrowing more.

Start thinking about harnessing the creative genius of the British people.

Great Britain became great by production and trade. Great Britain became great not because of politicians but because of creative business production and trade

It was in Great Britain that the industrial revolution started, which transformed the lives of everybody on the planet. All the greatest engineering, technological, medical, and artistic breakthroughs originated in the UK.

A Bright British Future This is where British business can make its mark again. Let’s grow our home-made businesses and teach our children and young people how to Make Their Own Money!!

If you agree with this, please let me know

Chris Farmer Reform UK Chris Farmer • Gloucester • Reform UK

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The Law is Being Weaponised

The Law is Being Weaponised The purpose of the law is to protect individual rights and freedoms and deliver justice. The UK government, is now using the law as a weapon to attack and undermine the individual rights and freedoms of citizens, and to impose a command-and-control society.

Weaponised Law The law …

Legal war being waged on citizens The British government is acting in accordance with international agencies such as the WEF, United Nations, and World Health Organisation, who are busy constructing a legal framework designed to concentrate all wealth and power into the hands of a small minority at the expense of the vast majority of people.

Free Society (?) The law is designed to protect freedoms, and the basic principle is we are free to do anything we please and live according to our own values and choices, provided that our actions do not violate the rights of other people.

But now, normal, everyday things are being criminalised. Governments are using the law - not to protect individual rights and freedoms - but rather to limit rights, freedoms, and create injustice.

It's an injustice that the law permits and encourages a mass invasion of illegal immigrants into the country from France.

It’s an injustice that a woman praying quietly outside an abortion clinic is arrested.

It’s an injustice that the police are being used to intimidate speakers like Laurence Fox into silence.

It’s an injustice that the government is going to criminalise failure to submit to NET ZERO legislation.

It’s an injustice that the government is in the process of surrendering law-making in the UK to the WHO under the amendments of the new pandemic treaty and international health regulations.

It’s an injustice that Northern Ireland has been ceded to the EU.

It’s an injustice that many of the European Union laws governing Britain are still in place, even though we have “left the EU”

Lawfare is Warfare The only power a government has is to crack down on lawbreakers. The government is in the process of making normal free living, a criminal offence.

It will soon be against the law to build a motor car driven by diesel or petrol.

It will soon be against the law to violate the conditions of the "15-minute city".

It will soon be against the law to eat more meat than your allocated quota.

It will soon be a criminal offence to write “misinformation“ which will be defined as “anything which contradicts the government narrative”.

Step by step, law by law, they are boxing us into a draconian, statist, authoritarian dictatorship run from the top down.

Wake Up People! Slowly, systematically, steadily, step-by-step, a legislative framework has been constructed which is designed to limit our choices, take our money, freedoms, and future.

This is the Great Reset. It is being implemented by the UK government using the law as a weapon against its own people.

Westminster MPs are Complicit The MP in Westminster Parliament are busy passing laws that are designed to destroy freedom in Britain. It is part of a larger legislative net which has been cast over the world and includes every country from Australia to Canada, the United States, France, Germany, Italy, and beyond.

Reform vs. Reset We are at a crossroads. We need to make a choice We choose either to continue building a dystopian society based on the Great Reset or we reject the Great Reset, reestablish our common law rights as British citizens, and the means by which we do that is through Reform UK.

As British citizens, we are born free. We remain free. We resist the Reset with Reform UK.

If you agree, let me know. Please share this post to everyone you know. Time is short.

Chris Farmer. Reform Uk. Gloucester.

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Religious Wars

Religious Wars Religious wars cannot be resolved by reason because they are driven by faith. And Faith and Reason are opposite modes of thought.

FAITH is belief even in the absence of logical proof. REASON is belief Only in the presence of logical proof.

All religions rely on faith. Every religion in …

When two groups of people have opposing religious beliefs, there is no way of rationally resolving the problem. And no real negotiation is possible.

There are really only two ways to resolve conflicts between religious groups: segregation and violent conflict.

Segregation Segregation means that the two religious groups live in separate areas which are separated by either a physical barrier or a non-physical boundary. We see these segregated populations all over the world, including within the UK. The Protestants and Catholics have been at war with each other for centuries, and they live in an unstable state with tensions always just under the surface. Because these differences are religious and based upon faith, there is no objective, rational, logical solution to the dispute.

Violent conflict. Because there is no objective way of resolving a religious dispute, violent conflict is the means of last resort. Violence is the most primitive and fundamental form of resolving disputes. Kill Your Enemy is one way to solve your problems.

So religious wars are -by the very nature - intractable and not amenable to reason. There are many instances throughout history.

Christians versus Muslims. There are centuries of hostilities between Christians and Muslims going all the way back to the crusades of 1053. The tensions are still there under the surface for many Christians and Muslims.

Shia Muslims versus Sunni. Within religions, different factions have fought each other for centuries.

Jews versus Muslims. The Palestinian-Israeli crisis has its roots in religion. Both claim that God is on their side and that the land they are fighting over has been promised to them by their respective gods. They believe they have a divine right to the land they are fighting over, and since neither can prove their case logically or rationally, then the dispute is intractable.

Deep trouble, We have fallen into the horror of violent religious conflict. And religious wars are always the most barbaric because they they are fuelled by irrational fervour and a sense of religious righteousness.

What is the solution? Although many people in the world have religious beliefs, deeply held and culturally embedded , everybody has also been endowed (by God?) with a rational faculty.

Everyone is capable of reasoning. It doesn’t mean they do reason very well. Most people do not know the laws of logic, but we do have “common sense” logic. Aristotle defined humans as “the rational animal”, and the Arabs have a great respect for Aristotle.

Rational conflict management So our only hope is to appeal to the rational element of each individual mind and to the rational element of each individual group to see if we can find a rational, negotiated, logical solution to these problems, which are grounded in religious faith.

Force must finish Sooner or later military force must give way to rational negotiation And the sooner we bring reason to bear, the sooner the killing stops.

But I fear that now reason has taken the backseat and force has come to the fore. Who knows what the next few months will bring in the hell that is the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The age of reason. We must return to the age of reason and use our rational minds, secular knowledge, and common sense logic to solve our problems.

We must “run on reason” and manage our violent emotions. If you like this post, please share it and please follow my Facebook page

Thank you.

Chris Farmer. Reform UK #ReformUk #Gloucester.

Freedom, Choice, Opportunity

Paul Oakden’s Amazing Conference Speech Freedom, Choice, Opportunity

(The following is an extract from Paul, Oakden’s amazing conference speech. Enjoy!)

“I wonder if anyone in this hall can recall a time when our country has been in such a dangerous place in peacetime. Some say that we've been here before. In …

But something has changed. No matter how bad things got in the 70s, those who ruled us, for the most part, shared our values and beliefs. They believed in our way of life. Many Labour MPs had clawed their way out of the dockyards and coal mines where our grandfathers toiled. Many parliamentarians had fought through the worst storms of the world wars of the 20th century. But they shared a kinship and a love of our country, our culture, and our history.

Those days are now long gone traded instead for a lust for power and money Stripped of values and purpose, MPs of both parties have been bought and sold. Loyal Conservative and Labour voters have been betrayed.

The institutions themselves are utterly broken. They are busily trying to solve the problem they call democracy. They want a world where unelected, unaccountable globalist institutions and power-hungry billionaires dictate our laws to us.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what every single one of us here is determined to stop.

We see rafts of legislation brought in without any debate or regard for what the people actually want or need. We only have to look at the energy bill or the online safety bill for an ever-expanding scope of power, which tells us what we cannot say or do without fine, seizure, or jail, all under the pretext of morality.

It's time for Britain to wake up. It's time for us to remind the British people who they really are because if we fail in this, then all else fails.

And we start by telling the truth. It's not about hope or wishful thinking. It's about trusting ourselves, our values, our strengths, our history, and the ideas that have always built free, safe, healthy societies.

We know that no matter what, if we refer to these values, we can and will navigate our way through difficulties fairly, with a clear conscience, and effectively because we will take the right action.

These are the Reform UK values: freedom, choice, and opportunity.

We, as a party, will protect your freedoms, the British people's fundamental rights and freedoms - personal, economic, or otherwise. They give us the moral fabric of a nation which our ancestors fought to defend. Because freedom cannot be given by the state, it is our birthright. We are free, and we will protect that.

We must remember that we have the ability to create whatever we need – be it communities, services, products, industries, or wealth.

There is always more, and we champion opportunities. With these values of freedom, choice, and opportunity, we don't expect people to merely conform. We motivate them to inspect, choose, and act.

This transition moves us from being mere consumers to creators of our own destiny.

Instead of a foreboding future, we offer a positive vision of empowerment and encouragement, aiming to return and firmly establish the power in the hands of the British people.

And this power will stay with them through to the elections, and once we are in government; Our mission is rooted in these three principles: freedom, choice, and opportunity.

We start by spreading this message. If you have any doubt, just look around this hall. As Richard highlighted earlier, at our conference two years ago, there were just over 300 of us. Now, there are over four times that number, with supporters clustered in and around London rallying behind Reform.

Today, our words reach millions. Hearts and minds across the nation are, perhaps unknowingly, eagerly awaiting this message.

To the countless individuals beyond these walls: Join us.

We are the only choice now, and our momentum is rapidly accelerating. In just two weeks, we face elections in Tamworth and Mid-Bedfordshire, with stellar candidates poised to represent us. We eagerly anticipate these elections, hopeful for landmark by-election results.

And then, we march towards the general election, where we will field 600 candidates. For the first time in a generation, the British people will have the chance to cast their vote for a party that wholeheartedly believes in freedom, choice, opportunity, and the majesty of our great nation.

This is our mission, our solemn duty. As we embark on this journey, let's do so with humility and gratitude. Hold onto this vision daily. Discuss it, share it, and let it guide your responses to whatever actions this government takes next. Regardless of the narratives peddled by the media, lobbyists, or other governmental forces, we must stand steadfast in our convictions and values.

Let's heed the words spoken not only by Margaret Thatcher but by many through the ages. Let us ensure our children will look back and rejoice, knowing we never abandoned the cause of freedom.

It's time to rise. By doing so, we will make Britain great again Thank you

(I hope you enjoyed this extract of Paul’s fantastic speech)

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Chris, Farmer. Reform Uk. Gloucester. #ReformUk #Gloucester

Multiculturalism Destroys Cultures

Multiculturalism Destroys Cultures Across planet Earth, there are many distinctive cultures which give identity and a sense of belonging to the people who live in them.

The keyword in the above sentence is "distinctive."

Every culture is distinct from others. Each culture has distinguishing characteristics that make it different from …

What is Culture? A culture is a shared set of values, beliefs, language, customs, social norms, music, history, behaviours and institutions. These give identity to and distinguish it from other cultures which have their own set of beliefs, languages, history, and social norms.

Western Culture Western culture is unique because it had a transformative period called the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason, which saw the end of the Dark Ages where religious beliefs predominated. The dark ages was a time of great mysticism, a belief that the church and the king should rule over everyone else. There was no scientific progress. Science was outlawed, and scientists were threatened and some were burned at the stake (Bruno, 1600).

The Renaissance and the Age of Reason ended the Dark Ages and initiated Western culture, which is based upon science, reason, logic, individual rights, production, trade, freedom of the individual, democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom from tyrannical governments.

British Culture Within Western culture, we have a subdivision of British culture, which is unique. British culture champions democracy, invention, production, trade, the rule of law, and civilisation. It is in Northern England that the industrial revolution started, which has transformed the whole planet and has bought us the technology that we enjoyed today. It is notable that Britain is the birthplace of modern Parliamentary democracy, and massive advances in science, particularly medicine, physics, and chemistry engineering. Britain was the first country to outlaw slavery in 1803, and its navy traveled the world enforcing its laws against slavery. British culture has stood the test of time and has made unique contributions to the rest of the world.

Attacks on British Culture Multiculturalism is an attack on western culture and on British culture. It dilutes all cultures by blending them. By integrating vast numbers of people from various cultures into the same location, the original culture that occupied that space is watered down, weakened, and replaced by a homogenous mixture, which represents no specific culture.

London is a Prime Example The London of the 1960s was vibrant, distinctive, creative, and the cultural and economic centre of the world. Everyone knew what a Londoner was. Even into the 1980s, Londoners had a distinctive identity (remember Del Boy and Rodney?).

But now, true Londoners are scarce. If you visit London now, you won't find any distinctive culture. All cultures reside in London. Nowadays, "Londoner" simply denotes "a person who lives in London." In fact, Khan, the mayor of London, said that a white face on a poster did not truly represent London.

London has lost its cultural identity. It's become a multicultural, indistinct, unidentifiable melting pot.

When a culture represents everything, it stands for nothing.

Cultures are distinct. Cultures require unique, distinctive traits to exist, and multiculturalism eradicates these distinguishing characteristics.

The Disease is Spreading And what’s happened in London is happening all across the UK at various rates of speed. In other words, multiculturalism has the potential to destroy British culture

This is happening, not by accident, but on purpose

Multiculturalism's Global Purpose The intent behind the destruction of individual cultures is deliberate, driven by organisations like the WEF which have goals of a OneWorld government.

To establish this, the WEF seeks to dissolve individual nation-states by eroding their unique identities .

Western culture is dissolving! It is happening all across Europe, We see The French, Italian, German and British cultures are facing unprecedented attacks by ever increasing numbers of infiltration from people of other, non-western cultures. The effect of this is the degradation western culture, which is based upon the age of reason and the tradition of Greek science.

Culture is Societal Glue Western Culture is the glue that binds us, together providing a common identity and shared values. It's the very fabric of western society, and multiculturalism tears at its foundations.

As multiculturalism grows, societal tensions escalate as various factions within societies clash.

Stop multiculturalism, We must resist multiculturalism and champion western culture and in particular our own British culture.

As a prime example of Western values, British culture is distinctive unique and worth saving for our children to inherit.

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Thank you

Chris, Farmer. Reform Uk Gloucester. #ReformUk #Gloucester

No Mandate for Net Zero

No Mandate for Net Zero The government has no mandate whatsoever for the net zero agenda.

The government came to power with an 80-seat majority on the basis of “Get Brexit done.” They failed to get Brexit done properly, and now they have moved on to implementing the disastrous, crippling, …

Long Range Strategy The net zero policy was actually introduced in 2008 under the Climate Change Act.

This act passed through Parliament without a murmur, without any discussion, without any consultation with the British people.

The Climate Change Act 2008 committed the UK to net zero policies in a series of five-year plans all the way up to 2050.

It places legal obligations on the government to act in accordance with the climate change narrative. This was imposed on us by Parliament in 2008.

2008 Financial Crash Do you remember 2008? It was a time of financial crisis, the credit crunch. Everybody was fixated on the banking collapse and the trauma that it created in the economy. Nobody was focused on CO2 climate change or net zero. And yet this was passed through Parliament without any consultation with the British people.

Economically Disastrous The net zero policy is an economically disastrous piece of legislation because it attacks our ability to produce energy at levels necessary to sustain a 21st-century economy.

The catastrophic effects of the net zero policy are just beginning to be felt. Energy prices are high, fuel prices are high, and they will get higher. The attack on the motor car is going to affect everybody's lives detrimentally. Life as we know it will be crippled by high energy costs, Restrictions and travel and other measures all associated with this mad net zero ideology.

Long-Range Planning It is clear that the globalists have had a long-range plan since the legislation for net zero was put in place in 2008. It is a policy/directive of the WEF/UN and is no secret as most of it is on the WEFs website Disastrously for the people of our Government and most western countries are fully signed up to both organisations

Take back control We must take control of politics, repeal the 2008 Climate Change Act, and get rid of the net zero ideology.

Our lives depend upon it!

If you agree, please let me know. Follow my Facebook. Chris Farmer Gloucester

#ReformUK #Gloucester #stopnet0

Challenge Their Assumptions.

Challenge Their Assumptions. Whenever in debate with others, it's vital to listen carefully to the form of the question they're asking and to challenge the assumptions inherent within it.

For example, consider the question, “What gender do you identify as?"

This question presumes that gender is fluid and can be …

However, in reality, gender is an inherent part of nature – just as intrinsic as height or eye color. It's a genetic trait, not subject to personal whim. Just as we can't change eye color or height with a mere wish, we can't simply wish away gender.

The idea that genetic traits and natural facts can be negated by individual or group wish or desire is prevalent today.

But facts are facts. The truth is that reality exists objectively. Facts stand whether or not we like them, accept them, or want them.

Reality is an objective absolute, It is not swayed by a person's whims, desires, hopes, wishes, or fears.

The primary role of the human mind is to identify facts as they truly are, not to invent them. Failing to recognise the truths of reality results in confused minds and upset emotions

Perception Is Not Reality. Often, we hear politicians use the phrase. “perception is reality." This is not true! Perception is perception. Reality is reality - it stands independently.

It's possible to misperceive reality, to mistakenly see something that isn't there, or to overlook what is.

Primary purpose, The primary purpose of the human mind is to perceive reality as it really is. If it fails , it's not fulfilling its primary purpose.

Gender is an objective fact of biological reality. Those who try to override the truths of their biological inheritance by claiming they disagree with these facts or wish them to be different are fighting a losing battle.

Rejecting reality can only lead to confusion, mistakes, and mental distress.

Reality Is Real. We need a reality-based nation, one that forgoes fantasies that facts can be rewritten to our liking and that reality bends to our emotions.

Rejecting facts results in chaos. It's frequently said we live in a mad world, with politicians and universities losing touch with reality. This sentiment is true; especially when these institutions promote the notion that perception equates to reality and that we can dream up our own gender identities

Let's Return to Common Sense. Common sense begins with the understanding that reality is consistent and facts don't change merely because we disagree with them.

We should identify facts, evaluate them rationally, and act accordingly.

This isn't a novel concept.

Common sense has been our guide for 3 million years.

The current "woke" culture is detached from this rationality. It's time to abandon such thinking and return to commonsense politics.

Chris Farmer. Reform Uk,

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They Are Harming Our Children

They Are Harming Our Children Governments are making our children’s lives more miserable, fearful, confusing and uncertain

Here is how:

Vac Cleans Governments are recommending Vac Cleans for children of six months to 4 years of age. Children of this age are practically zero risk from “ The Bug”

Children’s Climate anxiety Many young children are suffering from anxiety because they have been told by authority figures that the end of the world is nigh and that they will not live to see the end of the natural lifespan. This amounts to child psychological abuse. Committed upon them by the government and the greens There is no chance that the world will come to an end in 20 years due to CO2 in the atmosphere. To tell children so, is child abuse.

Transgender ideology. Unbelievably, our children are being taught that biological facts of nature and genetic inheritance can be overridden simply by a childish whim. Children are being told by “teachers” that “some people are born into the wrong body”. The statement denotes nothing in reality. There is no such thing as a person being “born into the wrong body”. This again amounts to child abuse, and it is government sanctioned.

Sexualisation of children. In state schools, children as young as eight, have been shown explicit sexual material which discusses masturbation homosexual and transgender issues.

Some lessons are nothing short of sexual grooming of minors and it’s being sanctioned by the government. This is a breach of safeguarding and an offence against the law.

Critical racism theory. Critical race theory is explicitly racist. Critical race theory defines people, not by character or their behaviour, but rather by the colour of their skin.

To judge people by the colour of their skin is a blatant act of racism and this is now codified in “critical race theory” and is endorsed by “teachers“.

For teachers to be teaching racism under the guise of “critical race theory“ is the diametric opposite of a proper education. And it’s government sanctioned

Student Debt Over the years since Blair, both the government and education services have told students that their future prosperity requires a degree. As a result, almost 50% pursue degrees, saddling themselves with enormous debts that will likely never be paid off. Many end up pursuing "junk" degrees like media studies, and there's even one in magic!

Debt trap, These loans carry interest rates of 7%, and the total student debt is now £205 billion. How can a young person begin their adult life burdened by such debt? It's profiteering, and it's government-sanctioned profiteering.

For our children’s sake Reform is Necessary

  1. Children aged six months to 4 years, who are at virtually no risk from the bug, should not be given MR N.A. vac-cleans.

  2. Children should be educated about the biological facts of nature: man + woman = children.

  3. Transvestites should not be giving lectures on sexuality.

  4. Children aren't sexual beings until they arrive at puberty and should be protected from sexual predators.

  5. Some people who work with children are sexual predators.

  6. Student debt is a curse.

  7. Junk degrees need to be curtailed.

  8. Children and young adults, should be taught how to create new profitable, businesses, not magic tricks.

  9. The government and authorities in education and medicine aren't serving our children as they should.

  10. Our children are our most valuable assets. They are currently being let down and the system requires urgent and radical reform.

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Chris, Farmer. Reform UK Gloucester

Notes: The University of Exeter has said a degree in magic being offered in 2024 will be one of the first in the United Kingdom

The “innovative” MA in Magic and Occult Science has been created following a “recent surge in interest in magic”,

Woke Weakens Nations

Woke Weakens Nations Woke culture is weakening Great Britain.

The British culture, traditionally, is strong, stoic, and resilient. In difficult times, the British would say, “Keep calm and carry on.” This mental toughness and endurance is what made Britain great.

Woke Weakens Britain Woke culture is designed to weaken nations. In order to …

Woke culture weakens us in the following ways:

Woke Weakens Masculinity Woke culture dislikes strong men. It attacks men with the concept of “toxic masculinity.” All the attributes associated with the male hero are derided as toxic. This critique of men's strength is purposeful and is designed to weaken them.

Woke Dislikes Femininity Woke culture hates feminine women. Woke encourages men to dress as women, claim they are women, and enter women’s spaces such as changing rooms, toilets, and sporting events, thereby undermining women’s safe spaces and chances for success on the sporting field.

Woke hates the Nuclear Family All societies are based on the traditional nuclear family of man + woman = children.

Woke culture is revising the concept of the nuclear family and replacing it with “diversity,” in which a family could be any combination of individuals, regardless of gender or childbearing.

Woke Culture Destroys Education Woke culture has reached a point where even intelligent people are confused about basic concepts like "what is a woman."

Woke culture weakens language, and since knowledge is conveyed through language, when words lose their meaning, it becomes impossible, to understand or gain knowledge. The muddling of key terms such as "man," "woman," "vaccine," "fair," and "free" disrupts clear thinking.

Woke's destruction of language and free speech is part of a broader strategy. It's designed to sow confusion and make even the most intelligent people confused about the basics!

Woke destroys public services It's reported that men in the East Midlands Ambulance Service can now receive a year off for their menopause-related issues. As men get older, their testosterone levels inevitably drop. This is a fact of life and a part of aging. However, woke culture allows men a year off on full pay to deal with menopausal symptoms.

What Happened to 'Keep Calm and Carry On'?

Woke culture is chipping away at the nation's cultural strength. Woke critiques masculinity, undermines femininity, undermines the nuclear family. And it is destroying our public services

This isn't accidental. It's an attack on Western culture, including Great Britain.

We Must Be Strong, Confident and Free! The people of Britain are strong, confident, and free, and we reject woke culture.

We want strong men, women, families and services. The way to achieve this is to reject woke.

If you agree with me, please let me know

Chris Farmer. Reform UK Gloucester

#ReformUK #Gloucester

Transcript of Ann Widdecombe’s Reform UK Conference Speech.

Transcript of Ann Widdecombe’s Reform UK Conference Speech. ( Extract of first few minutes)

( Anne walks on stage to thunderous applause )

She says… “Have you had enough of this government? (Conference shouts Yes!)

Have you had enough of endless talk with no action? (Yes!)

Have you had enough of …

If you have reached your limit… if you truly yearn for change, then there's only one way to express that sentiment: To comprehensively reject our current system. (Applause]

Now, Ben Habib has declared his intent to obliterate the Tories. But that's insufficient. We must also set our sights on Labour! [Cheers]

It's vital that we never lose sight of the threat Labour represent.

Their objective, hidden though it may be, is to draw us back into the EU through the back door Of course, they aren't directly advocating for a formal re-entry; that's an unrealistic ambition. But what could happen and what will happen under the leadership of Keir Starmer is a subtle alignment with Europe

Gradually, in the guise of closer cooperation we'd find ourselves deferring to EU regulations, letting them dictate our border policies.

In essence, we'd remain tethered to an institution the nation has comprehensively rejected. Let us not be complacent about the risks Labour represents.

If we hope to effect meaningful change, if we're determined to see genuine reform, then we must secure victories by siphoning votes from both conservatives and labour

I think there's a small third party out there, but we don't need to worry about them.

In fact, if you conducted a vox pop among the population, you wouldn't find many people who recognize the name Ed Davis.

What we have to do, and the message we have to take out, is really a very simple one:

If you want change; if you want things done differently; if you want to get our country back again; if you want Britain to be run by Britain and not by the EU or by anybody else; if those are the things that you want; if you want to get rid of the scourge of political correctness; if you want to control immigration; if you want our kids to have a proper education instead of critical race theory; if you want the NHS to actually do the job it was designed to do; if you want all those things, then there is no earthly point in voting for more of the same.

There is no point!

The very definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

So, it is crucial that that message gets across. The whole weight on the push for reform, and the whole reason d’etre for Reform is reform.

It is change. It is to stop the direction that we are going in at the moment and create an entirely new direction, at the very center of which is freedom!

And always, if you are to effect change, you rely on the courage of individuals. The courage to vote for something different, even if you are afraid.

The courage to stand for what you believe in, even if it involves risk.

We have virtually lost free speech in this country because people are afraid to exercise it.

But we need to encourage free speech. We need to define what is going wrong. We need to put parents in charge of what their children are taught.

We should not, in any circumstances, allow four-year-olds to be told that they can be a man or woman depending on what they want... ...and that they can change their mind if they want on a Wednesday afternoon.

That is not what we send our children to school for. We send our children to school to be taught what we cannot teach them ourselves.

I couldn't teach physics or chemistry. And Rishi couldn’t teach Maths

Rishi proposals on maths has to be the craziest proposal yet: that children who are very, very clever in some subjects should have their chances of entering into a top university prejudiced because they don't happen to be very good at maths or English.

All my life, I have used arithmetic, and I have used the logic implicit in algebra, but never, since the age of 15, have I bothered with the square of the hypotenuse. [Laughter]

...and Rishi needs to understand that diluting the curriculum, that diluting subjects, is not going to repair the education system. What will repair the education system is the end of grade inflation, rigor in education, and discipline in education.

These are the things we need to talk about…”

(End of Quote)

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from Ann Widdecombe‘s wonderful speech

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Transcript of Ben Habib’s Reform UK Conference Speech

Transcript of Ben Habib’s Reform UK Conference Speech ( First few minutes)

“Thank you very much for that incredible welcome. There is at least one advantage in being the last speaker, and that is, I know that you're here to listen to me!

So, when Richard said to me, "Ben, …

At its heart, what is Brexit? Brexit is the United Kingdom taking its rightful place among 168 other countries in the world that are not members of the EU.

It is not a remarkable situation; it is the default situation for a country NOT to be a member of the EU."

“But we are constantly told, and it seems our political class has bought this and perpetuated the myth, that the United Kingdom cannot survive outside the European Union: That the other 168 countries that we have now joined must be in a dire state not being members of the EU.

And we, as Brexiteers, have made one classic mistake. The mistake is this: We have allowed Remainers and Rejoiners to force us to justify Brexit.

We don't have to justify Brexit. Brexit is what it means to be the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. What Remainers and Rejoiners have to prove is that we should go back into the European Union. But they make no case for the EU; they just threaten and insult us, telling us that we are stupid for voting for an independent country.

I will agree with one thing that they say, and that is that the country has been badly managed. But that's got absolutely nothing to do with Brexit. What that has got to do with is a parliamentary party, the Conservative Parliamentary Party, which has an 80-seat majority. And instead of jettisoning the socialist entity that is the European Union, it's cozied up to it. It didn't ditch the Social Chapter of the EU; it didn't inculcate aspiration. It hasinculcated dependency. It didn't deregulate and cut taxes for growth; it just perpetuated wealth distribution. It even gave up part of the country, which is perhaps the biggest act of constitutional self-harm any of us have ever witnessed in our lifetime."

But Brexit is blameless. Brexit cannot fail because Brexit is us governing ourselves.

Sure, the Tory Party can fail, but you know what I want to do something to the Tory Party, and we ARE going to do it.

We're going to take back control. How is it that we somehow accept the settled argument that French boats can come into our waters, take whatever fish they want, completely un policed, and dredge up the seabed, destroying the wildlife and eco-environment — perhaps the most sustainable resources this country has — and we just sit back and do nothing?

Yet when it comes to illegal migrants that they bring to us, we're not allowed to send them back to the French shores.

They can send their boats in, take our fish, but we cannot send back the illegal migrants?

The politicians have given up on this country, and Labour is just as bad as the Conservatives.

If you want change, ladies and gentlemen, you don't argue against Brexit. Brexit has enabled us to effect change, and that change has to come by evicting the Tories and Labour from the House of Commons."

"I do like Zoella Braveman. I think she speaks with a tremendous amount of sense. She made an incredibly brave speech as a member of the cabinet, but she stops short of taking action.

She has diagnosed the problem, and that in itself is a good start, but we now need a solution. What is the solution to border control? What do we have to do to control our borders? What we don't do is wait for them to come here, so we have all the legal difficulties of deporting them.

Border control is a physical process!

Do you Remember when we used to have a navy which would protect the United Kingdom? This is, as Zoella Braveman said, an assault on our nation. But we haven't deployed the navy. The Border Force is a glorified taxi service. They should all be sacked.

The Lifeboat service, the RNLI, is going into French waters, picking up people who are perfectly safe, putting people on their boats — thus affording them instant protection under our law — and then bringing them back to our shores where they are promptly paid 50,000 pounds a year per head.

That equates to the 40 million pounds we paid last year on housing and caring for migrants, for the 100,000 illegal migrants who came to the UK.

And the problem is only going to get worse. So until Zoella understands what needs to be done, this is going to go on.

We need border control, not deportation!…

(End of excerpt)

I hope you enjoyed that short extract from Ben Habib’s wonderful speech. Ben is awesome. We are lucky to have him.

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Raising Tax Rates is Bad For Britain

Raising Tax Rates is Bad For Britain Both labour and Conservative agree that taxes should be high. Reform UK does not agree with high taxes Here’s why;

High Tax Rates Reduces Disposable Income When taxes increase, individuals have less money left after paying taxes. This means less spending on goods, services, and …

Discourages Investment Higher taxes on capital gains and dividends deter individual and institutional investors from investing. A decline in investment slows economic expansion and innovation.

Stifles Business Growth Elevated corporate taxes eat into a company's profits, leaving less for reinvestment or expansion. This hinders job creation and technological advancement.

Decreases Consumer Spending With higher personal taxes, consumers cut back on spending, impacting businesses, especially those in the retail and service sectors.

Reduces Global Competitiveness Countries with lower taxes attract more foreign businesses and investments. Higher taxes deter investors making UK country less competitive on the global stage,

Inefficient Government Spending A larger tax revenue doesn't translate to efficient spending. The government wastes Billions !

Diminishes Work Incentive If the majority of an individual's additional earnings from working harder or longer goes to taxes, they feel less motivated to put in the extra effort.

Creates Uncertainty in the Market Talk of potential tax hikes lead to uncertainty among investors and businesses. Uncertainty stifles growth as people delay or reduce spending and investment.

Hinders Entrepreneurship Starting a new business is risky. Higher taxes reduce potential returns, discouraging budding entrepreneurs from pursuing innovative ideas or starting new businesses.

While taxes are needed for funding public services, excessive tax rates have many negative effects on the economy, from individual spending habits to large-scale business operations.

That’s why Reform Uk advocates lower tax rates.

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Chris, Farmer. Reform Uk Gloucester

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Don’t Keep Me Safe. Keep Me Free!

Don’t Keep Me Safe. Keep Me Free! The primary purpose of government is to protect the individual rights and freedoms of the citizens it serves.

Political Freedom is an Absolute. We are supposed to be living in a Free Society where each individual has unalienable rights and freedoms. In two world wars, …

In wartime, Governments purposefully, and rightly put people at extreme risk in order to protect individual freedoms of citizens. Governments put members of the armed forces into battle, and many die, in order to protect our national freedom.

Freedom is first So it's clear that the primary purpose of government is NOT the avoidance of risk, but rather the protection of freedom.

This is the nature of true politics.

Now we have a false politics that has inverted this true order

Modern, politicians attack freedoms, and they try to justify it under the banner of keeping us “safe."

Politicians have sacrificed free speech on the principle of keeping people “safe from hate speech”

Politicians have attacked individual rights and freedoms on the pretense of “Stay at home. Stay safe”.

Politicians have signed over UK sovereignty to the World Health Organisation, who is going to -apparently - keep us “safe” from the next deadly virus they have planned. (It’s due next year)

Politicians have also agreed that the WHO may take control of your life to “ keep you safe”from the climate crisis!!

They might even take control of you in order to “keep you safe” from a POTENTIAL crisis!

Who decides what constitutes a “potential crisis”? The WHO, of course!

Who will keep us safe from the WHO , WEF and power lusting politicians?

Politicians are intent on destroying the concept of freedom.

I don’t trust them! I don’t trust politicians who claim that they intend to to lock us up, Lock Us down, take away freedoms, suppress speech, limit access to information, and tell us what drugs we must to take in order to partake in the privilege of living in their dystopian society.

We Are Born Free I would rather take the risk of living in a free society where people have free speech, where there is free enterprise, and where we have the freedom to choose whether to drive a car, eat meat, and take the latest “safe and effective” medication - or Not!

Thank You Rishi - But No! Politicians do not have the job of keeping us risk-free. Rishi Sunak has taken it upon himself to relieve people of the choice as to whether they want to accept the risk of smoking!

Even if you’re a fully grown adult, you are not adult enough to make your own choices because Rishi Sunak and the other politicians reserve the right to infringe on your freedoms, and you will “Do as you are told.”

I think NOT! This is bad politics. It’s authoritarian, it’s dystopian, it’s dangerous.

It’s too risky!!

Freedom first A politician's job is to protect our individual freedoms, protect our borders, create an enterprise economy which generates sufficient wealth to fund fantastic public services.

Their job is to create conditions for successful living, and successful living implies RISK!

Living is risky. We accept the risk and we demand our freedom.

If you agree, please vote for me. Chris Farmer. Reform UK. Gloucester #ReformUK #gloucester

Politicians Say One Thing; And Do The Exact Opposite !

Politicians Say One Thing; And Do The Exact Opposite ! We disrespect politicians because they say one thing but do the opposite. They have no integrity.

Examples: The Tories say they believe in cutting CO2 ; Then they authorise drilling new enormous oilfields in the North Sea.

They say they …

They say they are “safe and effective”, and later we find they are not.

They claim they are “the party of business” and then they raise corporation taxes.

They say they are a low-tax party and then increase taxes to the highest rates in 70 years.

They claim to work for the British people, but they align themselves with the WEF world government project.

They promise to get Brexit done, but European law still applies.

They say they will “stop the boats”, but still, the boats keep coming.

They claim to believe in democracy, yet Sunak was installed, ignoring the wishes of the Conservative party membership and the public.

No Moral Principles Modern politicians have no principles other than their lust for money and power.

Words As Tools of Deception They use language as a tool to get what they want. Concepts such as honesty, integrity, and principle have no meaning to them. Politicians say whatever they need to say in order to get the result they want, and they don’t see anything wrong with it. They call it “political messaging”.

Political messaging is using language simply as a tool to manipulate minds in order to get people to do what you want them to do, without any regard to truth, honesty, facts, or morality. Politicians are amoral. Some politicians are immoral.

They call it pragmatism. Pragmatism is the philosophy that rejects principles and simply looks at practical results. If actions (or words) achieve the desired results, then they are considered “good”. So, if a set of words achieves the desired result, those words are deemed good. Pragmatism has no moral guidance other than the achievement of a desired goal.

Our politicians are goal-seeking people and their goal is the accumulation of money and power, and they say and do anything to get it. For a pragmatist, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Principles do matter. Most people believe that truth, honesty, and integrity are important, and that politicians should - above all - be honest, truthful, and have integrity!

It seems so obvious; it makes me wonder why they don’t know it.

We need to reform UK politics. We need to throw out the politicians who have abandoned truth, and who are lusting after ever more money and power, and replace them with a new set of reforming politicians who believe in principles:

Truth Freedom Enterprise Production and Trade Security Service Integrity Honesty Great Britain was built on these concepts. To make Britain great again, we must return to them.

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Chris, Farmer. Reform UK #ReformUK #gloucester

Raising the National Minimum Wage Is Futile

Raising the National Minimum Wage Is Futile The government often tries to "end poverty" by mandating an increase in the minimum wage, which employers must pay to their workers. This measure has been tried many times before and always fails for two clear reasons:

  1. Increasing the cost of employment means …

Mandating higher wages makes it harder for employers to take the risk of hiring new workers, especially if they are young and inexperienced. So young, poor, unskilled and inexperienced people find it harder to get jobs.

  1. The increased cost of employment leads to higher prices. When the cost of labor goes up, employers pass on this cost to customers through higher prices. This means everything gets more expensive, and the benefit of a higher hourly wage gets eaten up by these rising prices. So, the value of money goes down,as inflation reduces its power to buy things. Increasing people's hourly wages doesn't really help the poor.

A Better Way The real way to end poverty is by training Equip people with better knowledge and skills which they can bring to the market place for higher wages!

Instead of telling employers to pay more per hour, the government should provide more training programs that teach people useful work skills. Skills they can use to earn higher wages in the market.

Politicians love quick fixes They like to announce a new quick fix policy to eliminate poverty. If increasing the minimum wage really worked, then it would’ve worked already! Since the idea has been tried many, many times. It never works for the reasons already listed

The politicians keep doing it because they think It makes them look good.

Training and development Training and development is the right way forward. If the government truly wants to help people out of poverty, they should pour money into training poor people : help people to start their own business

Sole traders Small businesses have always been a good way out of poverty. Almost anyone can start their own business if they know how.

Start a small business and soon you might hire family members, friends, and others in the community. This is how we rise from rags to riches.

We get rid of poverty by creating more wealth. And the way to do that is to start many small businesses that can grow over time.

This is a better way forward.

If you agree, please let me know Please share this post and follow my Facebook page

Chris, Farmer.

Reform Uk. Gloucester #ReformUK #gloucester

Rishi Sunak's Big Idea: Raise The Smoking Age!

Rishi Sunak's Big Idea: Raise The Smoking Age! If any evidence was required to demonstrate that the Conservative Party is completely devoid of political ideas, Sunak’s sad speech removes all doubt

At the Conservative Party conference, Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, unveiled his Grand Vision for a …

Not Particularly Inspiring The country, as a functioning democracy, is collapsing around our ears, its demise facilitated by the weird and woke WEF-led Conservative Party.

Fed Up The British people are fed up; exasperated, angry, upset, fearful, anxious, and desperate for something better.

They're even contemplating voting for the Keir Starmer's Labour Party, whose only selling point is that they're Not the Conservatives.

The Conservative Party are a spent force and the Labour Party is a dangerous diversion.

Real Reform This country needs real reform. We need to vote for a party that believes in the UK as a free, independent, sovereign nation - strong, confident, and free.

We want Freedom of speech, Freedom of information, Freedom to choose, Free enterprise economy, Free trade, Freedom from high taxes, Freedom from illegal boat crossings, Freedom from government overreach.

All Sunak offers us as his Big Vision is a. ban On cigarettes!

Like I said : Not particularly inspiring.

Tice is more enticing. Richard Tice and Reform UK are the only party with a clear vision for a better future:

One based upon traditional British values of freedom, free enterprise, production and trade, low tax rates, excellent public services, and sovereign and secure national borders.

Tories have had their day. Labour Party? No way! It's time for Reform UK.

Chris Farmer, Reform UK, Gloucester

#ReformUK #Gloucester

High Tax Rates Are Bad - Here’s Why…

High Tax Rates Are Bad - Here’s Why… Our beloved Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt told us to expect high taxes for the foreseeable future. Like all socialists, Jeremy Hunt is damaging the economy with high tax rates.

Record high taxes, UK taxes have soared to a 70 year high and is 37% of …

Painful Consequences of High Taxes:

Economic: High taxes are a deterrent for businesses and individuals to work harder and longer.

With less disposable income, consumer spending dwindles.

Reduced spending lead directly to slower economic growth, often resulting in decreased job opportunities and a stagnant economy.

Democratic: In a democracy we assume that when people earn money, it belongs to them first, not to the government. When high taxes are imposed, it challenges this core principle, suggesting that the government owns all the money; merely allowing us to retain a decreasing portion. This leads to overreach in governmental authority, eroding the trust between citizens and politicians.

When people feel their rightful earnings are being excessively taxed it reduces their faith in the political system and its legitimacy.

Psychological: On a personal level, when people see a big portion of their hard-earned money being taken by the government, it causes feelings of helplessness and unfairness. Over time, this reduces motivation, leading to decreased productivity and poor mental, well-being.

That’s why high tax rates are bad.

Now let’s look at the Benefits of Reduced Tax Rates.

Economic: With a reduction in tax rates, both businesses and individuals have more room to invest and spend. The increased spend stimulates the economy.

If people keep the money they earn, they are more likely to work harder and longer thus stimulating the economy.

This increased financial activity invigorated the economy, leading to more business enterprise inventions innovations, and job opportunities.

Political: A reduced tax system restored public faith in governmental systems. When people feel that they're being taxed fairly they are more likely to participate in and support politicians.

Psychological: Reduced taxation can lessen the psychological strain of feeling financially overburdened. With more money in their pockets people experience a boost in morale, confidence, and general optimism for the future.

Reform UK is a low tax rate party. We Change politics for Good. To ensure a prosperous future, it's imperative that we embark on a path to progressively reduce taxes, systematically, methodically and over time.

Low taxes should be pursued tandem with improving the efficiency of public services.

By stimulating the economy through lower tax rates , we not only boost financial activity and wealth creation, but paradoxically, with an expanding economy, even at these lower tax rates, we can have increased tax revenues, benefiting both individuals and the public sector

Jeremy Hunt is a corporate socialist and works for the WEF.

He needs to go!

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Nigel Farage Could Change Politics for Good (Again)

Nigel Farage Could Change Politics for Good (Again) At the Conservative Party conference, the Tory membership flocked around Nigel Farage and treated him as a hero.

Nigel attended the conference as a member of GB News and was treated with great respect and affection by the Tories.

Much speculation …

If he did, he could destroy Labour's chances of winning the next election and make the Reform Party redundant.

On the other hand, if Nigel Farage returned to frontline politics with Reform UK, then Reform could easily win many seats in the next election and might even hold the balance of power in a hung parliament.

It's unlikely that Nigel Farage would ever join the Labour Party, so we can disregard that possibility.

Nigel Farage could continue working for GB News without aligning himself overtly with Reform UK or any political party.

Nigel’s influence is undeniable. The actions of this one man could change UK politics for good. Whatever Nigel Farage decides to do (or not do) will have an enormous impact on the next election.


  1. Do you want Nigel Farage to return to frontline politics with Reform UK?

  2. Are you concerned that Nigel Farage might join the Conservatives?

  3. What are your thoughts on the role of Nigel Farage in the next election

Please let me know your comments

Thank you. Chris Farmer. Reform UK Chris Farmer • Gloucester • Reform UK

#ReformUK #Gloucester

Andrew Bridgen Gets Time To Debate

Andrew Bridgen Gets Time To Debate Egg-Cess Deafs The following is a quote from Andrew Brigden.

“Since the beginning of this year, some 9 months ago, I've been asking on a weekly basis for a debate on a really important issue that affects every constituency. In fact, every community across the land …

It's clear that the government and the opposition do not wish to support my requests for this important debate.

All of my requests have been unsuccessful until now.

But this week, I've been told by the Speaker of the House of Commons that I've got the adjournment debate on the 20th of October.

The issue we can debate is trends in Egg Cess Deafs. This will give me an opportunity to speak for about 20 minutes, and a minister will have to respond.

It's a Friday afternoon. I don't doubt that there won't be many people in the chamber, but this is a chance to get all the science, all the facts, and all the data on the record.

It needs to be the best speech I've ever given because I'll be speaking for all those who passed away before their time and for all those bereaved relatives out there who want answers.

I hope you'll watch the debate on the 20th of October, and I hope you'll urge your own elected representatives to attend.

Thank you very much”

Close quote

According to official government statistics already this year they have been over 36,316 Egg Cess Deafs in the UK.

Not a word has been said by government; in fact, when Andrew Brigden raises the issue, the MPs scurry out of the debating chamber, like rats.

I wonder why?

Egg Cess Deafs The fact that I have to write Egg Cess Deaths is proof positive that we do not live in a proper democracy, nor do MPs have our best interest at heart. They would prefer to keep their paymasters happy.

This is one of the most important issues of modern times, and one of the most despicable.

Let’s support. Andrew Brigden.

In my eyes, he’s a hero.

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Electric Cars Are Not “Green”

Electric Cars Are Not “Green” The Governments push towards electric vehicles under the banner of net zero is wrong-headed because electric cars are not “Green”.

Here's why:

  • Electric Cars Depend on Power Stations: Electric cars run on electricity. This electricity doesn't just come out of thin air; it's …

  • Most Power Stations Use Hydrocarbons or Nuclear: When we think of electric vehicles, we're told they are green and clean. However, the reality is their energy comes from power stations that rely on gas, oil, or nuclear energy. Burning gas and oil to power EVs releases carbon dioxide, the very gas EVs claim to avoid.

  • Energy Transfer Creates Energy Loss: Transmitting energy from power stations to EVs over long distances is hugely inefficient. Due to entropy, a principle in physics, whenever energy is moved from one place to another, much of it is lost. This means we're using more raw energy at the source to get a smaller amount of usable electricity to the car.

  • Electric cars are inefficient because they're much heavier Due to their substantial batteries, EVs generally weigh more than standard vehicles . Given that force is a product of mass and acceleration, a heavier vehicle will require more energy to move. If we compare a 100-mile drive in a standard car to the same distance in an EV, the energy needed for the EV is much higher!

  • EVs Use More Hydrocarbons than Internal Combustion Engines: If an heavier electric car uses more electricity from a coal, oil, or gas power plant, it cannot be considered “green”

  • EVs are bad for the environment Just because something is branded good for the environment doesn't mean it is. The arguments for electric vehicles are false.

Modern cars powered by internal combustion engines are clean, safe, efficient, and proven to work. Standard engines are better for the environment than EVs

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How to Fix the Cost of Living Crisis

How to Fix the Cost of Living Crisis The cost of living crisis, like every problem, has definite causes. If we identify the causes and remove them, then the problem disappears. The two causes of the cost of living crisis are both government policies: Quantitative easing, and Net Zero

Quantitative Easing (Printing Money)

Quantitative easing is when the government prints more money. Governments love to do this because it allows them to spend money that they don’t have. Governments have three ways to raise funds: tax, - borrowing, - and printing money. Taxes are visible and unpopular, - borrowing is expensive and unpopular, - quantitative easing is invisible to most people.

Quantitative easing means that the government prints money and adds it to the existing supply, watering down the value of every pound. This decreases the purchasing power of every pound in your pocket so that £100 now does not buy as much as £100 used to buy in the past. We experience this as price increases. It’s not that the price is going up, but the value of your money is going down. So people blame the shops rather than the government which is causing it.

Quantitative easing is a stealth tax on the value of your money, and it's harmful because it drives inflation. And inflation is a part of the cost of living crisis.

So, we would stop quantitative easing and replace it with proper fiscal disciplines.

High Energy Costs We need energy for everything. Every product and every service has to be made and moved before it can be used. And energy costs money. The more energy costs, the more expensive everything becomes. The cost of energy is sky-high right now for two reasons: not enough supply -and net zero policy.

Not Enough Energy Supply For decades, the British government has failed us in relation to energy supply. We have insufficient nuclear power stations. The most recent one that became operational was Sizewell B in Suffolk, which began generating electricity in 1995.

Consequently, we have not kept up supply with demand. When demand outstrips supply prices rise, which is inflation 

Net Zero Catastrophe A headlong rush to a net zero policy has meant the government is cutting back on tried and trusted, reliable, clean hydrocarbon energy sources in favour of economically unsustainable “sustainable” energy sources, such as wind turbines, heat pumps, solar panels, and batteries.

It is impossible to power a modern 21st-century economy with these so-called “green, sustainable energy sources.”

They’re not green. They’re not sustainable.

They only exist because of the subsidies given to them from the hydrocarbon energy industry. Without subsidies, the wind turbines wouldn’t exist.

It’s interesting to note that the government's recent offer of franchises to the energy-producing industry were not taken up because the industry itself knows that the economics do not support “sustainable energy” without massive funding from government.

Government Funding Means Taxpayer Funding Whenever the government says it’s going to fund certain projects, it means that you are going to fund the government's projects.

So when the government takes money from you and gives it to the green energy lobby, you become poorer.

You become poor because taxes have gone up to a 70-year high, and you become poorer because the cost of energy has gone up to a all time high.

All of this combines to make you poorer because energy is at the root of all things.

To Sum Up We will fix the cost of living crisis by:

  1. Stopping quantitative easing and replacing it with proper fiscal disciplines.

  2. Creating mass quantities of cheap energy using tried and trusted technologies (hydrocarbons plus nuclear, assisted with a small amount of “sustainables”).

3, Abandoning net zero; it is an economic disaster with no benefit to anyone since the British contribution to CO2 levels is 1% or less of the whole

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Money and Power Drives the Whole Thing

Money and Power Drives the Whole Thing The collapse of politics and economics into dangerous absurdity has made many feel that politicians have gone mad.

MPs have not gone mad; they’ve got greedy!

They're hungry for more money and power. M P = Money and Power P M = Power and Money

Not All - But Many It's true that some politicians enter politics because they want to create a better society for the people they serve. True politicians represent the best interests and desires of their constituents.

But many modern politicians are Not Good; they seem to be in it for the money and power (MP).

Covid Crisis Creates Billionaires How much money was made during the Covid crisis with measures that were ineffective and even counter-productive? I'll leave you to do the maths.

Climate Crisis Creates Billionaires How much money is being made from the so-called “climate catastrophe” narrative? It's in the trillions. Again, I'll leave you to do the calculations.

Money Makes the World Go Around We've often heard it said that "money makes the world go round", and to a degree, there's nothing wrong with that—provided the money made is the result of genuine production and Honest trading.

But politics has become a Dishonest profession.

Money is the Root of All Evil This biblical phrase hits the nail on the head. A big portion of the climate crisis narrative, and a large part of the pandemic narrative, isn't driven by science but rather by an insatiable lust for money and power (MP).

Follow The Money Politics Should Be About Representative Democracy, Not Gaining Money and Power There seems to be a global rise of power-hungry politicians and corporations aiming to consolidate money and power for themselves and their friends.

Every Year they They Meet at Davos They are called WEF and Sunak, Starmer, Khan and The King are all keen members of the Davos Club of Rich Men.

Which explains why we are getting poorer.

It's Time To Reform Uk Politics We must replace the current batch of bad politicians and bring about genuine change in politics

In order to Change Politics for Good We must Win Seats in the House of Commons at the next election.

So let’s get out there and make it happen!

Thank you

Chris Farmer

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Climate Change and Viruses

Climate Change and Viruses Living on planet Earth guarantees at least two things: climate change and viruses.

The WEF-led British government tells us that:

  1. So long as there is climate change, they will reduce freedoms.

  2. So long as there are viruses, they will reduce freedoms.

Keep People Safe The justification governments use is that they claim their primary task is to keep us safe

It isn’t.

The Primary Job of the Government is to Keep Us Free!

The main duty of the government is to protect the individual rights and freedoms of its citizens. It achieves this by defending the borders from invasion and by shielding its citizens from coercive force.

The Government is Not Protecting the Borders The Government is Now the Agent of Coercive Force

The government is violating its prime directive, which is the protection of the individual rights and freedoms of the citizens it serves.

The government has betrayed us and needs to be replaced

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What Freedom of Speech Really Means

What Freedom of Speech Really Means Some people misunderstand the concept of “freedom of speech”. Some believe that this freedom implies they can use any words, at any time, about anything. However, that is not the true meaning of the term “freedom of speech” .

The law imposes limits on our speech …

The law has offences for using threatening words and behaviour, known as breach of the peace. Threats to kill are outlawed. Threats to commit criminal damage are not allowed. The law also outlaws threats to commit arson. There are many other limitations on speech in law

Freedom of speech doesn’t mean one can say anything at any time to anyone.

Freedom of speech is a political right. It allows a person to criticise the government or to make any political, moral, or religious statement they wish.

Freedom of speech doesn’t authorise the use of abusive or threatening words.

Sadly, many people misunderstand what freedom of speech truly is. They think it's an open ticket to say anything they wish, even if it’s aggressive, rude, or threatening.

This is not the case and never has been.

On social media, we are sometimes subjected to other people using offensive language: Some use language online that they would never use face-to-face. On social media people are shielded from the social consequences of using aggressive and abusive language; so, from the comfort of their own home, they routinely abuse people online

If you're ever subjected to such language, my advice is to raise up your psychic shields and ignore them.

Don't let them get you down!

Life’s too short.

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Politicians Have Betrayed Us

Politicians Have Betrayed Us In a representative parliamentary democracy, politicians are supposed to represent the people who sent them there.

Sovereign power lies with the people, and that power is lent to the representatives who go to the House of Commons and formulate plans that deliver the priorities given to …

The fundamental principle is that the politicians are public servants. Politicians work based on orders given to them by the people.

UK Government Now takes Its Orders From the WEF, the EU, and the WHO. Politicians have betrayed us because they no longer take their orders from the British people, but instead, they take their orders from entities such as the WEF, whose desire is to concentrate power and money into their hands.

The World Economic Forum It is a startling fact that Rishi Sunak,Keir Starmer, Sadiq Khan, King Charles are all committed members of the WEF. King Charles was the spokesperson for the WEF, he presented the "Great Reset" video where he personally endorsed the aspirations of Herr Klaus Schwarb

They Cannot Serve Two Masters If the Prime Minister, leader of the opposition, mayor of London, and the king are all serving the interests of the WEF, by definition, they are not serving the interests of the British people.

The WEF's agenda includes Net Zero, which is resulting in the progressive impoverishment of the British people and the collapse of the British economy.

The Whole House of Commons Not only are the heads of government supporters of the WEF, but all the evidence suggests that so are the vast majority of the House of Commons. They either agree with the WEF, or they are too passive and they do nothing to stop this nightmare agenda from playing out before our eyes.

It’s Time for Reform We need to reform the House of Commons. We need to reform the civil service and the BBC, all of whom are supportive of the WEF's catastrophic plans.

The People Must Take Back Their Power In the next general election, people have the opportunity to take back their power from the current crop of MPs. We must replace them with a new set of politicians who believe that the people are sovereign and the government should work for the British people.

Last Chance Saloon The next election is our last chance to save the situation. The infiltration into our political systems is almost complete, and next year’s election will be the last chance the British people have to save our democracy.

Vote for Reform UK It’s not enough to NOT vote. Not voting empowers our enemies.

We must vote positively FOR Reform UK because it is only Reform UK that has explicitly ruled out any relationship with the WEF, European Union, and WHO.

Let’s Change Politics for Good We’ve got one year to turn this around.

Please get out into the streets and make some noise.

If you happen to be near Gloucester city tomorrow, please join me at Gloucester cross 11 am.

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Politicians Don’t Believe Their Own Net Zero Rhetoric

Politicians Don’t Believe Their Own Net Zero Rhetoric The fact that politicians have authorised the North Sea Rosebank oilfield, which will produce 300 million barrels of oil and other hydrocarbon fuels, proves beyond doubt that they don't believe their own climate catastrophe narrative.

The End of the World is Not …

Human Life Requires Energy and CO2 Human life needs energy because every material product and service we rely on for a prosperous life requires it. For millennia, human existence depended on muscle power from animals or slaves. The invention of the steam engine, followed quickly by the internal combustion engine powered by hydrocarbons, liberated humans from bonfage of manual labour

Without hydrocarbons, we'd revert to the preindustrial slave-age, with millions dying from cold and starvation.

Human life depends on CO2. All life relies on CO2 because plants need it, and every living thing depends on plants.

Climate Crisis Narrative is a Money Making Scheme Humans act in ways they believe will benefit them. The climate crisis narrative exists because those behind it profit from it.

They promote it, yet they don't adhere to its teachings. Politicians fervently spread climate catastrophe tales, but simultaneously live lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and they authorise new oil fields. They recognise our dependence on oil and its harmlessness to the environment.

Global Warming/Climate Catastrophe is a $1 Trillion Industry The climate catastrophe narrative generates vast profits for those promoting it, creating a momentum that makes it hard for anyone to challenge, especially if it pays their wages.

But They Can’t Live On The Lie Reality forces governments and activists to continue using Carbon fuels, and they WILL persist in doing this.

From 2050, and Beyond Net zero deadlines are deferred. As we approach these deadlines, they'll be postponed again because the underlying narrative is Not True!

Only Reality Is Real - For anyone doubting the climate change narrative, the British government's implied admission that hydrocarbon fuels are “safe and effective” should reassure you that the world is NOT ending in 20 years.

The Earth is 4.5 billion years old and there’s plenty of life in her yet.

Back to a Better Future Net Zero ideology is a money making myth. It threatens us with economic catastrophe. Its a Ponzi scheme supported by dubious science and misleading computer models. We must abandon net zero and return to sustainable, reliable, affordable, safe and effective hydrocarbon energy production.

Energy is Life Energy is life and life is energy. The more energy we have, the better our lives will be.

Stop living in fear Let's dispel the fear, move forward with confidence, and make planet Earth a wonderfully warm and abundant home.

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We Must Use Only Precise Language

We Must Use Only Precise Language Dan Wootton and Laurence Fox have talked themselves into trouble. They've dropped their guard and used language that gave their enemies everything they needed to take them down.

The Awesome Power of Words Words have the power to create and destroy. If we are to …

Loose Language is Destructive Many times, we have seen people taken down due to their careless use of language. Once you've said it, you can't take it back.

The rule is clear: think before you speak and think before you write.

Clear, Rational, Positive. Our words should always be clear, rational, and positive.

Clear Clear means well-defined, accurate, and categorical. We must always make ourselves clearly understood. No ambiguity. No vagueness. Use only Clear, accurate, precise wording.

Rational Clear messages must be rational, which means logical, and supported by specific facts or known laws of nature. We must always appeal to rational minds.

You've heard it said that "Everything happens for a reason," and that should be true of everything we write and say. Always strive to be "the voice of reason." The moment we appear to be unreasonable or irrational is the moment we lose our audience.

Positive Everything we say should come from a positive intention, which is to make people's lives better. Politics is about improving people's lives

Our language should never be negative in the sense of being crass, aggressive, or threatening. We must always be perceived as positive people with good intentions.

Our slogan is "change politics for good," and we can only achieve that if we speak with clarity, rationality, and positivity.

Laurence Fox messed up. I genuinely like Laurence Fox, but he accidentally handed his enemies ( our enemies) the weapons they need to destroy him.

I suspect Laurence Fox won’t be on another news channel for a long time because broadcasters will view him as a “loose cannon”. That is bad for Laurence, Reclaim and GBNews.

Dan Wootton may well be brought down too. GB News will also suffer. All because of a bit of loose language.

Never Make the Same Mistake Twice We must learn a lesson from this; and be very careful in our use of language.

We can say whatever we want; but not in any Way we want

Please pass this on to all reformers.

Thank you, Chris Farmer Reform UK Gloucester #ReformUK #gloucester

Tyranny: From Global To Local

Tyranny: From Global To Local The Great Reset, which aims to concentrate all power and wealth into the hands of a select few, has coined the phrase “From Global To Local”

From Global To Local Means that the members of the WEF at their meetings in Davos make decisions that affect …

Then those GLOBAL decisions are implemented immediately at the LOCAL level by local councils, bypassing the democratic process and public scrutiny in the House of Commons.

For example, the Green Agenda and Net Zero is being implemented in Gloucestershire by local councils without consultation with the public and without their consent.

Roads are being ripped up and narrowed to make way for wide cycle paths, which are barely used. The net result is huge traffic congestion and chaos with huge cost and no benefit.

No discussion These decisions were made at the local council level without discussion, and were implemented and imposed upon the public.

Global to local is a non-democratic action. This is an anti-democratic, coercive form of authoritarian government.

Its root is the Great Reset: The government officials, MPs, and Cabinet ministers who have signed up to this monstrous Great Reset have betrayed British democracy and the British people.

Luckily, “From global to local" has an inherent weakness. The WEF villains are remote from you and me as they make their decisions, but the local councils and politicians who implement these decisions live locally and they ARE within reach.

These people now are complaining, bitterly of the backlash that their actions have inspired from angry residents. I’ve have no sympathy for them.

Pressure is needed Let’s put pressure on local councillors. Any council or councillor that implements WEF policy without the consent of the local public is guilty of betraying the people they are supposed to serve.

We should put pressure on these individuals who live amongst us and let them know that we will not put up with Great Reset policies.

Let’s make a decision. Let’s now decide to stop the WEF’s "from global to local" dictatorship.

If you agree with me, please let me know. Please share this post with everybody you know.

Chris, Farmer. Reform Uk. #ReformUk #Gloucester #StopNet0 #StopWTF

Wrong vs Right

Wrong vs Right Many people can see what is wrong in Broken Britain right now:

Illegal boat crossings. Suicidal Net zero policies. Cost of living crisis. High energy costs. High taxes. Attacks on food production. Attacks on freedom. Lower standards of living.

Conservatives And Labour Have Betrayed Us. They work for money and the multinational organisations such …

For things to change, WE must change!

We must Change Politics For Good. Vote Reform UK and..

Protection of borders: No illegal boat crossings. Scrap net zero economics. Cheap energy based on tried and trusted technologies. Affordable housing. A low-tax enterprise economy which pays for state-of-the-art public services. Support for agriculture: cheap food.

Politicians are public servants; they must represent the wishes of the UK public, not the WEF!

If you agree with this, vote for Reform UK and change politics for good.

Thank you Chris Farmer

Reform UK Gloucester

#ReformUK #Gloucester #stopnet0

Positive vs. Negative Political Messaging

Positive vs. Negative Political Messaging When campaigning its very easy to fall into the habit of negative messaging. There are so many things that are obviously wrong, it's tempting to make a never-ending list:

Illegal immigration ULEZ Cost of living crisis Woke culture High energy costs Net zero policies 15-minute cities WEF controls governments Ineffective police Biased media Et cetera, et …

Because of all the things going wrong, we have been using a slogan to great effect:


The slogan is powerful and has resonance. It makes people angry and frustrated. It makes them feel very negative towards the government and politicians.

But that's all it does.

Negative messaging enrages people, It often has the effect of turning them off politics and politicians. People say, “All Politicians are the same - I won’t vote for any of them.”

That last sentence is very dangerous! Because we need people to vote FOR us.

Drawing attention to the failures of Labour and Tory governments is necessary, but in and of itself, it is INSUFFICIENT.

Motivating people not to vote for Labour and Conservative is not enough to motivate them to vote FOR Reform UK.

We must offer POSITIVE reasons to vote FOR us. We must provide people with negative reasons not to vote for mainstream parties together with POSITIVE reasons to vote FOR Reform UK.

We already have the right slogan:

Change Politics for Good.

This is a terrific slogan. It’s the slogan Brexit Party used to win!!

It gives people positive motivation to vote for Reform UK.

We must set out before the public a clear, rational, and positive vision of a better alternative government: one based upon fundamental principles, which will appeal to almost everyone.

The principles are:

1.Freedom to choose 2. Enterprise economy 3. Efficient public services 4. Secure borders 5. Sovereign UK, not influenced by external entities such as WEF, EU, WHO, IPCC, World Bank, or any other multinational organisation.

We believe in freedom first, and we will fight to preserve our freedom: a right to choose, freedom of speech, freedom from government coercion, free enterprise, and freedom from fear that our country has been taken from us.

We will return Parliament to the people of the UK. We will take it out of the hands of those forces who wish to control us.

We Change Politics for Good

Always finish on an affirmative! Whenever we are campaigning, we MUST always finish on an affirmative, which means setting out a clear, rational, and positive vision for a better future.

Remember: Negative politics turns people OFF Positive politics turns people back ON

We can and should use negative messaging, but only in conjunction with a positive finish. Always finish on an affirmative.

The last thing you say to somebody should always be hopeful, optimistic, and a promise of a better future. That way, you might motivate them not only to vote against Labour and Conservative but also to vote FOR Reform UK.

This is important Always finish on an affirmative.

Thank you,

Please pass this on to everyone in Reform UK

Chris Farmer Reform UK Gloucester. #ReformUk #Gloucester #StopWEF

They Feed On Fear

They Feed On Fear The UK government governs by purposely creating fear. Fear is a motivator and politicians are interested in fear because they use it to control people.

So they create and sustain Fear narratives:

The Fear of CO2 A massive amount of effort and propaganda has gone into the …

If you look outside your window, you'll see no CO2 induced climate catastrophe because there isn't one.

But the relentless propaganda, which claims that the world is coming to an end and it's YOUR fault, drives fear into the minds of many. And when people are fearful, they can be made to PAY MORE; give up their heating, their car and their freedoms in order to "stay safe” and “save the planet”

Fear of Viruses: Planet Earth is awash with bacteria, spores, and viruses. They are facts of life. And yet now, people are paranoid that they're going to catch a disease by walking through the streets. So we see people, even now, riding bicycles wearing a face mask. Fear has gripped them because of the relentless state-sponsored terror, where people became afraid to pick up their mail for fear of catching a disease. And when people are fearful, they will hand over their money and freedoms, so that they can "stay safe” and “save the NHS“

Fear of the Labour Party: For decades, people have voted out of fear of the opposing party. People vote Labour because they are afraid the Tories will get in. People vote Conservative for fear that Labour will get in. People don't vote for Good parties; they vote AGAINST terrible parties.

Fear politics is bad politics.

Good Politics is Positive: Politics should inspire people! Politicians should offer a clear, rational, and positive program for a better future.

Politics should NOT be about staying at home, losing freedoms, paying more “protection money” to the government and avoiding risk.

Politics should be about living a rich life; strong, prosperous, and free.

Politics is about perfecting society and giving people the FREEDOM to live their lives according to their own values, to create and sustain a wealth-creating enterprise economy, generate state-of-the-art public services, secure the borders, and to provide a framework where politicians enact the orders given to them by the people.

True Politics Is Optimistic: We must provide the British people with an optimistic program to replace the fear merchants that we currently have in the House of Commons.

Change Politics For Good The Reform UK slogan "change politics for good" is the best there is.

We must be more than a protest group. Reform UK must provide a viable, clear, rational, positive vision for Britain, not governed by fear, but by "rational optimism."

Rational Optimism: It is a politics based upon fundamental principles:

1.Freedom of choice. 2.Enterprise economy. 3. Public service. 4. Sovereignty. 5. Secure borders.

Let's throw out fear politics and replace it with Reforms Rational Optimism.

If you agree, please let me know. Chris Farmer. Reform UK. Gloucester. #ReformUK #Gloucester

We Must Reassert Our Power Over Politicians

We Must Reassert Our Power Over Politicians In a democracy, people have power over politicians. The politicians are representatives of the people. Politicians do not have any power other than the power that is granted (lent) to them by the public.

Sovereignty lies with the people, not with the sovereign, King Charles, …

The purpose of MPs is to implement the will of the people. The purpose of MPs is NOT to align themselves with global entities, such as the WEF, and to IMPOSE the will of the WEF, the UN, the EU, the United Nations, or any other external group onto us.

If/when the politicians act on behalf of the WEF and impose their agenda onto the British people, then they have violated the social contract that we have with them. And this is what has happened and is happening.

Politicians have betrayed us. The politicians have signed up to an agenda written by the WEF, the IPCC, the EU, the UN, The World Bank, Big Pharma, Big Tech, big banking (big finance), and they are ignoring the will of the people.

There is No Mandate for Net Zero The most obvious expression of this violation of trust is the current obsession that the UK government has with implementing net zero policies onto the British people without discussion or a mandate.

The implications of net zero are profound and dangerous to the health and wealth of the British people.

Net zero will impoverish us all. Net zero is based upon false information, false computer modelling, and false narratives.

It is regarded as a business opportunity for moneymen and politicians to profit at the expense of everybody else.

We- the British people - must reaffirm our power over politicians.
We must withdraw our consent, withdraw our cooperation, and replace it with resistance and non-compliance. We must act.

Active, Not Passive Many people are passive. They do not agree with the politicians but they do nothing. They hope that if they do nothing, the problem will go away.

It won't.

For something to change, we must change. We will have to force it. By force, I mean political force. We must vote these corrupted politicians out of office and replace them with a group of people who are non-corrupted.

We need a group of people who are not aligned to the WEF, not beholden to big businesses, and instead are aligned to true political principles:

  1. Freedom to choose
  2. Enterprise economy
  3. Public services
  4. Sovereign power
  5. Secure borders

It's time to take action. We have a year to the next general election. Everybody needs to do their part. We must be active. You may have heard of the famous quote, "The only conditions necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing."

There are too many people who are doing nothing, hoping that the problem will mend itself.

It's time to take action and to vote out the MPs of Labour and Conservative and vote in the MPs of the Reform Party UK.

If you agree with this, please share this post with everyone on the planet

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Chris, Farmer. Reform UK. Gloucester. #ReformUK #Gloucester #StopNet0

Media Twist Words

Media Twist Words I have noticed a tendency in the media and in politics for the meanings of words to be twisted. They are often used as a means to confuse people rather than enlighten them.

Examples Classifying CO2 as a pollutant. I often read statements that certain countries are “rpolluting the world …

A pollutant is a toxic chemical compound. CO2 is NOT a toxic chemical compound.

It is the fundamental life giving gas of the planet. To call CO2 a pollutant indicates that the writer is ignorant, dishonest, or both.

Far right: I've noticed that politicians and media often label their opponents as "far right." “Far right" is a term synonymous with fascism and Nazism. To accuse somebody of being far right indicates they are sympathetic to fascism and Nazism. The press labels anyone who argues with the "narrative" as being far right. The Reform Party, Nigel Farage, and Marine Le Pen (the French political leader) are all accused of being “far right”. Labeling people as Far Right is an easy way to discredit them.

CVD related deaths: Throughout the pandemic, we were being told of CVD related deaths. The relationship between CVD and death was time-based. Any death that occurred within 28 days of a positive test was classified as a "CVD related death." If a person was run over by a bus, the death would be classified as a CVD related death.

This is an obviously fraudulent way of using language and building statistics to sustain a narrative.

True science looks for CAUSALITY not tenuous "relationships."

Language is the tool of thought. When politicians, media and so-called scientists distort language, they distort thinking, and without clear thinking, their answers are wrong.

We demand precision. We must demand a higher standard from politicians, scientists, and others. Without clear, precise, accurate language, terrible mistakes will continue to be made. And many people will continue to be fooled.

Accurate language, Only with clear, accurate, precise language, can we figure things out and move forward to a better world.

Thank you.. Chris, Farmer.

#ReformUK #gloucester

We Have An Important Decision To Make

We Have An Important Decision To Make "When your mind is on a mission, you notice things in the environment that relate to it.

While walking in London, I noticed this poster for a new London play, and the image struck me as symbolic of the situation we're facing.

Backwards The green lobby wants to take us backwards. There is a strong—no, very strong—push to revert to the preindustrial age by eliminating hydrocarbon fuels, which power the vast majority of the 21st-century economy.

It's impossible to power an industrialised civilisation on wind turbines, heat pumps, and solar panels. Eliminating hydrocarbons would send us back two hundred years. The collapse in living standards would be unbearable because the destruction would be life threatening.

Those who love the planet advocate a regression to a preindustrial age when poverty was the norm. So, we cannot go Net Zero backwards.

What about the far right and far left?

The far left, pushes for ever greater state contrl of daily life and choices. State-run, command, and control societies mean that the government controls everything and you control nothing. The government dictates what you read, think, the medications you take, where you can go, and even if you can travel. We reject this authoritarian state, command and control approach. I'm not interested in Tony Blair's surveillance society, which is based upon a China's model.

Far right? The WEF Corporate Governance model The far right WEF called "stakeholder capitalism," which is really a corporate dictatorship. In this model, people—like you and me—are controlled by multinational corporations; big banks, big tech, big pharma, big oil, and media entities control finance, information, and physical resources. So, once again, we have no control over our own lives. If you have the "wrong" views, they'll shut you down. We've seen this happen with Nigel Farage.

I reject far-left socialism, government dictatorship, and I reject far-right WEF WHO corporate dictatorship.

I also reject going backwards to a preindustrial Age economy.

Forward Let’s move forward together. I believe that we should progress and reestablish England (Great Britain) as the country we were born to be.

That is, a country based upon four basic principles:

  1. Freedom: Freedom of speech, freedom to choose, freedom to travel, and freedom from coercion.

  2. Enterprise: A society based on the creation of millions of small to medium-sized businesses, which employ between one and 200 people and form the backbone of our economy, creating the wealth we all rely on.

  3. Public Service: Excellent public services; NHS, police, education, and border controls, which can only be sustained within a productive, free-enterprise economy.

  4. Sovereignty: Britain as a free, sovereign nation, sovereign secure borders, Sovereign nation independent from external pressures from entities like the EU, WEF, WHO, IPCC, World Bank, UN, etc.

Britain is ready, willing, and able to take control of its actions without being told what to do by the likes of Klaus Schwab or anyone else.

The British people are sovereign; politicians are our servants. The British people don't take orders from politicians; politicians take orders from the British people.

This is the way forward. If you look at the picture, you'll see the path is clear: Towards A Land of Hope and Glory.

A picture is worth 1000 words. Remember the image and make your choice.

Thank you.

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Chris, Farmer, Reform UK

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The Climate Catastrophe Farce Continues!

The Climate Catastrophe Farce Continues!

It's revealing when the people who peddle the end-of-the-world climate change narrative are also the most prominent contributors of CO2 and they skip a UN conference meant to 'address' the very crisis they spend their time warning us about.

Why? Because the entire climate catastrophe …

Let's look at the facts. Leaders of the world’s biggest CO2 emitting countries – the same ones warning us of impending doom due to human-caused climate change – are absent from the UN Climate Summit.

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, representing the world’s two largest carbon emitters, are not attending.

Rishi Sunak and Emmanuel Macron are also giving it a miss.

Actions,speak louder than words. What does it tell us when those at the forefront of the climate scaremongering do not attend a summit to tackle the very 'crisis' they sound alarms about? Clearly, they don't believe into the stories they tell.

The hypocrisy is glaring. Biden, who regularly speaks about the climate 'threat', has his administration gave the green light to major oil and gas projects.

Likewise, Sunak is backtracking on the UK’s net-zero policies.

The message is unmistakable: the climate catastrophe is a narrative; it’s not science

If these key figures genuinely believed in the climate apocalypse they preach about, they'd be the first in line at such conferences,

Their absence reveals the truth - climate catastrophe is a narrative crafted for gaining control of money and power It isn’t science; it’s science fiction

It's time to refute the entire climate change charade. When those who shout the loudest about the impending doom do not show up, it's a clear indication that the narrative is falling apart

thank you. Chris, Farmer. Reform UK. #ReformUK #StopNet0

Political Power vs. People Power

The ULEZ illustrates the power struggle that exists between The Government and The People

In a Parliamentary democracy, there is a “contract” between the government and the people.

As a population, we delegate our sovereign power to the politicians and the civil servants in Westminster and local governments …

The exercise of political power is only with the support of the people.

The government are servants of the people and they must serve the interests of the nation. They swear an oath to do that.

Politicians now ignore the people. The Conservative party gained the majority of 80 seats at the last election on the promise that they would deliver on the Brexit referendum.

They have not done it.

Instead, they are now using that power to deliver a “green“ agenda:

  • Net Zero,
  • 15-minute cities,
  • ULEZ,
  • and many other Green policies.

These all increase the cost of fuel which in turn increases the cost of living.

  • Nobody voted for net zero.
  • Nobody voted for 15-minute cities.
  • Nobody voted for ULEZ.
  • Nobody voted for The Green Levy, which increases electricity prices to fund “Green” Wind turbines.

The government Ignored The People by introducing unpopular policies;

  • Nobody voted for open borders which allow thousands of illegal immigrants into the country, posing a potential threat and definite cost to the people of this country.
  • Nobody voted for transgender ideology being taught to children.

The government has done all these things without the consent, and against the will, of the people.

The British government no longer works for the British people.

It’s evident that the British government is working in league with multinational companies and international organisations, such as the UN, WEF, World Bank, to construct a one-world government system under the auspices of the WEF and their "Great Reset" agenda.

Next year will be pivotal.

We can expect more intrusions into our daily lives, possibly with new pandemic lockdowns (which are already being planned) or new “climate emergency” lockdowns.

When these things happen – which I am sure they will in the coming year – there will be a trial of strength between two opposing forces:

  • Government power versus people power.
  • People are sovereign.
  • The government are servants.

It is important that we remember where the true power lies;

  • the true power lies with us,
  • the British people.

Although the government seems to have power, that power can be removed by people simply refusing to comply.

We refuse to comply with governments that act against the best interests of the people.

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Chris Farmer, Reform UK

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Climate Change is a Natural Phenomenon

Climate Change is a Natural Phenomenon that is an inherent fact; built into the structure of the Earth and its position relative to the Sun.

Climate changes are inevitable and are not caused by human beings.

Human Caused CO2 is an insignificant factor out of many more powerful …

It would be easy for me to list 15 factors which are more important than CO2. If you want me to, later, I will (see the bottem if this post)

Increases in atmospheric CO2 do not cause global warming.

The reverse is true.

Warming increases atmospheric CO2: because the oceans are enormous CO2 sinks, and when the oceans are warmed by the sun and the nuclear earths internal heat the oceans release their dissolved CO2 into the atmosphere.

Exactly as if you shook a bottle of fizzy water; it would release its dissolved CO2 into the atmosphere above the water.

Heat is molecular agitation of the water molecules. When the Sun and earth heats oceans, the agitated water molecules throw out the dissolved carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

So there REALY IS a strong correlation between temperature and CO2, but the greens reverse the cause-and-effect relationship and get it wrong.

Global warming CAUSES increased CO2 in the atmosphere.

It is not caused by CO2.

And global warming is caused by multiple factors other than CO2.

An additional note, Of all the CO2 in the atmosphere, when added together, 33 out of 34 molecules are natural ( Non Human ) in origin.

The whole “CO2 causes global warming, which causes the end of the world” narrative is False.

It is fake science, motivated by a basic human desire to gain money and power.

ULEZ it’s not there to save the planet is there to make money.

Buying and selling of carbon-credits is not there to save the planet; it is there to make money.

Carbon credits is a multibillion dollar industry based upon the fiction that carbon dioxide is destroying the planet.

The reality is ; Carbon dioxide is the single, most important life-giving gas on planet Earth

All agencies which promote the climate catastrophe narrative earn their money, only in the presence of the climate catastrophe narrative !

They make billions of pounds profit from telling false narratives, twisting the evidence, and reversing cause-and-effect.

Science has long abandoned its search for truth and replaced it with a search for cash.

( This is not only true of “climate science“ but also of many other sciences too)

All through history, we know that people lie for money.

Many climate scientists are in business to make money, and the way they do that is to sell climate catastrophe narratives to a scientifically uneducated population who are all too easily fooled into believing scary science fiction stories.

It takes only a little bit of research and a critical mind to see through the gaping gaps and the blatant contradictions of the greens, who tell us that we should reduce our “carbon footprint” while they themselves live lifestyles of the rich and famous!

Whenever you see people acting in ways which blatantly contradict their stated beliefs - then you know that something fishy is going on.

All the greens, who spend their time telling us not to use carbon dioxide (which is the Earth's most vital gas for life), spend their time burning hhydrocarbon fuel by the ton.

On every level, climate science is fraudulent and easily disassembled.

That is my argument.

If you agree, please let me know.

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Chris Farmer.

Reform Uk.


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Additional notes

Factors of climate change:

  • The Sun's enormous Energy: The SUN is main power source for our weather and climate.
  • Earth's Tilt & Path: Why we have seasons and ice ages.
  • Volcanoes: Big eruptions can cool the Earth by blocking out sunlight.
  • Ocean currents: They spread heat around and shape local weathers.
  • Water Vapor: A natural gas in the air that helps decide temperature.
  • Earth's Reflection: How much sunlight our Earth bounces back into space.
  • Natural CO2: Released from things like plants decaying or oceans.
  • Dust and Tiny Particles: Floating in the air, they can either cool or warm the Earth.
  • Clouds: They can trap heat or keep us cool, based on their type.
  • Natural seasonal Patterns:
  • Obviously The Four Seasons, or a cause of climate change.
  • Methane: A natural gas from places like swamps.
  • The Coriolis effect. Which describes the swirling of the atmosphere, and the oceans caused by the Earth spinning on its axis.
  • Nature's Land Shifts: Forests growing or natural soil changes.
  • Gravitational effects of the Moon we all know, the moon creates the tides and oceans, and even the rocks under our feet.
  • And nuclear energy. The Earth contains uranium, which continuously pours out billions of watts of heat sufficient to melt the rocks. The centre of the Earth is hotter the Sun!
  • Where do you think that heat goes? It energised the whole planet and drives climate change

In Woke World, Inclusion means Exclusion

In Woke World words take on their opposite meanings. In Woke World having a policy of inclusion means you are excluded if your face doesn't fit. In Woke World those who fight against hate speech use hate speech every day. In Woke World those who say they “follow the science to save lives“ …

  • Reality is real, and anything that isn't real cannot endure.Their world is one of lies and deception. So it cannot endure.
  • They are few, and we are many. When enough people recognise what is going on, the whole edifice will collapse like a house of cards. Nigel Farage has demonstrated that the only thing necessary to take them down is to reveal the truth. We must all work diligently to ensure that day comes sooner than they ever believed possible Chris Farmer Reform UK Gloucester #NigelFarage #stopwoke #thereformparty #gloucester

Woke Liar is Defeated by Nigel Farrage

Alison Rose, the disgraced NatWest executive, resigns from her £5 million job, proving to us all that the only thing needed to destroy our elitist enemies is The Truth! Rose displayed her arrogant, self-righteous ideology by shamelessly going after Nigel Farage on the basis of his honest political views. It's clear she …

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Climate "Science" is Climate Mythology.

I believe that the theory of climate change is the secularisation of Original Sin. It says that; to be human is to be bad, according to the climate lobby. That’s the first thing I’d like to say. The second thing is that the whole idea that CO2 drives climate is false. It is an …

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Over the last few years, we've seen a disastrous change in schools.

They have become places of political and social indoctrination, instead of places where children are taught the fundamentals of knowledge. In particular, there are three ideologies that have made their way into our schools which have a devastating effect on young minds. These are:

  • Transgender ideologies,
  • Critical race …
  • End of the world, climate catastrophe narratives. Transgender ideology is probably the most dangerous. It tells young children that the Natural Law can be overwritten by a person's thought process or arbitrary feelings; i.e., the facts of their genetics can be overridden by how they feel on a particular day. This ideology suggests that it is possible to bend Natural Law to one's will, and facts can be erased merely by a feeling. This is not rational and will do untold damage to children’s psychological , and intellectual development. If an adult person truly is transgender, and wants to “Transition” then that decision is made with a full understanding of its full meaning and consequences, which is impossible for children as young as 6 to 10 years of age. So, introducing transgender ideology to young children’s minds is worse than useless. It is dangerous. Critical (Racist) Theory is another dangerous ideology and it’s being taught in our schools. It states that racism is inherent in the minds of white people, which is itself a racist statement. It is impossible to correctly associate a personality trait with a person's skin colour. To allocate personality traits to certain skin colours is the essence of racism. And critical race theory is the systematisation of racist ideology in the classroom. This is extremely dangerous And the third ideology is the 'End of the world' climate crisis” narrative, which tells children that the world will come to an end within the next 20 to 30 years due to human activity. There are many children who are suffering from anxiety and worry because they honestly believe that theirs is the last generation which will be on this planet. In fact, I know many adults who believe the same thing, they’re petrified that the end of the world is nigh! The world is 4.5 billion years old and it will not stop in the next 20 years. End of the world' climate catastrophe narrative is another falsehood being foisted on our young children. School is no place for these political, economic, and social ideologies. School is a place for education, which means English, mathematics, history, science, and critical reasoning. We need to teach our children HOW to think, not WHAT to think. We need to teach our children critical reasoning so that they can discern -for themselves - truth from falsehood. The purpose of teaching is not to tell children that they can change their gender on a whim, or that racism is inevitable, or that the end of the world is nigh. We need to Reform Uk education so that they provide our children with firm foundational knowledge, not political social ideologies. Let’s put a stop to this madness Lets Change Education for Good If you believe in this message, please pass it on to your friends and please follow our Facebook page. Thank you

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Community Capitalism vrs Crooked Coutts

Free-market capitalism is a self-correcting, organic system, as is being shown right now by the collapsing reputation of Coutts Bank. They have made themselves so unpopular with the marketplace and ordinary people that they will soon be expunged. Terminated. Not by the government, but by customers. And the court of public opinion. This …

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The Cost of Living Crisis

The cost of living crisis is caused by the government overspending and funding it by over borrowing and “quantitative easing” (printing money), which causes inflation. To solve the problem of high inflation that they created, government then induces the Bank of England to increase interest rates. So we, The People, …

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Why Our Enemies Will Lose & We Will Win

Why Our Enemies Will Lose & We Will Win Our WEF Woke WHO enemies will lose because their whole narrative is based on falsehoods - cherrypicked facts- phoney statistics and Vague Language: which all denote: Things That Don’t Exist in Reality Trying to sustain an Evil Empire based upon Things That Don’t …

The cancellation of cash

Rishi Sunak's plan to cancel hard-cash in favour of a digital-currency robs us all of our financial freedom. The cancellation of cash is a giant leap towards a digital dictatorship. Because when Politicians and Bankers have complete power over your money they will USE that power to crush any dissension. We know …

Half Baked Brexit

The Current situation of a Half in - Half out Brexit “Deal” means we have … None of the benefits of leaving the EU And None of the benefits of being in it! The “Deal” cooked up and served out by the House of Commons satisfies Nobody. A True Brexit would give us Freedom …

Bad Ideas Produce Bad Results

Our Political Enemies have Bad Ideas

  • Climate Change Catastrophe
  • Net Zero Carbon
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Modern Monetary Theory
  • One World Government Climate Change Catastrophe and Net Zero Carbon are driving idiotic decisions that create insane consequences; as you can see from the attached photograph which …

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This New Battle is Bigger than Brexit

There’s a NEW Battle for Britain, and it’s bigger than Brexit. The new battle is for freedom against the corporate and political establishment. The recent fights that Farage has had with Coutts Bank illustrate that the corporate, political elites' new world order is based upon stifling freedom, controlling thought, and making false …

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