Twelve Reasons to Vote Reform UK

Vote for me if you think we should:

1. Stop Illegal and Unlimited Immigration

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1. Leave ECHR

  • Withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights
  • Enact a British Bill of Human Rights

2. Stop the Boats

  • Increase Border Patrols and Surveillance
  • Strengthen Cooperation with Neighbouring Countries
  • Implement Offshore Processing Centres
  • Rapid Return Policy

3. Allow Only Legal and Limited Immigration

  • Introduce a Points-Based Immigration System
  • Set Strict Annual Quotas
  • Secure Detention for All Asylum Seekers
  • Immediate Deportation for Foreign Criminals
  • Restrict Student Dependents
  • Enforce Strict Penalties on Illegal Working
  • Promote Legal Pathways for High-Skilled Migrants

2. Cure the Cost of Living Crisis

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1. Lower Taxes to Increase Disposable Income and Alleviate Financial Pressure

  • Raise the income tax starting point to £20,000 per year
  • Scrap VAT on energy bills
  • Lower fuel duty by 20p per litre

2. Scrap Net Zero Policies to Reduce Costs and Focus on Affordable Energy Solutions

  • Eliminate costly environmental mandates associated with Net Zero
  • Stop the £10 billion annual subsidies for renewable energy sources
  • Invest in affordable and reliable energy solutions

3. Emphasise the Financial Burden of Labour’s Net Zero Policies on the Public

  • Highlight that Labour’s Net Zero policies are estimated to cost the public £224 billion

3. Create a Wealth-Generating Enterprise Economy

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1. Stop Destroying Small Businesses by Providing Grants and Tax Incentives

  • Offer financial support and tax breaks to encourage the growth and innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

2. Foster Local Business Growth in Gloucester by Creating Enterprise Zones

  • Establish areas with tax breaks and incentives specifically for small and medium-sized family businesses in Gloucester, promoting local entrepreneurship.

3. Reform the Tax System to Simplify Compliance and Support Small Businesses

  • Lift the VAT threshold to £120,000 and simplify the tax code to relieve small businesses from the burden of VAT compliance and reduce complexity.

4. Abolish IR35 Rules to Support Sole Traders and Independent Contractors

  • Remove IR35 regulations that complicate the tax situation for independent contractors and freelancers, promoting more entrepreneurial activity.

5. Invest in Infrastructure to Support Business Growth and Expansion

  • Accelerate planning and development of housing and infrastructure on brownfield sites, particularly in the North and coastal regeneration areas, while ensuring reliable transport and utility services.

4. Improve NHS Funding and Efficiency

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1. Increase Funding

  • Allocate More Resources to Healthcare: Increase the NHS budget to reduce waiting times and improve the quality of care by ensuring more funds are available for essential medical services, equipment, and staffing.
  • Remove Lifetime Cap on NHS Pensions: Allow doctors and nurses to work additional hours without financial penalties, retaining more experienced staff and preventing early retirements due to pension restrictions.

2. Cut Waste and Bureaucracy

  • Focus on Results, Not Targets: Shift from target-driven performance to outcome-based performance to enhance patient care by prioritising actual health outcomes over meeting arbitrary targets.
  • Reduce Unnecessary Management Roles: Streamline administrative functions to free up funds for frontline services by eliminating redundant management positions and focusing resources where they are needed most.
  • Nail Down Better Prices: Use economies of scale to negotiate better prices for medical supplies and services, ensuring the NHS can purchase necessary items at lower costs and stretch its budget further.

3. Enhance Efficiency through Technology

  • Implement Better IT Systems: Upgrade digital infrastructure to improve patient record management and reduce administrative burdens, facilitating faster and more accurate access to patient information.
  • Review Private Finance Contracts: Audit existing contracts to identify cost-saving opportunities, ensuring that the NHS is not overpaying for services and can reallocate savings to patient care.

4. Save A&E Departments

  • Cut GP Waiting Lists: Implement a 'Pharmacy First, GP Second, A&E Last' campaign to reduce unnecessary A&E visits, directing patients to appropriate care levels and easing the burden on emergency services.
  • Increase A&E and Hospital Bed Capacity: Add more beds to alleviate overcrowding and improve patient flow, ensuring that patients receive timely and effective treatment.

5. Investigate Excess Deaths and Long-Term Sickness

  • Conduct a Public Inquiry: Launch a thorough investigation into the causes of high levels of excess deaths and long-term sickness to identify underlying issues and inform policy changes.
  • Identify Contributing Factors: Examine possible links to healthcare policies, pandemic response, and other relevant factors, providing a comprehensive understanding of the situation.
  • Develop Mitigation Strategies: Create action plans to address identified issues and prevent future occurrences, ensuring better health outcomes for the population.

6. Retain and Attract Healthcare Staff

  • Zero Basic Rate Tax for Frontline NHS Staff: For the next three years, exempt all frontline NHS and social care staff from basic rate tax to retain existing staff and attract those who have recently left, enhancing workforce stability.
  • Offer Incentives: Provide benefits such as training, career development opportunities, and better working conditions to healthcare workers, making the NHS a more attractive employer.

7. Empower Patients

  • Introduce NHS Voucher Scheme: Allow patients to use vouchers for private treatment if they cannot see a GP within three days, a consultant within three weeks, or have an operation within nine weeks, reducing waiting times and increasing access to care.
  • Offer Tax Relief for Private Healthcare: Provide a 20% tax relief on private healthcare and insurance to encourage use and reduce pressure on the NHS, ensuring that those who can afford private care opt for it and free up NHS resources for others.

5. Get the Police Back to Fighting Real Crimes

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Focus on Real Crimes

1. Serious Crimes
  • Prioritise burglary, robbery, and knife crimes.
  • Redirect police resources to tackle significant threats to public safety.
2. Protect Free Speech
  • Stop investigating non-criminal "hate speech."
  • Focus on genuine criminal activities and uphold free speech.

Police Reform

1. Training and Recruitment
  • Recruit ex-military officers and personnel.
  • Increase police numbers to 300 per 100k population.
  • Prefer ex-military personnel for leadership roles.
2. Training Focus
  • Implement zero-tolerance policing.
  • Clamp down on all crime and antisocial behaviour.
  • Ensure continuous training for serious crimes and community safety.
3. Operational Reforms
  • Increase police presence on the streets.
  • Engage with communities for proactive crime prevention.
  • Remove political influences from police training and operations.
  • Reform or abolish Police and Crime Commissioners for efficiency.

Tackling Crime and Detection

1. Organised Crime
  • Increase budgets for the National Crime Agency and the National Drugs Intelligence Unit.
  • Target foreign gangs involved in drug trafficking, human trafficking, and money laundering.
2. Infrastructure and Resources
  • Build 10,000 new detention places.
  • Ensure life sentences mean life for dangerous criminals.
3. Redefine Hate Crime
  • Require proper evidence for hate crime investigations.
  • Enforce laws to stop violent hate demonstrations.

Reform UK aims to make the police more efficient, ensure public safety, and uphold justice and free speech.

6. Repair Our Roads and Stop Attacking Motorists

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1. Fix the Potholes

  • Initiate a Nationwide Pothole Repair Campaign: Allocate significant funding and resources to repair potholes and maintain road surfaces, ensuring safer and smoother travel for all motorists.

2. Stop Attacking Motorists with Ever Higher Costs, Fines, and Taxes

  • Reduce Fuel Duty and Lower Vehicle-Related Taxes: Lower fuel duty and cut excessive taxes on motorists to reduce the financial burden on drivers and make vehicle ownership more affordable.
  • Halt Unnecessary Fines: Review and eliminate unjust fines and charges imposed on motorists, ensuring that penalties are fair and not used as a revenue-raising tool.

3. Address Net Zero Attacks on Cars

  • Oppose the Ban on Diesel and Petrol Cars by 2030: Advocate for a more balanced approach to vehicle emissions that does not unfairly penalise drivers of diesel and petrol cars, recognising the practical challenges and economic implications of such bans.
  • Challenge Costly Electric Vehicle Mandates: Resist policies that force rapid transitions to electric vehicles without considering affordability and infrastructure readiness, ensuring that consumers have a range of viable options.

4. Promote Infrastructure Improvements

  • Invest in Road Infrastructure: Allocate funding to upgrade and expand road infrastructure, including the construction of new roads and the improvement of existing ones, to support increased traffic and reduce congestion.
  • Ensure Reliable Public Utilities for Roads: Enhance coordination between government and utilities to prevent prolonged roadworks and ensure timely repairs, reducing disruptions for motorists.

7. Fix the Housing Crisis

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1. Fast Track House Building

  • Accelerate Planning and Construction Processes: Simplify and streamline planning regulations to speed up the approval and construction of new homes, ensuring that more housing is available to meet demand.
  • Prioritise Development of Brownfield Sites: Focus on building on unused or underutilised urban land to maximise space efficiency and reduce the pressure on greenbelt areas.
  • Cut Costs by Removing Net Zero Building Regulations: Eliminate costly net zero building requirements that increase construction expenses, making housing more affordable. This will reduce the financial burden on builders and buyers, allowing for quicker and more economical housing developments.
  • Reduce the Cost of Buying Homes: By cutting net zero building regulations, the overall cost of new homes will decrease, making home ownership more accessible to a larger portion of the population.

2. Stop Mass Immigration

  • Implement Controlled and Limited Immigration Policies: Introduce strict immigration controls to manage population growth effectively, reducing the strain on housing demand and public services.
  • Prioritise Housing for Local Residents: Ensure that housing policies give preference to local residents and those who have contributed to the community, helping more people find affordable housing and achieve home ownership.

By implementing these measures, we aim to increase the availability of affordable housing, support home ownership, and reduce the pressures caused by uncontrolled immigration, creating a more stable and sustainable housing market.

8. End the Poverty Trap

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1. Get People Off Benefits and Back to Work

  • Implement Job Training and Support Programs: Provide comprehensive job training and career support services to help individuals acquire the skills needed for gainful employment, ensuring they are equipped to re-enter the workforce.
  • Enforce a Two-Strike Rule for Job Offers: Require job seekers to accept employment after two reasonable job offers, with the understanding that benefits will be withdrawn if these offers are declined without valid reasons.

2. Make Work Pay

  • Raise the Income Tax Starting Point to £20,000 per Year: Increase the income tax threshold to ensure that work pays more than benefits, providing a financial incentive for individuals to seek employment.
  • Introduce Wage Supplements for Low-Income Workers: Offer wage supplements to low-income workers to ensure that employment is financially viable and more attractive than remaining on benefits.
  • Reform the Benefits System: Overhaul the benefits system to reduce disincentives for work, making sure that taking a job results in a clear financial gain.

By implementing these measures, we aim to break the cycle of dependency on benefits, encourage employment, and ensure that work is financially rewarding, ultimately reducing poverty and improving economic stability.

9. Help Pensioners

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  1. Support the Pensions Triple Lock: Maintain the triple lock policy to ensure state pensions rise by the highest of inflation, average earnings growth, or 2.5%, protecting pensioners' income against rising costs​ (moneyweekuk) (ITVX)
  2. Pension System Reform: Simplify the pension system to reduce complexity and improve returns.
  3. Lower Energy Bills: Scrap VAT on energy bills and reduce fuel duty by 20p per litre to ease financial pressure on households.
  4. Community Support Programs: Develop initiatives to support social engagement and combat isolation among the elderly.
  5. Improve Public Transport: Enhance public transport infrastructure to ensure easy access to essential services and social activities.
  6. Abolish Inheritance Tax for Estates Under £2 Million: Allow more pensioners to pass on their wealth without heavy taxation.
  7. Visible Policing: Increase police presence to deter crime and enhance community safety.
  8. Priority Status for Veterans: Provide veterans with priority access to healthcare, housing, training, and education.

Reform UK is dedicated to ensuring that pensioners enjoy a secure, dignified, and fulfilling retirement. We are committed to implementing these policies to support and protect our elderly population.

10. Protect Women's Rights and Safe Spaces

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  1. Stand Against Woke Ideology which undermine women: Politicians have destroyed the concept of women to include biological men
  2. Stringent Immigration Control: Prevent the entry of people from foreign cultures that violate women's rights as they are understood in the UK.
  3. Immediate Deportation for Foreign Criminals: Deport foreign nationals who commit significant crimes to protect communities.
  4. Protection from retrogressive ideologies: We have imported many people who come from cultures that downgrade the status of women.
  5. Protect Women's Spaces: Maintain women-only spaces by forbidding access to biological men.
  6. Encourage Separate Facilities: Advocate for separate sex changing rooms and toilets in both private and public enterprises to ensure women's security, safety and privacy.

Reform UK is committed to securing the rights of women, particularly against "woke" ideology and the impact of immigration from cultures with differing views on women's rights. These policies reflect Reform UK's commitment to traditional British values and protecting women’s rights from external cultural influences and ideologies they view as harmful. For more detailed information, please visit Reform UK's official policy page.

11. Reclaiming Britain's Sovereignty and Independence

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1. Sovereignty and National Control

  • Leave the ECHR: Implement a British Bill of Human Rights, ensuring national legal sovereignty.
  • Stop Illegal Immigration: Enforce strict measures to stop illegal immigration, allowing only legal and limited immigration.

2. Combatting External Influence

  • Preserve British Culture: Reject hostile foreign ideologies and prioritise British cultural heritage. Ban Sharia law and ensure all public electoral activities are conducted in English.
  • Reject WEF and WHO Control: Cancel membership of the World Economic Forum and demand fundamental reforms in the World Health Organisation. Oppose the creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency and legislate to prevent Britain from becoming a cashless society.
  • Leave the EU Completely: Legislate to scrap remaining EU regulations and abandon the Windsor Framework. Prepare for renegotiations on the EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

3. National Security

  • Increase Defence Spending: Raise defence spending to 2.5% of GDP initially, and to 3% within six years, to enhance the size and capability of the armed forces.
  • Combat Foreign Influence: Address Chinese espionage and influence, ensuring national security. Ban foreign supertrawlers and enforce stricter regulations on fishing in UK waters.

4. Education and Free Speech

  • Ban Woke Ideology in Schools: Prohibit the teaching of transgender ideology and critical race theory in primary and secondary schools. Ensure that educational content supports national values and free speech.
  • Reform Universities: Cut funding to universities that undermine free speech and extend student loan repayment periods, reducing financial burdens on graduates.

Conclusion: Reform UK's policies will ensure that the UK remains an independent sovereign nation, free from external control by the EU, WHO, UN, or WEF. These measures will strengthen national security and preserve British culture and values.

12. Preserve British Culture and Heritage

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Against attacks by hostile, foreign ideologies.

The British people are strong, independent, and free. We are not the playthings of globalist politicians, the EU, the WEF, the WHO, or corporations. Politicians must take their orders from the people, not from corporations or global institutions. Reform UK will ensure Britain remains sovereign, secure, and true to its cultural heritage by:

1. Leaving the ECHR

Implementing a British Bill of Human Rights to ensure national legal sovereignty.

2. Stopping Illegal Immigration

Through strict measures, allowing only legal and limited immigration.

3. Rejecting WEF and WHO Control

Cancelling memberships and opposing a Central Bank Digital Currency, preventing Britain from becoming a cashless society.

4. Leaving the EU Completely

By scrapping remaining EU regulations, abandoning the Windsor Framework, and renegotiating the EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

5. Increasing Defence Spending

To enhance the size and capability of our armed forces, addressing foreign espionage, and banning foreign supertrawlers.

6. Banning Woke Ideology in Schools

Prohibiting the teaching of transgender ideology and critical race theory, ensuring education supports national values and free speech.

7. Reforming Universities

To cut funding for those undermining free speech and extending student loan repayment periods.

8. Preserving British Culture and Heritage

By rejecting hostile foreign ideologies, banning Sharia law, and ensuring all public electoral activities are conducted in English.

These measures will guarantee that Britain remains independent and that politicians are accountable to the people, not to global corporations or institutions. Reform UK will protect national sovereignty, enhance security, and uphold British cultural heritage.

If you agree with us, and if you want these changes to happen,
then vote for Chris Farmer: Reform UK, Gloucester.