Change Politics for Good

Hello, I'm Chris Farmer, Reform UK candidate for Gloucester.
The British people have been betrayed by the legacy parties; Conservative, Labour, LibDems and Greens.

Decades of their disastrous governments have resulted in our economy, public services, and culture teetering on the edge of disaster.

We need a new alternative that will get our country back on the right track!

Reform UK believes in Freedom, Enterprise, Brilliant Public Services, Secure Borders and the UK is a Sovereign Nation.

If you want to change politics for good and get our country back on the right track, then stand with us: Vote Reform UK Gloucester.

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Five Fundamental Reform UK Principals

Voting for Reform UK

Should you vote for Reform UK?

If you are not sure, then read these 21 statements, and see if your beliefs align with ours.

  1. If you think that immigration into this country must be limited, in order to protect our public services and British culture, then vote for Reform UK.
  2. If you believe that politicians must enact their manifesto promises, and they should NOT say one thing, but do the exact opposite, then vote for Reform UK
  3. If you believe that taxes should be the minimum necessary to fund public services and not the maximum politicians think they can get away with, then vote for Reform UK.
  4. If you believe each person has the right make their own medication decisions WITHOUT government coercion or legal force, then vote for Reform UK.
  5. If you think the NHS is not as efficient as it should be; because it’s too bureaucratic and NHS needs reform and modernisation to make it more efficient , then vote for Reform UK.
  6. If you believe that the police's primary purpose is the prevention and detection of crime, and not to act in a Woke or politically biased way for or against particular groups, then vote for Reform UK.
  7. If you believe that young children in school should be taught solid fundamentals of mathematics, English, science, British history, and critical reasoning, rather than transgender ideology, critical race theory, or end of the world environmental catastrophe, then vote for Reform UK.
  8. If you believe the BBC has had its day and should have its license fee removed, then vote for Reform UK.
  9. If you believe the government should support small and medium-sized businesses, which are the backbone of the economy, and that they should NOT be overtaxed and over regulated, then vote for Reform UK.
  10. If you believe women have the right to safe spaces like their own changing rooms, toilets, and sports, which should not be invaded by men, and that male criminals should not be allowed in female prisons or compete in women’s professional sports based then vote for Reform UK.
  11. If you believe the government should not continually print money (quantitative easing) because it causes inflation, then vote for Reform UK.
  12. If you think the government should limit its borrowing and so avoid massive interest charges which threaten public finances, then vote for Reform UK.
  13. If you believe a 21st-century economy needs traditional hydrocarbon and nuclear energy to make energy affordable for all, then vote for Reform UK.
  14. If you think post-Brexit Britain should write its own laws to benefit our industries and people, rather than constantly mirroring EU laws, then vote for Reform UK.
  15. If you think ULEZ is an unfair tax on lower-income drivers and should be scrapped, then vote for Reform UK.
  16. If you are against the concept of 15-minute cities, then vote for Reform UK.
  17. If you oppose the government's plans to ban the manufacture of petrol and diesel cars by 2030, which will collapse the British car industry and make travel more expensive and difficult, then vote for Reform UK.
  18. If you oppose 20 mph speed limits as introduced in Wales and soon to come to in England, then vote for Reform UK.
  19. If you think that the World Economic Forum (WEF) should have no influence over British politics, and that MPs or cabinet ministers should not align with its aims, then vote for Reform UK.
  20. If you think the WHO and pandemic treaty, and the international health regulations, threaten individual freedoms and that the government should not sign the treaty, then vote for Reform UK.
  21. If you believe politicians are public servants and NOT our rulers dictating beliefs, then vote for Reform UK.

If you agree with us, and if you want these changes to happen,
then vote for Chris Farmer: Reform UK, Gloucester.